What’s Going On Wednesday: Wondering…

When we’ll get to be carefree again? 

What the next few months will look like? And honestly, feeling a bit whiny today. Bored for no reason, I have plenty I could do. Gripe-y. Are we really in “unprecedented times”

Welcome to the complaining rabbit hole wondering of my mind. Really though with all the comparisons to the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, I’m thinking perhaps the much overused word unprecedented is wrong. Wouldn’t historic be the correct term? Unusual. Very unusual. However, we’ve had pandemics before this one. And though I loathe to think it (and one pandemic a lifetime is really enough for me thanks), we’ll have others. Thanks for listening to my mini-lecture.

And now you know why I limit my news coverage of this virus.

Perhaps, I need to get out a bit more. Definitely. Kind of kicking myself for not going to my work yesterday as my boss texted and invited me to join them for fajitas. A teacher appreciation day thing. However, I chose the cautious side and stayed home. Not out of concern for myself so much as the thought I might get someone sick. Now, I’m wondering what the difference 5 days makes. SIGH.

Numbers and COVID-19 Info for Our Area

Statewide seems much worse than our local area. I know they’ve been having a really rough time across the state over in Saint Louis from the beginning of all this. Numbers come from the same sources as last week.

For comparison sake, Saint Louis county across the state has 3,359 cases and 204 deaths.

Cases statewide: 9,102

Total deaths: 396

Total tested (through 5/5/20): 100,747

In the Kansas City Area: 706 and 16 deaths

Our local county: 362 and 13 deaths

And the number of cases within our zip code: 29

What We’re Watching And Listening To Lately

My husband put on some sort of Eagles live music video one night. That was kind of nice.

We’ve watched a few things. Nothing great. Anyone else actually a bit sick of watching TV? That said…I broke down and watched Snowpiercer on Monday. Not exactly a feel good movie. I wanted to watch it because there is some crazy theory out in Internet land that it’s a sequel to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Probably wrong but plausible.

My husband and I also watched the new Amazon Prime series, Upload. We both enjoyed it. And I also enjoyed Tales From The Loop. That one moved a bit too slow for my husband but I found it enjoyable. Just your basic not too scary science fiction stuff.

Random Thoughts And Tidbits From This Week

Baking again…

peanut butter cookies

Made some basic *can’t mess them up* peanut butter cookies on Monday afternoon. Or maybe Sunday night. It’s an old Southern Living recipe that takes no flour. 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar, 1 egg, and 1 teaspoon vanilla (technically, you could leave out the vanilla but I wouldn’t as it gives it a little extra something). Drop by rounded teaspoons on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 325 for 15 minutes. (It’s a judgement thing here. They do take a little longer than the standard 9-11 minutes). Not the prettiest picture but they are that perfect pairing of crunchy edges and chewy middles.

J did some school work yesterday. Finally.

A kind neighbor shared some ground beef with us as payback (not even needed) for an earlier turn on our part of picking up some toilet paper for them at the store.

Today started out looking nice but it’s back to gloomy. Not helping my motivation.

Been a slow week really. Does that even make sense to say when we aren’t doing our normal things?





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2 thoughts on “What’s Going On Wednesday: Wondering…

  1. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    Well we certainly have a different COVID-19 scenario here. Our cases are up over 54,000 and while the governor is allowing some counties in the state to move to the “yellow” phase, a clear majority will remain in the “red” until June 4, according to latest update. I agree with you that unprecedented is probably not the right word. Definitely historic. Definitely strange. We have 37 cases in our zip code, but in the two that border just one side of our zip code? Over 800. So yeah, I think I’m OK with the restrictions holding for a while. And the county where my husband’s office is…much much worse there.

    And so we continue to do what we do here at home and find ways to make it good. Is it easy? No. We just keep being grateful that so far we are doing OK in the health and job departments and look forward to whatever the new normal will be. I suspect it will be weird!

    1. Jean Post author

      Yikes! That’s a big number of cases. I check the zip codes around us as well. Most of them are right in the same range as ours, a few less in some and a few more in others but not a huge difference like you have there. We do have the benefit of being a bit more spread out here. And KC is spread out by default (a complaint for some but now perhaps an advantage?). Still feels strange that we’ll be getting back to the new normal here on Monday. We’re all a little hesitant but still also ready to resume whatever weirdness lets us get out. Hope you have a great weekend!

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