One Day You Look Up and Find Yourself a Plant Person

I enjoy seeing what happens with my flower garden each spring and summer. However, I’ve never claimed to be a plant person. Indoor plants even with plant food never really worked out well for me. 

Until this year. I looked up one day and realized some how and some way, I’d become a bit of an indoor plant person. The table ledge with the east facing window is full!

Started with the peace lily from our aunt’s funeral last year. Had to take care of that one, of course.

Then along came the Shamrock plant, I’d set it outside and forgotten it. Frozen thing down to a few green leaves. Brought it back inside and now you can see it thriving in the photo above.

Passing by the flower nursery that also sells plants each time I went to the “secret” park to walk didn’t help matters. I added some indoor French lavender. And a eucalyptus plant. Then, after a grocery store visit, I found myself with some potted fresh mint from the produce section.

Although our bedroom remodel remains unfinished, I also couldn’t help myself and now that area holds a snake plant.

Wondering when exactly I became an indoor plant person. Do you do well with indoor plants?


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2 thoughts on “One Day You Look Up and Find Yourself a Plant Person

    1. Jean Post author

      I do enjoy having the indoor plants but I’m not usually so good with their care. Hopefully, they stay pretty for awhile this time.

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