What’s Going On Thursday: Quick Week

Usually, I share these posts on Wednesdays. However, I worked all day yesterday so I’m a day late.  Plan for today is errands. Already went to Target. Thought I’d get this post done while taking a quick break for lunch and to put my phone on the charger for a bit. 

I don’t like to run around with my phone at a low charge. And I used to have a car charger. SIGH. No idea where the phone chargers go. Maybe the same place as lost socks?

The week seems to have gone by in a bit of a blur so far.  Before I share what I’ve been up to all week, here’s the yuck part of my post.

Numbers and COVID-19 Info for Our Area

Cases statewide:  16,625

Total deaths:  909

Total Tested*

PCR tested:  290,931 (fancy term for nasal swab testing)

Serology tested:  35,349 (fancy term for blood test for antibodies)

*They’ve changed the reporting on these numbers. Now dividing out the two types of tests. Actually, the whole website is updated and in a dashboard format. A lot easier to read and understand.

In the Kansas City Area:  1,802 and 30 deaths

Our local county: 916 and 22 deaths

And the number of cases within our zip code:  121 (Wait, that’s a big jump from last week! Noting here that the big increase in the number is due to two outbreaks at separate congregate living facilities within our zip code.)


Now, let’s move on to happier thoughts…

My busy, whirlwind feeling week so far

Monday, I trimmed the Goliath boxwood bushes in front of the porch. Then, took J to his baritone lesson in the evening.

I decided that fairy gardens were going to be my new hobby.  Mainly, I’m just adding little doors to our tree bases at this point. I loved the details in the one I set out by our front yard maple tree.

Tuesday evening, G made us chicken strips for dinner with minimal instruction and supervision. They turned out great!

Yesterday, I worked a full 8:30 to 5 shift. It was hard and exhausting ( I was the “Chef” for the day) but extremely rewarding. Hoping I’ll get a few more chances to work prior to the next time I’m scheduled which isn’t until late July. So grateful to have such a happy place to call my work.

We rescheduled my mom’s night out for next week. That worked out as I was quite tired last night (originally, I thought I worked Friday not Wednesday when we were making plans). And I finally managed to “sell” the already cooked pork chops in the freezer for dinner last night.

This morning, I ran to Target. And just shopped. Clearance aisles included.

I stopped short of smelling all the candles in the store (hard with a mask anyway). Hoping this smells nice!

That probably explains how I spent a bit too much money despite them still being out of several items I needed. (Side note: Were the people not washing their hands prior to the pandemic the same ones who were evidently not cleaning their homes? Ugh, I miss my Method cleaning supplies!)


Finally, this afternoon I’m running the rest of my errands. Plans and places include: Tractor Supply Store for bird seed (and a check for a sprinkler for a Father’s Day gift), a small flower stand down the road a bit, and possibly if I don’t run out of steam, Hobby Lobby and/or The Dollar Tree.

What’s going on with you this week?



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4 thoughts on “What’s Going On Thursday: Quick Week

  1. Rebecca Knox

    Love the fairy door, Jean! I have a fairy garden and some new pieces to add to it. I need to do that soon. I know what you mean about where do all the phone chargers go??? I had that problem here, then, went online to Amazon and bought a six-pack of brightly colored double-port chargers and a six-pack of brightly colored, extra-long charge cords. I haven’t lost one since. One cord is plugged into my car charger and one is in my work box; the rest are stationed around the house in set locations and one is always close at hand. It’s been a real blessing, too! Have a great rest of the week! 🙂
    Rebecca Knox recently posted..Thursday ThingsMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I’m having fun planning and setting up little areas around the yard for the fairy gardens. That is a great idea for the phone chargers! I’ll need to wait and try that (I’m due a new phone soon as mine is so old that service for it is stopping or something like that). Hope you have a nice weekend!

  2. EileeninMD


    The Fairy home looks cute. Some scents really bother me, so I have to smell them. Some times I stick to Vanilla scented candles, they always smells good. We try to keep spare phone chargers in the car.. I will stay keep my distance and stay clear of large gatherings. Take care! Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you, I’m having fun with my fairy gardens. My husband loves the vanilla scent but sometimes they smell a bit too much like baking for me & I get hungry. LOL! The Target candle turned out to be a bit of a bust, couldn’t smell it at all once lit. Back to the Bath & Body Works for me (I can smell the peach bellini one I pulled from the closet). Learned my lesson. I did end up skipping the Dollar Tree as the parking lot just looked way too busy for me. Hope you have a happy first weekend of summer!

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