What’s Going On Wednesday: Gratitude and Optimism

This week’s been a bit slow so far. It’s given me time to stop and reflect on how nice we really have it during this time at home.

I’m not sure what my word of the year for 2020 (home) is trying to teach me. That I want to live outside? Not really. I’m an indoor plumbing, electric and hot water, people loving city girl. Not likely to change now. However, I do know it’s time to start seriously applying the lessons from my 2019 word. Gratitude. Not that I’d stopped being grateful but I just don’t think I was quite ready to go there full force in a blog post until today.  First though, let’s look at the numbers for our area. While increasing, I’m grateful for the lower overall numbers when compared to other parts of the country and world. And that they are doing a bit more testing now.

Numbers and COVID-19 Info for Our Area

Cases statewide: 10,142

Total deaths:  542

Total tested (through 5/12/20):  124,006

In the Kansas City Area: 808 and 16 deaths

Our local county:  401 and 15 deaths

And the number of cases within our zip code:  36

Moments of Gratitude So Far This Week

Here are a few lovely moments/thoughts from this week working backward from today:

  • My boys and how they came up with the idea on their own to give me a video game for Mother’s Day. And the time to spend (way too long) playing it this morning. Jeansland is coming along nicely (aka Animal Crossing: New Horizons).
  • My husband. He keeps us supplied with everything we need. I don’t think I’ll complain about hunting season this year (Have you seen the price of meat?!). While I might complain about the junk food purchasing, I do also enjoy the junk.
  • Yesterday. New faces. And a bit of “some things just don’t change”. Truth: I’ve gotten up and pulled myself together (showered, dressed, hair fixed) all but maybe 3-4 days during this entire time. Yesterday was one of the 3-4 day kinds of days. Spent the day in my pajama pants. What? A knock on the door! J’s band directors on the front step dropping off a marching baritone and music for the fall show. Definitely, thankful for teachers who care enough to show up at the front door to say hello and drop off materials.
  • The sweet sound of marching baritone notes. It’s been far too quiet in J’s room.
  • A bit of cold sunshine on Mother’s Day and the Monday after it.
  • My backyard birds, all the flowers springing up and ready to bloom
  • And of course, I don’t want to leave out the one who’s really in charge around here, the little gray cat. She certainly keeps an eye on things.


What little or big things are you appreciating more during these squirrely times? 


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