Birds Out Front

Sometimes it’s nice to see things from another perspective. Since I’m always sharing birds from our backyard, how about this week I share a few I spotted around our front yard?

I’m even 99.9 percent sure of my id on the birds I’m sharing this week. Nothing too exciting but still fun ones to watch.

Thursday morning the Eurasian collared dove spent some time in the front yard. It usually hangs out under the bird feeders in the back.

Once in a while I see a Northern Flicker. I seldom get lucky enough for them to be in my own front yard!

And here comes a squirrel. Can you guess what happens next?

Yep, no more Northern flicker as he flew off when the squirrel hopped his direction.

Two For One with Red Bellied Woodpeckers on a Tree

When I took the above photo, I saw the male to the left and didn’t even notice the female bird lower down on the trunk of the same tree! I think this is one of the neighbor’s dogwood trees.

There’s “Berry” Good Food in the Neighbor’s Front Yard Right Now

There’s a large group of robins (I’ve only captured one in each photo) enjoying the berries of the neighbor’s flowering dogwood tree and another type of tree (not sure what kind of tree it might be).

Did I mention I took these from our front yard. The house faces east so I had to walk into the street for the above captures to deal with the bright sunlight.

As you can see from her expression, my assistant took issue with this.

It is a little trying taking photos in the front. In addition to cranky assistants, there’s the arrival and departure of delivery trucks and the seemingly constant activity from the neighbors coming and going.

Still, after being properly herded (really, she’s a cat!) back into my own driveway, I managed a couple more photos. The robins below are enjoying the berries on the other tree.

Three More Pictures

One final robin picture. This is also from the neighbor’s front yard. They have better trees and a nightmare lawn to mow. Here’s a robin taking cover in an evergreen.

And let’s end this post by returning to the backyard. One day (can’t remember which one), I heard crows fussing. The last time I heard crows fussing in the backyard, I didn’t grab my camera in time and only saw the hawk fly across the yard.

This time I grabbed the camera as soon as I heard the noise. No hawk this time (not that I spotted anyway) but I did get a couple pictures of the crows.

I think I counted four total as they all flew off still fussing a bit.

Other Birds Spotted This Week

No exciting migratory birds.  Just the usual variety around here: cardinals, house sparrows, house finches (though I’ve not seen as many), a pair of nuthatches, the downy woodpeckers, chickadees and tufted titmice.

On a walk at the park, I did see a Cooper’s hawk fly over the stream as well as some other bird with a white head, too far away to id it. And heard the bluejays again. The turkey vultures are always circling.

At work, I again spotted the friendly looking downy woodpecker as well as more bluejays and turkey vultures.

I’m probably forgetting some. What birds did you spot this week?


Joining in with The Bird Depot hosted by Anni over at I’d Rather B Birdin’.



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8 thoughts on “Birds Out Front

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I know it’s not good for cats to be outdoors. However, she’s pretty much got outdoors in her blood and is happiest snoozing on the front porch bench or deck chairs. Thankfully, she’s not much of a wanderer and usually only hops up to follow me around the yard. (She’s also tiny as she was the runt of the litter and weighs less than 10 pounds). There are larger, more “wanderer” type neighborhood cats that concern me a lot more than my own. Of course, I don’t expect to change your mind on things, just adding a bit of perspective. Hope your new week is off to a wonderful new start!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I was excited to see the Flicker again yesterday (though once again high in the trees). Happy new week to you as well!

  1. P Slade

    You do have a good variety of birds in your garden Jean. As you say, it’s not just point and shoot. We have to weigh up the light, the species and potential interference from cats, dogs, neighbours and noise. Not to mention a raptor putting in an appearance and spooking your subject away.

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, I’m lucky to be able to see such a great variety without needing to really leave the house. Confessing I took all these photos on auto setting. Hope your new week is off to a wonderful start!

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