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Happy World Migratory Bird Day! It’s been slow around here so far this morning but yesterday was exciting. This week brought a few new and exciting birds to our yard. Some of our “old” birds learned new tricks. And we even had a garden rescue!

First to show this week. A new one for our yard! And believe it or not, the reason I started feeding the birds. Who knew it would be so hard to attract these little birds…


Some credit must go to the Tractor Supply store as I’ve bought these little white bags of food previously at other stores with no luck. Right away, I noticed I could actually smell this stuff as I put it out. So perhaps my other food was stale. I don’t know. However, the very next day I had a gold finch on it!

The above photo might have been better had some nitwit realized they left their camera on close-up mode a bit sooner. Anyway, this little goldfinch departed and returned with friends! Just one more because this fellow is handsome!

Also, showing up in our backyard: A White-Crowned Sparrow and a pair of Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks!

Let me apologize in advance as these photos aren’t the best quality but the Rose-breasted grosbeaks is another first for us! 

And it certainly was strange when my husband happened to be watching a show about Alaska and they showed footage of the white-crowned sparrows just after I’d seen one. He really needs to get a move on. It’s bit late for him to be hanging around here.

New Skills From A Blue jay!

Not sure if the house sparrows are running a secret school teaching other birds about how to manage the suet feeder but this happened yesterday morning:

And Now, A Garden Rescue Story!

It’s nesting season around our backyard. And garden season. We finally tilled our garden last Saturday. A pair of cardinals likes to nest under the gutter curve near the garden. Not a great spot but certainly better than the boxwood bush by the front porch. I finally succeeded in getting them to move away from that sight.

On Sunday, I was walking around surveying the garden work and noticed what looked like a bird embryo on top of the dirt. Hoping we hadn’t done something to harm it with our tilling, I returned inside to grab something to remove it and mentioned it to my husband.

Windblown cardinal

He said he’d seen an egg there the previous night. We’ve had some super windy days so were not sure whether it blew out of the nest or someone evicted it. A concern of mine considering the run of brown headed cowbirds around here lately.

As I returned to it with two paper bowls, it moved! My husband scooped it up and returned it to the nest. Later, mama returned. And just yesterday, the baby bird remained still getting care from the mama bird. Sadly, the other egg in the nest had a hole in it and never hatched.

Fingers crossed mama cardinal is raising an actual cardinal and not a darn brown headed cowbird. We’ll know in time, I suppose.


Joining the Bird Depot hosted by Anni of I’d Rather B Birdin’.


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7 thoughts on “Now Showing In The Backyard

  1. Linda in Virginia

    Good luck to the cardinals! As for the finch socks, I’ve found it helps to cut a tiny hole near the top of the seed so that the birds can easily pull a few seeds out. Once they get used to it, they keep coming back.

  2. Anni

    You have me laughing out loud…literally. The blue jays learn well from watching the teachings of the sparrows!! All your images are fun today. Your sharing today is much appreciated. Thank you for linking in!
    Anni recently posted..In Search Of…My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Glad you enjoyed my images. Thank you for hosting such a great link up, I really enjoy it. Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

  3. Lea's Menagerie

    Great bird photos! Love the Goldfinches – they are year-round residents here in Mississippi. But we are seeing more of them right now as those that wintered south of us are going north for the breeding season. Glad they came to your house!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea’s Menagerie recently posted..The Barn Collective, May 10, 2020My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      They’re supposed to be year-round here as well but I seldom see them in the winter so who knows. I remember them hanging around my father’s bird feeders so I was especially happy to finally have a few at my own home. Hope you had a great weekend!

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