What’s Going On Wednesday: Earth Day

Typically, I wouldn’t even be posting on Earth day. I’d be at work! Enjoying the Earth Day celebration with the preschool kids. Pretending touching worms wasn’t the ickiest thing ever. SIGH. How I’d like to be touching a worm and pretending I didn’t find it disgusting.

This Earth Day, I’m celebrating at home. I got out this morning and walked around the yard with my camera. It’a a little cloudy and windy with rain chances later. 

And now for the yucky news…

Numbers and COVID-19 Info for our area

I’m being lazy and just using the map that popped up first for our local numbers. Our state registers 5,941 cases with 189 deaths. Our local county (according to that page) reports 279 cases and 8 deaths.

After much push-back, our local area (we live in a city surrounded by KC though I’m not sure we count as a suburb so much as our own city. (I call it a suburb), released data for our local area. Nice to finally see some “closer to home” type numbers. Our zip code shows 15 cases. My brother’s zip code shows 15 cases. The zip code just north of us shows 12 cases.

We’re in the 44.18 per 100,000 residents rate if you’d like to do the math. I have no idea. 44% is too high but .00044 % seems a bit too low.

Statistics. One thing I still remember from my college years is the statistics professor pronouncing that statistics were like the tail on the dog. And the tail doesn’t wag the dog. Good reminder to use critical thought when assimilating all this information.

What We’re Listening To and Watching Lately

One day I listened to the sounds of silence. Much needed. And of course, the birds. Then, a bit of the Billy Joel station on Amazon music. Lots of great songs with that. Apparently, the music of the 70’s soothes me.

Still watching the birds. We were sad when the eggs disappeared from the wren nest. Probably some sort of predator, we do have raccoons around here. I’ve also seen possums and skunks out late at night around the bird feeders as well.

We took out the empty nest so we could fix our shed doors. If life ever returns to some type of normal, I’ll take it to preschool.

Slogging through season 5 of Arrested Development on Netflix. It’s lost something and I’m not sure I’ll finish it. Disappointing since the first 3 seasons were so good. My husband started watching all The Pirates of The Caribbean movies. I’ll glance at them but not my favorites.

Random Thoughts And Tidbits From This Week

We had a fun Zoom get-together with some of our Bunco group last night. It was so nice to see and catch up with everyone. Glad “tech support” aka my oldest son was able to help me set up my stuff. And just a note: if you don’t have a green screen, there is no alternative fun background for you (you’ll be invisible!). I’m going to have tech support look into this further, I think. After all, a background of storage containers just isn’t very fun.

I resisted stopping and getting flowers for Earth Day yesterday, mainly because the garden center parking lot was full! As was the parking lot of my “secret” park. Aggravated by that. Ended up just taking a bit of a drive. Glad I picked up a basket of pansies at the very beginning of all this:

On the hopeful side, one of my pots of lavender is coming back! First time ever. Not sure if it’s too early for the other two pots or not. Still exciting to see the new green shoots.

I woke up at 6:30 today as if life was supposed to happen like normal. Feeling a little tired since I’ve not done that in a while so I think I’ll stop here.


What’s going on in your life on this Earth Day?


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