Washing Masks And Making The Smell Less Vile

What  a weird topic for my Tiny Tip on a Thursday. I’d lost money for sure had someone bet me this would ever be a blog post.

There’s really not much to like about wearing a mask (I know the purpose but I don’t have to like it) other than maybe it hides the m-acne. mask + acne = m-acne. Just me? I’m blaming the mask and not the 5+ lbs of m&m’s consumed during the quarantine stage of all this.

Perhaps it is just me (and I very much do brush my teeth!) but the smell inside those masks the first time I did not do much to please my olfactory senses. Yuck. Someone invent scented masks and quick!

Meanwhile, I did find a way to help this with this problem. When I wash them, I add in a couple drops of essential oils.

I favor the two pictured above. Mainly because when I signed up with Young Living, the rep told some story about Thieves being named after the grave robbers during the plague. They used the mix of oils to avoid the plague or some such nonsense. Still, a great story and I like the serendipity of using it. Oh, and the smell of the oil as well. That’s important, too. Purification,  name says it all. To me, it has a light lemon scent.

Note: I think any brand of oils would be fine for this. I just happened to have the Young Living brand on hand.

Although, these can go in the washer and dryer, I still prefer to hand wash and simply air dry our masks. 

Is it just me, did you find wearing masks stinky at first? Maybe I should just change toothpaste? Ha!

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4 thoughts on “Washing Masks And Making The Smell Less Vile

  1. Rebecca Knox

    I love essential oils! Most of the ones I have are from NOW and my favorites include lavender and orange. As for masks…I sell them, but I have yet to have need to wear one. We did get our first positive COVID case in the county yesterday.

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, orange is such a happy smell 🙂 I like it as well. Sorry to hear your county isn’t at zero any longer. Wearing masks in the stores is okay but I had one outside for a bit (serving food at work) and it was HOT! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Sarah

    I hope that this covid thing will soon be behind us. Now regarding the smell that you feel.. the truth is, it’s not the mask. Iv’ve read an interview with one dentis and he said that our breath was probably already a tad putrid when you put that mask on. The thing is that we don’t know it because we’ve just recently began exhaling into a covering that hovers over our noses all the time. It’s as if we cupped our hands in front of our face to test our breath.
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    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, I think we are all ready to be done with the Covid. That makes sense but I did notice a difference using the oils at least.

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