Tuesday Tasks

Just for fun, I thought I’d share some of my Tuesday tasks. These are somewhat typical Tuesday things though I don’t do them every Tuesday. Just kind of a little peek into what I’ve been up to so far today.

After I dropped J off at school, I came home and ate my usual boring breakfast. Then, I set the timer for 15 minutes and started a quick modified FlyLady clean up of the house.  Started in the kitchen.

Moved on to the living room and main bathroom. And pretty much stopped. Since I was home yesterday, things weren’t too bad.  Still burning the watermelon lemonade candle so I can be ready for my apple scents come September.

Completed my cleaning countdown to fall task. Fairly easy to go around and wipe off the light switches. Had to grab the stool for wiping down the lights. And the long light in the kitchen requires help from my husband. Skipped G’s room as he was in an online college course. I’ll just sneak in there when he’s at work sometime this weekend.

Took a break and visited Jeansland for a bit. Would you like a pretend cup of tea in my pretend kitchen?

Maybe Friday, I’ll give a grand tour of my 5 star island. The boys really couldn’t have given me a better a Mother’s Day gift as I’ve played almost every day. It’s my escape/vacation when a real escape/vacation isn’t exactly happening this year. Nintendo certainly released Animal Crossing New Horizons at the perfect moment in time. After “tea”, I went back to my real world tasks.

Emptied, cleaned, and re-filled the hummingbird feeder. And re-filled the other feeders as well.


Took another stroll around the yard, checked on the garden. Not much to see. I think we just need to start over. We do have a few zucchini blossoms but that’s it.

Lots I thought about doing outside but it was hot so I didn’t do anything except look at things.

Came inside and started some laundry. Folding while finally watching the end of Fuller House on Netflix.

Later, I went back out and did a bit of bird-watching. Someone didn’t approve of the birds getting more attention than she did.

She did get some attention until a wasp decided to say hello. And I quickly said Goodbye!

Started this post, realized it was already time to go pick up J from school. And now, I’m home again finishing this post. Still have laundry to finish but I think I’m going to log off here and go read for a bit first. Perhaps with a real cup of tea this time.

How’s your Tuesday going?



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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tasks

    1. Jean Post author

      I completely agree and he’s actually not too bad about keeping it decent. Just planning to swipe the light switch and have a turn with the ceiling fan for my own satisfaction. Most 19 year old’s don’t dust off their ceiling fans, I’m a bit older and it’s not my favorite task 😉 Hope you’re having a good night.

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