What’s Going On Wednesday: A Change Of Scenery

I wanted to practice with my camera this morning.  I craved being near water. Maybe because it’s been so dry lately? Who knows.

The park I drive through on the way to work has a lake. However, I was sick of going to the same old parks.  Decided to venture out to Blue Springs Lake/ Lake Jacomo. I ended up just walking on one trail. The Lake Vista Trail. While a nice little walk, the trail name is a bit misleading.

The photo above I took from the top of the hill at the start of the trail. As I got further down, there were lots of wildflowers to enjoy. This thistle caught my eye.

And I could still see the lake.

I was slightly worried about snakes although it was a paved/gravel trail. Still, I decided to continue on for a bit around the bend.

My lake views disappeared as there were so many trees but I still enjoyed the peaceful walk. I was the only one on the trail early this morning. Saw lots of spider webs in the trees.

Heard lots of chickadees and bluejays further up in the forest. Never caught a bird on camera. Just a left behind feather on the hike back toward the car. Why is the way out always uphill?

Is it a metaphor for this year?


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4 thoughts on “What’s Going On Wednesday: A Change Of Scenery

    1. Jean Post author

      No, I doubt I really need to worry about snakes. They were probably on my mind because when searching for the trail on-line someone had posted a picture of a snake on the trail. Probably an old picture but it made me give them more thought than normal. Hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start!

  1. Eileen


    Love the view of the lake and trail. The thistle is pretty. Looks like a great day and a beautiful spot for your walk. Lovely series of photos. Take care, enjoy your day!

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