Stuck in Vacation Mode

Stuck in vacation mode describes last week. After arriving home from Arkansas, I’ve done very little. 

J didn’t have school Friday so that added to the lazy week vibes. Having trouble keeping track of the days. And my computer. Both kids occupied it for quite a while yesterday.

So my plans to clean and share a bit of Halloween decorating didn’t quite happen. I cleaned minimally. Put up just a few decorations. 

And then, mostly read my books. Watched a couple of seasons of Fargo (during the course of the week, not all in one day!).

Still stuck in vacation mode describes the start of my new week. I did manage to at least go to the grocery store and grab us some “real” food as opposed to the junk in the pantry. Hard to yell “eat an apple!” if their aren’t any apples in the house.

No idea why my local grocery store thought the middle of a pandemic might be a good time to rearrange things. Added a bit to the annoyance of the trip, they may as well pull up the one way signs on the floor. I’ve about had enough of people being irate with me when they’re going the wrong way in the aisles. 

Still try to be nice in reply. Takes a bit of restraint sometimes.

Thankfully, most people (around here) resort back to being nice once you gently remind them by being nice first. 

Not much else going on today. Football game in about 10 minutes. Grilled pork chops for dinner (I’m not cooking but I might make some cake mix cookies for dessert). Chance of snow tonight.

Fall is really here, I think. Not quite ready for winter.






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