Cleaning Countdown To Fall: Week 4

Oh, it’s almost here! Fall arrives next Tuesday! This is the last full week of our countdown cleaning. I got a little derailed this week and so my countdown post is again just now going up mid-week.

Hopefully, you used Monday and yesterday as catch up days. I know I had (still have) a lot of catch up cleaning to do.

The cleaning tasks for this week are not my favorites. And they very well get pushed into next week. I find it much easier to clean without everyone home. A tall order in the middle of a global pandemic.

We’ve (hopefully) cleaned up high, and at eye level plus cleared some surfaces. And made some space in the refrigerator. So that leaves the bottom.

Week 4: Look Down!

Ugh, do we have to do this? Yes! It’s time to face the floors.

MONDAY: Catch up day. I spent it outside and attempting homework for an on-line camera course. Suffice it to say I need more practice. Or a younger brain. Or maybe both.

TUESDAY: Another catch up day. I worked half a day and I’m not sure I did anything cleaning related. I did do a bit of laundry at least.

WEDNESDAY: Confessing that I spent the day catching up on something from way back in week one. Finally, cleared out and cleaned the inside of the refrigerator. 

Hoping it stays nice for at least a few days. I don’t even want to go to the store because it’s so clear. Of course, the family might object to such a strategy.

In case you are trying to keep up (or have long since passed me in this cleaning race, more likely): Today’s task is the baseboards! Wipe them down. I know ours are probably a disgusting dusty mess.

blurry image of a wheel bug spotted outside

And a small hint: Since I find this the time of year for bugs to venture inside, I like to rub around my baseboards with a little peppermint or tea tree oil to repel them.

THURSDAY: Bathroom floors! Or a bathroom floor. Our bathrooms are small so I can easily knock them both out without too much hassle. Time for a deep clean.  Hands and knees with the bathroom cleaner or steam mop or whatever works for you.

FRIDAY: Kitchen floor! And any other hard flooring surface (SIGH, that’s our living room as well). Another deep cleaning day.

We don’t have very much carpeted area in our home but give yours a deep clean if you feel so inspired.

Bonus Task

Since we’re winding down, let’s think about those cozy days ahead. Pull out all the fall throws and give them a good wash. Then if you are somewhere with cooperating cool weather, take a nice afternoon nap under a newly washed blanket.

Alternate plan: do something fall-related that makes you happy!

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4 thoughts on “Cleaning Countdown To Fall: Week 4

  1. Sallie

    I had to laugh at your not wanting to grocery shop after you cleaned your frig! We usually eat or freeze leftovers the weekend before grocery buying (every couple of weeks on Monday or Tuesday) then I wipe down the shelves before I make my menu plan and grocery list, so I know what staples we’re low on … …that one day when the refrigerator is gleaming clean and not crammed is nice. (Only trouble is there’s nothing in the house to eat ))).
    Sallie recently posted..OREGON ON FIREMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, it’s too bad we have to choose between a clean spacious fridge and having something in the house to eat. Hope all is well with you this weekend!

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