Happy Homemaker Tuesday, Day After Labor Day

Isn’t Tuesday the new Monday? Feels like it! I took yesterday off from the blog (all weekend with the exception of Saturday’s bird watching post really).

Time to get back into things. And plan the week ahead. Hoping it helps me feel a bit more organized or purposeful or something. Struggling a bit this morning.

As always, planning to link up with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom. Let’s get to the categories.

The Weather

Fall-like this morning. Yesterday was hot and in the 90’s. This morning it is 59 degrees and not supposed to get much warmer. Slight chances of rain all week.

How I’m Feeling This Morning 

A bit tense and anxious for no real reason (well, except global pandemic, things aren’t normal, and all that stuff). Wanted a day to just be. However, J is home from school (stuffy nose, lack of sleep last night, nothing serious) and so I’ll be dealing with him soon enough. G is also home doing on-line college courses. Everyone was home this weekend. I like us all together but all home and messing up the house (with not enough people cleaning it) is another story.

On My Mind

The week ahead, whether or not it’s going to rain, the things outside I’d like to do, going back to bed, Christmas, what to do about J’s school stuff today, my work schedule, family I need to catch up with soon, too much.

On My To Do List 

  1. Clean the house
  2. A bit of laundry (not as bad as last week)
  3. If it doesn’t rain, plant green beans and lettuce in the garden
  4. Find pot for amaryllis so I can transition it back inside, maybe for a small lavender plant as well. Wonder if it will grow all year inside? 
  5. Discuss on-line school weeks with J, suffice it to say him doing the work in his room is not going well.
  6. Fall countdown cleaning (hopefully, you used yesterday as a catch up day). Look for the fall countdown cleaning post later today.
  7. Post more than one blog entry this week.
  8. Pick up the camera every day. Do homework for free e-mail course I’m doing.
  9. See about pulling out some fall clothes (not too many though…this is the Midwest, it might be 90 again next week. You never know)
  10. Get some fall bulbs, make some notes about flowers I want to plant for next summer

On My Breakfast Plate

Peach cobbler flip yogurt and coffee

On My Reading Pile

I read four (FOUR!) books last week. The first was okay, just a light silly romance which I probably rated higher than it deserved over on Goodreads: Spring Shoots on Sunflower Street by Rachel Griffiths. The second book was Survivor Song by Paul Tremblay. Carol over at Pure Sugar mentioned it awhile back. I knew it was about a pandemic but thought it probably was about the 1918 influenza pandemic or something. I wasn’t familiar with the author. Oops. Not about that pandemic. Scary stuff. However, also refreshingly well-written in a I couldn’t put it down kind of way. Intense.

Needed something a little less scary, so next I read The Last of the Moon Girls by Barbara Davis. Characters were messy and interesting, the who of the mystery easy to figure out but the how and why not so much. Worth the time to read. And finally, I *foolishly* ordered another Paul Tremblay book from the library: The Cabin At The End Of The World. Another didn’t put it down book but I’m still not even sure how I felt about it. Especially the ending. His other two books in our library look a little too scary for me but we’ll see if I break down and read them.

And this week, I am reading something completely different from all of the above. The Son And Heir: A Memoir by Alexander Munninghoff. He was born near the end of World War II and his father fought as an SS soldier much to the dismay of his grandfather. I’m only a little over halfway through this one.

On My TV

Starting to see why I didn’t post as much last week. Had to take advantage of our free trial of Starz so watched a few movies (We cancelled Starz by the way, I didn’t see enough to justify paying for it monthly). Watched Taken with Liam Neeson because we’d never seen it. Not super impressed, just a Jason Bourne wannabe in my opinion. And I watched A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. Enjoyable, touching movie. Honestly, I found myself more impressed with Matthew Rhys than Tom Hanks though of course, they are both fantastic actors.

Regular streaming stuff: watched some Fuller House and some Fear The Walking Dead.

And one last show to chat with you all about, this one my husband and I both enjoy! 80’s loving friends take note. I was skeptical but Cobra Kai on Netflix is worth your time. Smart, funny, and with the original actors from The Karate Kid movies (watch those first if by some chance you’ve lived under a rock and not seen them). Note: the show does contain language, violence, and alcohol so definitely a PG-13 but I do think older teens would enjoy it. My 19 year old actually suggested the show to us.)

On The Menu This Week 

Banana pudding, a late summer dessert

Um, can we talk about cooking shows instead? I did randomly watch some regular TV show with Jamie Oliver making a 30 minute meal  (Does your supermarket carry fresh pasta? Ours decidedly does not).

MONDAY: We had smoked chicken and salad (my husband smoked the chickens on the grill) *J had a baritone lesson at 6:30*

TUESDAY: Feels like a spaghetti day to me

WEDNESDAY: Fish, baked potatoes *I work 10-3:45*

THURSDAY: Maybe out (Has to be something quick) or leftover chicken from today *I work 7:30-4:45* *J has band practice 6-8:45*

FRIDAY: Chili and cornbread

From The Camera 


Sweet autumn clematis, sure sign of late summer, impending arrival of fall

purple asters

Mums on the front porch

Looking Around The House

It’s dark in here because of the cloudy, fall-like day. I’m ready to decorate for the new season.

On My Prayer List

Family, Friends, Strangers. Kids and teachers in other local districts starting school today. A speedy recovery for friend’s daughter who recently tested positive for Covid 19 and her family to remain negative. The country, the world to try empathy and kindness instead of hate and division.

Quote For The Week

We don’t have to agree on anything to be kind to one another. (Unknown)


Whew! I got chatty there. Now that we’re all caught up, what does your week ahead look like?


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6 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Tuesday, Day After Labor Day

  1. Eileen


    Taking a blog break is good, just being away from the computer can be nice too. Your flowers are lovely.
    Since hubby and I are retired we do not make many plans, we take each day as it comes and usually plan according the to weather. Your kitty is cute! I think this pandemic can makes us all anxious. Take care, stay safe! Enjoy your day and have a happy week ahead!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. With the exception of the sweet autumn clematis (stuff has a mind of its own and springs up just about anywhere in these parts), I picked most of them up over the weekend. Hope you had a great day and are enjoying your week so far!

    1. Jean Post author

      They are very pretty. I got taken in at a local nursery on Friday as almost every bloom had a bee or butterfly landing on it. Hoping the butterflies I often see by the corner of the driveway like it. Hope you are having a great week so far!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. Band practice is one small spot of normal for now. Though even that is a bit different in that it’s only one night a week and they are only doing an outdoor “concert” not a marching show later this month. Hope you have a great week as well!

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