Sweet Caroline(a) Wren

I saw a funny (or not, sigh) meme about the cancellation of Sweet Caroline for this year. So, when I noticed this Carolina Wren on our patio, I had a title for my post today.

I watched this little bird flit about by the suet feeder before it decided to venture over to the patio umbrella and hop about on it. Inspecting for wasp nests for me? Maybe. I did ban umbrellas from our deck for a reason. However, my husband ignored my ban. Something about wanting to grill in the rain. Glad to know I have a little bird on my side of things. Or maybe the wren takes my husband’s side since this umbrella is obviously very interesting. Still a sweet little bird either way.

And of course, I must add a certain song to end this section of my post:

A Few More Bird-Watching Photos And Backyard Tales

Can you stand another hummingbird photo this week? How about a fun story to go along with it?

See that little chickadee off to the side minding his own business over there? J told me about seeing it last week but this time I got to see it! He likes to take a little nip from the hummingbird feeder sometimes. And that little hummingbird? Does not like to share. We watched one afternoon as the hummingbird quite definitely chased the chickadee away from “his” feeder. Quite the scene!

One more backyard tale before I wrap up my post. Nuthatch photo above just for divider purposes. One afternoon, I heard a bit of  warning chirps from the backyard.

Finished up whatever I was doing, glanced out the back door just in time to see a hawk swoop across the backyard! Ran for my camera as I saw it stop in a nearby tree. However, I was too late and it was gone upon my return. Probably a Cooper’s Hawk. Going to have to keep an eye out for it.


Other birds spotted this week: house finches, mourning doves, cardinals, woodpeckers (both red-bellied and downy), tufted titmice, a mockingbird (not at the feeder), and the annoying large group of house sparrows returned to my feeders yesterday. Saw a goldfinch fly by, just a flash of yellow, while at a nature center trail. Heard but did not see: crows and a blue jay somewhere in the distance.

What birds did you spot this week?

**Joining in with The Bird Depot hosted by Anni over at I’d Rather B Birdin.

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6 thoughts on “Sweet Caroline(a) Wren

  1. Eileen


    I love the sweet wrens. You have a nice variety of yard birds. The hummer and nuthatch are favorites too.
    Great series of photos. Have a happy day and a great weekend!

  2. Phil

    It’s some years ago but I well remember going to see Neil Diamond in concert. It was in Southport Theatre Lancashire. Of course, he sang Sweet Caroline.

  3. David Gascoigne

    This all goes to prove that a well-stocked backyard, with food, water and shelter can be an oasis for birds, and in the process provide an unending source of pleasure for humans, to say nothing of the opportunity to learn a good deal about the lifestyles and breeding biology of various species.
    David Gascoigne recently posted..A Young NaturalistMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Very true. We’ve not quite got the water part figured out. Water sources around here tend to become mosquito breeding havens and so I’ve been reluctant to add any type of bird bath/water source. We’ve had enough rain lately (with more storms in our forecast for this afternoon) that it’s actually on my list today to go search (again) for standing water sources to dump around the front and back yard. We do love watching the birds around here. Hope your week is off to a fantastic start.

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