Half Way There (Tomorrow!)

It’s Half New Year’s Eve! Tomorrow is the official halfway point of 2020. Are you going to take some time to ring in the second half of the year? 

I think we’re definitely going to have a small party (just the 4 of us) to celebrate making it this far. Nothing too fancy, probably just the basics: food, games, and more food. Maybe a few early fireworks? I plan on finding some of those little champagne popper bottles somewhere later. And tomorrow, I think definitely calls for another round of black-eyed peas and cornbread at the very least.

Apparently, not the correct kind of mask to wear in public 😉

Before I continue this post, let’s look at the official numbers. Masks now required pretty much every where in our area. Probably not a new thing for some of you but definitely a new thing for our area (we were already wearing them in the stores, etc but now they’re officially mandated for all indoor & outdoor public places in our city/county. I think Kansas goes statewide tomorrow. We’ll see if Missouri follows suit.)

Numbers and COVID-19 Info for Our Area

Cases statewide:  21,927

Total deaths:  1,017

Total Tested*

PCR tested:  373,007 (fancy term for nasal swab testing)

Serology tested:  42,984 (fancy term for blood test for antibodies)

*They’ve changed the reporting on these numbers. Now dividing out the two types of tests. Actually, the whole website is updated and in a dashboard format. A lot easier to read and understand.

In the Kansas City Area:  2,380 and 31 deaths (not sure on this number…it’s not showing deaths except on the map and the two counties together add up to 35. I think the sadly, the right number is likely 35.)

Our local county: 1,204 and 24 deaths

And the number of cases within our zip code:  160


A Few Fun Things For The Week

As you might have guessed from the first photo in this post, my bee balm bloomed! One of my favorite flowers that sprang up as a surprise in the flower garden last year!

One of the stranger items on my list of all the things I wanted to do this year, paint the kitchen trash can. Accomplished that one yesterday. Forgot to take a before photo except of the lid. And the camera hates our wall color (never gets it quite right even with editing, it’s more green than beige) but I think the photos give a general idea. Let’s not throw 2020 out quite yet, let’s just redecorate it! If only it were that easy to fix. 

We’ve been having a pretty relaxed and subdued week so far. Feels like a holiday week which is nice.  I still need to get out and plant my flowers from Monday. I’ve have some of these just about to bloom already but I have empty spots so decided to cheat and fill it one with some more purple cone flowers.

(Now, I’m going to cut this post short because “behind the scenes” I’m getting nonstop demands for attention from a certain little gray cat. Hard to type with cat butt in my face and cat paws walking over the key board every few seconds).

I’ll leave you with one last thing, a special song for all my 80’s music fans, before I end my post. Seems appropriate not only for our Half New Year’s Eve but for 2020…indeed. Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Half Way There (Tomorrow!)

  1. Rebecca Knox

    Happy First Day of the Second Half of 2020! May the second half go better than the first half! How’d your party go last night? Wish I would have thought of doing something like that! LOL! Love the purple-headed coneflowers and the new paint job on the trash can looks good! Blessings for the second half of our current year! Have a Happy 4th! <3
    Rebecca Knox recently posted..Home Management Monday – June 29, 2020 (The Late Edition)My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Planning the party for tonight. Tomorrow is the official second half of the year so you still have time 🙂 Hope you have a great rest of the week, rest of the year, and of course, a very Happy 4th of July!

  2. Sarah H

    Well I didn’t realise it was exactly the middle of the year! Time has gone by so fast.

    Your flowers are lovely. I really enjoy watching bees. I have a beautiful yellow flowered bush in the front garden that the bees just love and carry all the pollen around in little yellow sacks on their legs, so cute.

    That Bon Jovi song is one of my favourites too. My husband and I were reminiscing yesterday about a Bon Jovi concert we went to when we were a lot younger and so we watched a couple of Bon Jovi songs on YouTube and that was one of them. 🙂

    1. Jean Post author

      Time has gone by fast considering how much of it we’ve spent at home. I’m actually a bit scared of bees (getting braver…wasps are another story) but still want to plant the flowers for them. They are fun to watch as long as they don’t mistake me for a flower 😉 Never been to a Bon Jovi concert but have always loved the songs. Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. Eileen


    I love your flowers, the Bee balm and coneflowers are a few of my favorites. We are supposed to meet some family for a cook out on July 4th. The first half of the year went by fast for me. I enjoy the Bon Jovi songs. Take care and enjoy your day!
    Eileen recently posted..Happy Thankful Thursday!My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Happy 4th of July! We have family coming over here for a cook out (just my sister-n-law & her family) later. Hope you enjoy your holiday.

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