Quick Comfort Snack

And it’s not a dessert! There’s an odd one coming from me.

Wait, is that celery? Yes, it is. Do you like celery? We’re a divided house when it comes to this one.

G and I like it. J and my husband, not so much. G usually dips it in peanut butter. I typically just eat it plain. Did you know that celery supposedly boosts your immune system?

Every Thanksgiving, my mom would set out a dish of the filled celery you see above. Hers was a lot prettier than mine. I loved this appetizer and still do. It’s super simple. This is a comfort snack for me because it reminds me of Thanksgiving time as a kid.

I’m sure by now you’ve guessed the celery is filled with cream cheese. However, not just cream cheese. Cream cheese mixed with a dash of garlic salt.

My ¬†Bunco hosting plans (it was scheduled for Saint Patrick’s Day) included serve this as one of the all green foods on the table. Even had ideas of dying the cream cheese green

If you’ve not bought it before, do yourself a favor and pick up a tub of whipped cream cheese. Genius invention. For the amount of celery pictured above I used about 1/8 teaspoon to maybe 6 tablespoons (didn’t measure) of whipped cream cheese. This is very much a too taste kind of snack.¬† Start small on the garlic salt. A little goes a very long way.

What are some of your non-sweet comfort snacks?

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