Hygge Weekend

Reading about the Danish concept of Hygge is one thing. Experiencing it is something else. No, I didn’t spend last weekend in Denmark. On my travel bucket list, of course.

We spent it in Arkansas.

On a trip, I dreaded. I can’t even begin to share the level of stress I had about this particular trip. We were going to Arkansas to ride ATV’s and stay in a cabin with three other couples. Never ridden on an ATV in my life until a few weeks ago. Stayed with others at the lake before but not ever with this particular set of friends.

Guess what? It all turned out okay and I ended up having a great time despite all those fears and doubts. 

Family of some of the friends led us on beautiful roads through forests and mountains (nothing like the rough roads and deep mud pits my over active imagination brought forth). We sat around a beautiful outdoor fire place each evening sharing stories and laughs. 

The television didn’t work so stayed off all weekend, most phones were used only as cameras or to check the weather report. Thankfully, the weather stayed clear with only some spotty showers the day we left.

I spent part of each morning and evening taking a short solo walk to the part of the Buffalo National River that ran behind the cabin. Thus, managing a bit of solitude, something I feared being without all weekend.

Good friends. Fantastic Food (Really amazing food, mostly. The one and only restaurant we visited fell a little short but it wasn’t awful.). Days spent exploring. Wonderful Conversation, Coffee (or other beverages), and laughter by the fire.

Cozy and content. In a word, Hygge.



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    1. Jean Post author

      Glad you were able to have a wonderful weekend filled with family and friends as well. Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

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