Happy Homemaker Monday, We’ve Arrived At June

Anyone else feel like we’ve scraped and clawed our way to this month? Yesterday, I was excited saying happy Half Year! Turns out we’re not quite there yet. The official halfway point of the year is July 2. SIGH. Let’s all hang in there. Just a bit more to go in the first half.

Time to get to planning the new week in the new month. Joining in with Sandra who inspires and hosts the Happy Homemaker Monday link ups over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom.

The Weather 

Sunny and blue skies! Very happy to see them after so much rain on Wednesday and Thursday last week. Thankfully, the rain stopped in time for the weekend. Now, the weather people say the heat and humidity is arriving sometime this week. Tomorrow, I think.  Highs in the mid to upper 80’s. Normal chances of thunderstorms all week.

How I’m Feeling This Morning

Like I need a good night’s sleep. I’ve been staying up too late, waking up in the middle of the night, and then, on cat duty starting around 4:30 AM. Cat duty simply means the cat meows at me incessantly until I let her outside.

On My Mind 

The state of the country. The surreal feeling of watching the news last night. Prayers for peace. Wondering if we are at the social end of the pandemic and the social beginning of something else. Something my apparently rather naive self thought we already mostly achieved. Clearly, wrong on that count. And tired of it all. Thinking of taking a Facebook break.

On My To Do List

  1. Clean the house (always)
  2. Mow the lawn
  3. Vote on Tuesday
  4. Clean off the backyard deck/front porch/maybe plant some more flowers
  5. Get J that haircut!
  6. Mail a card

On My Breakfast Plate

Boring same breakfast I have most days: Chobani flip yogurt, coffee.

On My Reading Pile

I find I’m not wanting to read anything to serious or full of suspense lately. Reading predictable light romantic novels. Not usually my thing but I seem to need the happy endings thoughts. Finished up The Thing About Clare by Imogen Clark (my least favorite of the author’s books). Read A Happy Catastrophe by Maddie Dawson, pleasantly surprised to find it a sequel to Matchmaking For Beginners, the very first book of hers I ever read. Love the quirky characters in her books. Enough that I started in on Kissing Games of the World, also by Maddie Dawson, for this week.

TV Viewing

Got all caught up on Legends of Tomorrow, cried my way through the first season 4 episode of Riverdale (a Luke Perry tribute episode), and watched Toy Story 4 with my husband (may or may not have been tears involved on that one as well). We watched part of Indiana Jones last night until the news broke in showing the protests near the plaza. Not much else unless you count the morning news long enough to see the weather.

On The Menu This Week

No idea. I’ve not been to the store and probably won’t go until Tuesday. Let’s go see what we have around here…

MONDAY: Pork chops (already cooked in freezer), baked potato/sweet potato, broccoli *J has a baritone lesson at 6:30*

TUESDAY: Chicken strips, broccoli, strawberry pie *Election Day*

WEDNESDAY: Spaghetti? Salad

THURSDAY: Fish, coleslaw, asparagus?

FRIDAY: Grilled chicken salads?

From The Camera 

Looking Around The House

I started to clean a few times over the weekend and then, stopped. It looks like I stopped. Though I did do a thorough cleaning of J’s floors (ants, sigh).  Need to clean completely today.

Chore I’m Not Looking Forward To Today Or This Week

Whole house though I know I’ll be happy once it’s finished.

To Relax This Week I Will

Be outside. Either mowing, cleaning the porch and deck or planting flowers. Hopefully, all of it.

On My Prayer List

Our country. Those struggling with the virus. The injustice. Sending up lots of prayers and vibes for peace and love. Hope you’ll join me.

Quote For The Week

Let’s go with a song for this week.


What are your plans for this first week of June?

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12 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, We’ve Arrived At June

  1. Schotzy

    Well, when youre awake in the night think of me becaue I’m probably awake too, Lately I wake up at 3.. lie in bed til about 4 then get up and go downstairs not to bother hubs! Problem is I never make up the deficit… can’t be good for me… If I nap then I can’t get to sleep a t bedtime.
    It is a horrible cycle for me.. but no wonder, as yu say thea te of the nation is so crucial and serious. THis morning while awake I started thinking of the elderly black man in Minn who was crying out to the rioters about why did they destroy his business and all he ahd worked for trying to make a good life for himself.. I started crying and had to get up and go downstairs to finsih my weeping.. Oh, how I pray this unrest will quickly play itself out!..

    1. Jean Post author

      I hope and pray it ends (happily) soon as well. My goal is to get lots more outside time this week. Think it might be help with the sleep. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Jean Post author

      Maybe our whole country just needs one big collective nap? Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy of a fix? Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. BillieJo Stoltz

    I am all over the place with sleep too.
    Sometimes I am exhausted.
    Sometimes I am up at night.
    Hope we both sleep well tonight!
    Have a cozy evening.
    BillieJo Stoltz recently posted..TwentyMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Hope you’ve had a good night’s sleep this week. I’m still hoping tonight will be my night for that. SIGH. Hopefully, you are in the middle of a wonderful week!

  3. Tamy

    O.M.G. I truly feel like not only are we PAST the half year, but have endured so much that we should already be in 2021!!! I pray this turmoil ends soon and we can have SOME sense of normalcy back in our everyday lives. Beautiful flower photo! I’m with you on the reading – only fun romantic or fun reads or even historical for some time to come. Have a GREAT week.

    1. Jean Post author

      This year has certainly been exhausting so far. Thank you. Hope you are in the middle of a great week!

  4. Jayne

    I cry at virtually anything! I also cried at Toy Story 4 (well, pretty much any kids’ movie) but I had taken the boys to see it at the movies. A bit embarassing to have to leave the cinema when you have been crying at a Toy Story movie!
    Hope you have a lovely week!

    1. Jean Post author

      Somehow, I don’t think you were the only one crying at Toy Story 4. Definitely, a bittersweet one. Did your boys enjoy it? It struck me that it felt more geared to parents and kids who grew up watching the first 2 and then, the 3rd than as aimed at a new set of kids. Hope you are in the middle of a wonderful week!

  5. Carrie@northwoods scrapbook

    Hello Sweetie!
    I hope you’ve been having a better week. Especially with sleep. WE truly are all in the same boat with the hurt in our hearts, worry and lack of sleep. ugh!
    I just can’t seem to focus enough to get myself reading and following an actual book. I used to be such a reader. I don’t know what happened to me along the way. I keep praying for peace, resolution, cures, vaccines – my list feels it never ends. But I have faith -that’s what faith is all about, right? We are in His hands and better days will be ahead. Thinking summer thoughts! ☀️ Blessings to you. xoxo
    Carrie@northwoods scrapbook recently posted..Happy Homemaker MondayMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you, this has been such a better week (though the sleep part’s not there yet). I went through a spell where I hardly read anything and then, I made a goal to read a certain number of books in a year and it kind of spurred me back into reading. And reading new things. I find Good Reads helpful because it (sometimes annoyingly) tells you where you are on your yearly reading goals (and then overachiever types like myself can’t stand to be behind on it LOL). We’ve got lots of rain again this week and now the hot humid part of our summer arrives (actually a good thing in the Corona virus battles apparently). I’m rambling this morning. Hope you have a wonderful, fun, summery weekend filled with lots of love and happiness!

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