What Went On This Week

Realized I missed posting a What’s Going On Wednesday. So I decided to tackle a look back at the week in the form of a Five on Friday instead.

And I also realized I forgot to share my front porch/flower garden in progress pictures on Monday. So I’ll share those as I talk about all the places I went this week. My pictures won’t match my subjects at all. Welcome to my crazy mixed up world.

Yes! Places. Plural. I got out of the house every.single.day this week. It felt glorious to have places to go. That said, we’re still not back to normal. And I am dearly missing normal. I don’t want a “new normal.” I want regular normal.

Anyway, let’s start with the usual yucky Covid-19 numbers.

Backyard peonies finally bloomed

 One: Numbers and COVID-19 Info for Our Area

Cases statewide:  11,558

Total deaths:   671

Total tested:  172,946

In the Kansas City Area:  967 and 24 deaths

Our local county:  485 and 15 deaths

And the number of cases within our zip code:   47

Worth noting, there are still counties within our state with zero cases. The two biggest cities, KC and Saint Louis have the highest numbers. And the Saint Louis area still has considerably bigger numbers than our area. A link to the map for anyone interested.

Two: End of the School Year and Supply Drop Off/Pick Up

Still need to plant my marigolds in the vegetable garden

My first outing of the week on Monday (unless we count Sunday’s parade viewing, then it’s the second outing) involved going to drop off J’s school books and band tux. Yearbooks were late so I had to return for that today.

And it didn’t involve going into any buildings. I made a paper sign with his name, held it up and drove to each station where I opened my trunk so they could take things out or put thing in it as needed. It worked very efficiently. And I did appreciate that as I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Three: A Little Bit of Normal And a Zoom Meet

I was so happy to finally find one of my favorite summer annual flowers

Purslane graces my garden every summer but the store where I usually buy it went out of business (pre-Covid 19) and I didn’t even remember the name of it until recently. I was so happy to find it last weekend. A little bit of normal when things are not. Another bit of normal was J’s baritone lesson on Monday night. His instructor just gets him and is a happy, enthusiastic person. It was nice to sit and read my book while listening to the lesson again.

Instead of normal bunco on Tuesday night, we had another Zoom meet up. There were only 4 of us this time. And it was an odd mix. I think fewer wanted to bother now that we can “go” and “see” people again? Not sure. Anyway, it was quite odd and I found myself rather down after it. Not anyone’s fault. Just me missing normal stuff.

Four: Haircut Therapy

I read somewhere lemon grass repels mosquitoes so I always try to put some near the front porch

My hair appointment was different. I’ve known my stylist for years following her from shop to shop to the salon she now co-owns. Lots of rules for her to follow with regards to giving haircuts again. I had to text her when I arrived to get the okay to enter, have my temp taken prior to entry, wash my hands upon entry, and wear a mask the whole time (so did she). Not the most relaxing experience but we both did what was necessary.

Still a nice chat while she cut my hair. And I smiled at how she referred to not wanting give me “The Covid.” I felt better after as always.

Five: Target time, Traffic, and a Return to the High School

Pink petunias on the front porch.

Yesterday for the first time since early March, I braved Target. And I was a bit let down to find them out of several things on my list (still?!), full of confusing signs…one way aisles but no arrows? And with only one cashier, very long line. I refuse to wait in line for self-check out. Don’t get me started. Not the experience I anticipated.

My main goal to get G’s birthday cake decor and cards still happened so not a total waste. We celebrated his birthday last night with take-out Chinese food and birthday cake Kit Kat candy bars. His aunt and my nephew plan to come over tomorrow for dinner and official chocolate cake with white icing.

Then, I had to take some tools to my husband at his job and found myself in a bit of traffic. Been awhile. Things may still be weird on the inside but the outside of our city is veering closer to normal every day.

This morning, I returned to the high school and picked up J’s yearbook as well as popped into a local farm supply store to get my starving birds a bit more food.


So as you can see, I spent this week going all the places! And while it wasn’t quite normal, it did feel good to get out and about again. How did you spend your week?





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6 thoughts on “What Went On This Week

  1. Rebecca Knox

    Love the idea of looking back at the week as a Five on Friday! Good idea! Our county (Barton) remains at zero cases of COVID, for which we are thankful, but our thoughts and prayers remain constant for those in areas that aren’t faring as well. Of all things, I have yet to find marigolds this year! I always plant them along the front porch edge and I’m missing them. Will have to look for some again the next time I’m out. Well…I’m off to work this morning. Have a great weekend and enjoy the holiday! <3
    Rebecca Knox recently posted..Five on Friday – Woodland Wild FlowersMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      This week just really got away from me for whatever reason. I’m glad your county remains at zero. Praying it stays that way for you. Hope you had a good day at work and are in the middle of a great holiday weekend!

  2. Rachel

    Isn’t it amazing how getting out of the house helps the morale? Glad you had a good week getting out. Retail stores opened here on Friday and apparently there were lines outside of Marshalls for shopping. I haven’t gone to any stores other than Kroger each week, and once to Dollar General and once to Dollar Tree. Still haven’t been to Walmart. I am thinking I need to go to Goodwill this week to see about getting some summer clothes for the kids to fill in their gaps. Your flowers are pretty. I will be getting out a bit this week as I have a hair appointment on Tuesday to get my hair chopped off. Seriously it is so long now and it needs cut. Hope you have a great weekend!
    Rachel recently posted..Rain, kids stuff, new recipe, and a 3 mile walkMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, I think just getting out makes things feel a bit more normal even if they aren’t. I wouldn’t wait in line to shop! Yikes. That seems like too many people to me, Corona or not. I enjoy my summer flowers, thanks! It felt great to get my hair cut after so long. Hope your weekend is going great so far!

  3. Beverly

    Troy and I went to a neighborhood meeting on Tuesday. We met at the bridge at the park. All wearing masks but nice out. That was the same time as the Bunco Zoom meeting . Sorry to have missed you.

    I did have Physical Therapy twice. It feels great . It is at the Pavilion at the NKC Hospital so have to have temperature checked, wear a mask, and receive a visitor’s badge.

    Also took George to dentist. Mask, temperature, wait in car. You know the drill. But Dairy Queen drive-up afterwards!

    Linda, Lisa, Chris and Aijalon ate dinner with me on my deck Thursday. Nice weather again. Sat apart!

    1. Jean Post author

      You didn’t miss much on the Zoom thing. Like I said, it was just a bit odd as there were only four of us. I do think it’s funny when they say only one person for those kid things when you were with them in the car the whole time. Same exposure either way. Of course, I realize everyone is just trying to do what they think is safe and follow their guidelines. Glad you all had great weather for the deck outing. I’m glad the weather is finally improving. Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

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