Birds Spotted Last Weekend

Had a post all set to publish while we were away last Saturday. Not sure, exactly what happened but time to simply move on to the current one where I can hit the publish “now” button.

Last weekend, we were in Arkansas. Thought I’d spot more birds than I did. My husband lured me on the trip with a thought that I’d be seeing lots of birds to photograph.

I went along with the idea but of course, you don’t see many birds when riding on a ATV. And we were with a group of friends and their family so weren’t exactly setting our own pace. Saw lots of beautiful scenery, just not a lot of birds.

Thought I saw a kingfisher fly by during one stop. However, we never stopped long enough to wait for the birds like bird watching really requires.

My bird watching happened mostly in the early morning or late afternoons down by the part of the Buffalo National River running behind our cabin. Unfortunately, I didn’t see many birds there either. They always seemed to be slightly out of camera range.  Or flying away as I spotted them.

Think the image below is of a blue heron if I remember correctly. We spotted a couple each day,  just out of camera range, of course.

I took most (maybe all) of these photos with my old bridge camera as it had the better zoom lens. Did I mention the day I finally had the most time to spend with the camera also happened to be gray and gloomy? Many silhouette pictures to follow.

The pros among you might be able to identify the birds in the images. I didn’t have many guesses without better views.  Hopefully, you’ll still find the images interesting.

A Bird I Knew

I did identify a red bellied woodpecker high in the tree tops. He blended so well I didn’t even realize he was there until he moved!

Again, not the best photos as I was stretching the zoom camera lens on the gray skied day. These photos are of the tippy top of the tree.

There was another bird in the tree as well. Maybe another young red bellied woodpecker? Hard to tell as their were more branches and a bit more motion from this bird.

Here’s a further out photo showing them both (looking more closely, I now spot 3 birds) in the tree:

Birds Spotted This Week

Once we arrived home, I admit to not picking up my camera much. It’s pretty much just been a lazy week where I’ve felt stuck in vacation mode. So, to break up the monotony before I simply “tell” about the birds I’ve spotted. Here’s a somewhat in focus photo of a different winged creature I spotted in Arkansas:

On our way there and home, I spotted several hawks. And we crossed over Truman Lake, easily spotting the big group of pelicans each time.

Just before we crossed over into our own county, I glanced out the window as I’d been doing counting hawks and went: Whoa! There’s a bald eagle sitting in that tree!

At home, in our backyard, we’ve seen the usual. Along with a blue jay under the feeder one day.

However, Thursday morning I spotted my first white-throated sparrow of the season. And yesterday, J asked me what kind of bird was on our deck. Got up to look and interestingly enough, with snow in our forecast (not happy) for early next week….a snowbird’s arrived.  Interesting timing for our dark eyed junco don’t you think?

The feeders ran out while we were away (and I was out of food), fixed that yesterday so hopefully, next Saturday, I’ll share better bird pictures and maybe some of our returning guests.

What birds did you spot last week?

Joining in with The Bird Depot hosted by Anni over at I’d Rather B Birdin’.




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8 thoughts on “Birds Spotted Last Weekend

  1. Eileen


    Great sightings, the gray skies do a number while taking photos. I love all the woodpeckers, one may be the Sapsucker. It sounds like a nice day and outing. Take care, enjoy your day. Have a great new week!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I wondered that about one of the woodpeckers but they were so far away I couldn’t be sure. Hope you have a great new week as well!

  2. Anni

    I had a day (early morning anyway, before it cleared out bit) just like your birding outings…flying away from me & silhouetted shapes making them unidentifiable . Thanks for sharing with us…hopefully, you & I will have better birding days this week!
    Anni recently posted..Island Birds…My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Yes, I hope so as well. Feel like I’m suddenly out of practice with the bird photos. Hope you have a great week with lots of great sightings!

  3. Rebecca Knox

    I love your bird posts, Jean! Where you stayed on the Buffalo River sounds lovely! The bird directly above the words “A Bird I Knew” is a phoebe. I think there’s actually two pics of phoebes. We have them at the park and they nest on a ledge just above the back door. Love the pic of the damsel fly, too! Very nice! COUNTING HAWKS!!! I do that!!! Other than me and my dad I don’t believe I’ve heard of anyone else doing that! That’s awesome!!! (AND FUN!!!) I’ve got to get feed and feeders up for the winter. It’s here! Enjoy the snow and have a great week! Blessings! <3
    Rebecca Knox recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – October 21, 2020My Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! It was a beautiful place and super clean (cleaner than my house though that doesn’t take much) as well. I wondered if that was what I saw, if they’re around here in KC I’ve never spotted one. Rather count hawks than cows. Snow arrived this morning so I guess I’m probably safe to take down the hummingbird feeder. Hope your new week is wonderful!

    1. Jean Post author

      Looks like it’s going to be a week of waiting for the sun again around here as we had snow (!) today. Brought out a lot of birds at least. Have a great week!

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