Have a Rather Long To Do List Today

Since I didn’t plan to work the first three days of this week, my to-do list today is rather long. Means I’ll likely not get all that much accomplished in the end.

Yesterday was another busy workday with preschool kids super excited for Halloween and the upcoming class party. Made for a bit of a crazy and tiring day. All good though. Glad to have a day to rest and catch up on things here.

We’ll see which I end up doing more, resting or getting things done. It’s gloomy, windy, and cold outside so my motivation wanes a bit.

On Today’s To Do List:

A bit more laundry (had help with the loads so lots of folding awaits)

Get the house back in a bit of order, it’s on the edge again.

Trip to the Dollar Tree (I’ve decided to put the Halloween treats in paper lunch sacks we already have in the cabinet and decorate them with Halloween stickers, hope I can still find some!)

Get and hide some Halloween candy! Need to hide it from myself as well as the boys.

Finish up Halloween treat bags for the boys. I do this every year because I enjoy it. And even though they’re way past trick or treat age, they still like getting treats.  I’ve already bought bags for them (3/$1 at Hy-Vee, better than the Dollar Tree!). 

I’ll fill them with a few treats, not all sweet. Already added a bag of favorite snack mix to each bag. 

Sort and put November bills in order.

Clean up in the basement a bit, made a mess myself digging through the Fall decorating bin.

Take J to get his haircut, maybe later this afternoon.

A little on-line (or in person) Christmas shopping.

Figure out my work schedule for tomorrow (just need to confirm hours).


I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! This week flew by for me. How about you? Is your week moving along at a record pace? What’s on your list for today?


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1 thought on “Have a Rather Long To Do List Today

  1. Anni

    Ummm, my label is “retired” my to do list is give thanks for waking up.

    I love the fact you make treat bags for your family & they enjoy getting ’em. Maybe that’ll be a tradition you can keep for many, many years to come!
    ~Hootin Anni (aka Anni)
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