What’s Going On Wednesday: A Bit Of Baking

Feeling a bit grouchy this morning. I’m pondering if we’re going to need a new home improvement project after all this ends. The project where we widen the doors so I can fit through them. SIGH.

As if we I’ve not been eating enough, I did a bit of baking yesterday afternoon and this morning.

More on my baking “adventures” in a moment. First, let’s look at the virus numbers…

Numbers and COVID-19 Info for our area

Found some info from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Total cases statewide: 7,303

Total deaths: 314

Something I’ve not seen before on other sites, total tested: (approx): 77,037

And moving the numbers closer to home… cases for Kansas City: 508/16 deaths

Our local county: 309/9 deaths

Then, switching maps to zero in our local zip code: 22 cases (a glimmer of hope here since that number hasn’t changed from last Friday and I noticed the same thing with zip codes near us)

What We’re Listening To And Watching Lately

I listened to video hits of the 80’s one day. Enjoyed that. Working my way through the Swedish films corresponding to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo book series.

And I watched the season finale of Prodigal Son on Monday evening. WOW. I think I had my mouth hanging open for about 3-4 minutes after the final scene. They better renew it! If you’re looking for a good murder/mystery type show that ties up each time yet also has an overreaching plot, it’s on Hulu.

Random Thoughts And Tidbits From This Week

Baking disaster anyone?

Wondering what that mess pictured above is supposed to be? Monkey bread. It’s supposed to be monkey bread. I was using up some frozen biscuits from Christmas (my husband didn’t like them so they’d been lingering in the freezer).  Sometimes, I make beautiful brunch spreads and sometimes, breakfast looks like this mess:

Clearly, we should’ve stuck with cereal this morning. At least the coffee was decent and the cookies made yesterday afternoon were a hit. 

The cookies disappeared before I could take a photo! They made good use of some leftover sour cream set to expire on Cuarto de Mayo (of all days). Sour cream softies were one of my late father’s favorites and I always remember my mom making them at Christmas time.

Changing gears…

Whiteman Air Force Base did a flyover to salute our health care workers and J watched it with me from the front porch. We were lucky enough to be in the flight path.

Finally, our area is still under stay at home orders until May 15. Other areas near us plan to open up on May 4 (the state’s official date). No idea how it will work.

G thinks it’s all much too soon and has a bit of anxiety about it. I think we all have a bit of that anxiety though I’m certainly ready to be able to go somewhere other than the grocery store!

How are you coping with the uncertainties this week? Is your area opening back up anytime soon?


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3 thoughts on “What’s Going On Wednesday: A Bit Of Baking

  1. Carol

    I am laughing with you on the monkey bread! That has definitely happened to me before. I’m nervous about everything re-opening as well. Mostly because of the nature of library work and materials being with people and then coming back… it can be yucky during the best of times TBH. But I am so sad because I know so many people depend on our services and we just can’t offer them now. Ugh, it just stinks all-around.

    1. Jean Post author

      I’ve found interesting things in my library books from time to time so I get that. The KC library pushed back all it’s due dates into mid-June (guess I didn’t need to read that “new and notable” 15 day checkout in two days way back in March after all) and added quite a few e-book selections. I do miss the library, looking through the e-books available is just not the same. Of course, I always wonder about the library during regular flu season so I’m hoping they come up with a plan to keep both the librarians and the patrons safe. Yes, who’d have thought this would be the year of 2020. I want a refund! Hope you have a great Friday!

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