Five On Friday: Favorite Vacation Memories

Not sure I can call it cabin fever but I’ve hit the point of the year where I crave a vacation. Really, I hit that point sometime back in late June.

Sometimes I like to look back through my vacation photos and “re-live” our past vacations. Especially when it seems my Facebook feed is flooded with people off on amazing trips. We’ve not really been anywhere too exotic but I’ve loved most the places we’ve gone.

Want to travel down memory lane with me as I gaze longingly at some places we’ve been. Pretty much in random order though I’m starting with our most recent trip.

ONE: Washington, D.C.

We were lucky enough back in April of 2019 to follow the high school band on their trip to march in the Cherry Blossom Festival. The Embassy Suites in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia was fantastic and right across the street from a Metro station. We didn’t need to ride but we did go check things out on our first night. Our tour guides (both the bus drivers and our local D.C. guide) were friendly, fun, and full of great information.  Giving us tips on everything from where to eat (The Department of Agriculture cafeteria was great! And we’ve yet to find french fries that rival those from the D.C. food trucks) to best times to see some of the sights.

The D.C. area was full of people, busy, and beautiful! Hopefully, I get to return there some day and visit the National Zoo (an item I didn’t get to check off my list). We did so much in a short time: Arlington National Cemetery, The WWII Memorial, The Vietnam Wall Memorial (so moving), Smithsonian Museums (natural history, national archives, national gardens), Pentagon Memorial (also very moving), and the Library of Congress. Add in watching the Cherry Blossom Parade and getting accidental surprise tickets to tour the White House Gardens!

A fun trip though we didn’t get to see G much as he was busy with the band. And we wanted to give him his space. If you get a chance to go to D.C. do it! And pack some good walking shoes.

TWO: Duluth, MN

I didn’t want to leave Duluth, MN! Absolutely loved it when we visited back in June of 2018. My husband and boys, however, didn’t cooperate with the let’s just stay here plan and so we returned home. I could easily have a summer home on the shores of Lake Superior and be quite content. Not so sure about winters there. Already wrote several blog posts back when we took this trip so you can read the first one here or simply type “Duluth” in my search bar if you want to know more about our trip or the area.

THREE: South Dakota

July of 2015 found us vacationing in South Dakota. Another place I loved and want to see again as there’s so much to see and we did not, of course, see it all. We stayed in Custer and though it meant we had to drive a bit more sometimes to see or do things, it suited us perfectly.

I remember we drove overnight to get there so the kids could sleep and we wouldn’t need to stop. Not the best plan. They were so tired and grouchy that we pretty much had to force them  to get out of the car when we reached The Badlands.

South Dakota is a beautiful state. I hope I get a chance to return some day. Another summer one though as I hear winters there can be rather harsh.

FOUR: New Mexico

This one wasn’t a favorite. I think, the timing factored heavily into that. We had a death in the family just one week before we planned to leave. Cast a bit of a shadow over the whole trip and we ended up coming home early as well.  We were traveling to check out land owned by my husband’s late grandfather. Our travels took us through Santa Rosa, Roswell, and we ended up in Carlsbad. I was excited to go to Carlsbad Caverns and watch the bats fly out of the cave (bucket list item).

(No bat photos as I chose to simply enjoy the experience. Or Maybe we couldn’t take photos, don’t remember. Still I’m glad to have just enjoyed the experience.).  We were supposed to go on from Carlsbad to White Sands and perhaps the mountains but as I said, circumstances caused us to cut this trip short. We did enjoy our detour through the Palo Duro Canyon State Park in Texas.

FIVE: Colorado Springs, Colorado

I’ll end my post of vacation memories with a real blast from the past as 10 years ago in July we found ourselves in Colorado Springs, Colorado. There was lots to do there (outside and free, good for young kids) and we had a good time. However, I do remember being ready to go home.

We stayed near the air force base. Selecting hotels located opposite to all the places we plan to visit is a special talent.

I remember one of my favorite things about this vacation was feeding the giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

And of course, driving up Pike’s Peak. I’d kind of like to go back now and try some photos with a newer camera.

Photo above is of Crystal Lake on Pike’s Peak.


And so ends my walk down vacation memory lane for today. What have been some of your favorite vacation spots? I’m always looking for ideas for when the world returns to normal.

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4 thoughts on “Five On Friday: Favorite Vacation Memories

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I had a pretty nice week. We had a decent amount of rain overnight so I do think it’s going to be pretty hot and sticky later this afternoon (already saw a heat advisory on my phone)

  1. Eileen


    These are all wonderful trip memories. I love the National Zoo. I would like to visit both of the Dakotas.
    I have been to New Mexico and the Carlsbad Caverns. My hubby is itching to go somewhere too, I am just not ready to travel out of state just yet. I enjoyed your trip photos. Take care, have a great weekend!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I really hope to get back to the area and see the National Zoo one day. No, I don’t think out of state travel is a good idea either. Really, I’m not even too keen on in-state travel at this point. It’s a staycation year for sure. Just have to go on twice as many trips once things calm down again 😉 Happy Saturday!

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