Cleaning Countdown To Fall: Week 3

A little late this week. Meant to post it yesterday and then, life. It’s been a week around here and yes, I know it’s only Wednesday. Everything is just a bit off kilter around here lately. Or rather around me. Around here, too but mostly I think it’s me.

Everything that could go right is going left. SIGH. I need a reset button.

Cleaning is kind of like a reset button I suppose. Felt better once I cleaned off the kitchen table this morning.  Even added one of my fall touches.

(Note: these are different bananas than the ones in the picture shown below. A whole different set of things to clear off the table today.)

Since I find myself off work today (long story of a yet another scheduling mix up, this one is actually on me but all of last week was on them), time to clean. Are you following along? How did you do last week?

I did okay. I did a much needed clearing and cleaning of the outside (and the top!) of the fridge rather than the inside. Still need to straighten inside my kitchen cabinets.

Week 3: We’re Still Just Looking Around At Eye-Level!

MONDAY: Hopefully, you either took the day off or used it as a catch up day.

TUESDAY: I made it an outside day and spent some time cleaning up the garden (and planting a few fall “crops” in pots and the ground. Lettuce and green beans mostly. We’ll see if it works.

WEDNESDAY: Proclaiming today the day for clearing the clutter! Clear off the flat surfaces that you’ve been ignoring. Bonus points if you get one in every room in your house.

THURSDAY: Wash and Dry Day! Clean the the washer and dryer. Every once in a while I run a cap of bleach through the washer on a hot, quick cycle. Usually just after someone has put something super stinky (or sick bedding) in the wash. Wipe out the part where you are supposed to add fabric softener. Not sure why but mine gets super dusty and gross. Then, wipe down the top and sides (if you can get to them) of both the washer and the dryer. Finally, if you’re like us, clear the top of the dryer of all the things that don’t belong there.

FRIDAY: Windows! Open window weather is upon us. Nice to be able to see out of them as well. Clean your windows. Just inside or inside and out. I’ll be sticking with just inside over here. And don’t forget the window sills.

Bonus Task

I could count Tuesday’s garden clean up as my bonus task but I’ve got plenty of outdoor cleaning to keep me busy. Do some outdoor cleaning (and decorating if you’re so inclined). My focus is going to be the front porch and back deck. Clear off any junk (How a back deck table gets cluttered is beyond me!), sweep/wash off the areas, and add a new doormat or small pot of flowers.  Also a good time to plant some spring bulbs! Just make it an outside day. 

Rain/alternate plan: Put on some relaxing music, and have a cup of tea while dreaming about how you’ll decorate the outside for fall or make some notes about things you’d like to plant in your garden next spring and summer. For me those notes include zinnias, cosmos, and a wall of herbs growing in containers plus sunflowers that bloom in less than 100 days. My fall decor plans involve mostly mums and little additions to my fairy garden areas.

How do you decorate outside for fall? Or do you wait and just do Halloween?

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4 thoughts on “Cleaning Countdown To Fall: Week 3

    1. Jean Post author

      We never used to decorate for the seasons but I’ve found I rather enjoy adding a few seasonal touches to the outside with each new season. Hope you’ve had a great week!

  1. Kenneth C Schneider

    I keep waiting for cooler weather so I can start cleaning out the garage. It is just too hot and I admit this gives me a great excuse to procrastinate. Inside the house, we have no carpets so I let robot vacuums and mops clean the hardwood and I use a steam cleaner on the marble which covers more than half the area. I keep a schedule so that every square inch gets cleaned every two weeks. (I’m SO organized — ha ha )
    Kenneth C Schneider recently posted..Beauty is in the eye of the Barn OwlMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      We’ve had cooler weather here all week but also lots of rain. Wow, you are super organized! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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