Slow Week

Why would possibly the slowest week of the slowest year not also be a slow bird-watching week?  Wonderful sunny weather but hardly any birds spotted!

I did work Monday, Tuesday, and Friday so it limited my bird-watching time. And Wednesday, my plans changed as my youngest needed help with school. Thursday, I managed to go on a walk at my favorite park but no luck spotting many birds.

It’s been so slow, I ran outside with the camera just now to try and capture a few decent shots of our resident cardinals and sparrows to share. We do have a large family of cardinals hanging out with us this fall. Unfortunately, they are quite skittish making decent photos of them hard to obtain.

Backyard Cardinals and Sparrows

The above photos were all from today. Next, I’ll share my photos from the one walk to managed to take this week.

Spotted At The Park

Did I mention it was a slow bird-watching week despite fantastic weather?  The park seemed unusually quiet. Perhaps my timing? Only time available for me to go was basically the noon hour.

These winged creatures were happy to guide me along on the path taking breaks from the wild daisies (about the only flower blooms left).

Spotted a couple “whirly birds” though only grabbed a photo of one.

Only feathered birds spotted were cardinals. One posed but my backyard photos were better. Heard some wrens as I passed them. And of course, a few blue jays. Took both cameras allowing me to zoom in on this little bird. Want to try and id it from a fuzzy photo? Some sort of sparrow.

A peaceful walk in beautiful weather just not a productive one for bird-watching.

Other Birds Spotted This Week

Not a lot of time to watch for birds this week so maybe that explains my poor luck. Out the back door, I spotted our usual friends: the tufted titmice, the pair of nuthatches, house finches, a few robins, and two white-throated sparrows. Three crows sat in our front yard maple tree one morning as we left for school. And I’ve seen the occasional dark-eyed junco this week. If furry birds count, then the squirrels at the feeders are certainly abundant. Pretty sure one thinks it’s a house pet. Trying to refrain from giving him a name. One morning I briefly saw the flicker woodpecker in the oak tree. And the red-bellied and downy woodpeckers were around here and there.

Even without a lot of birds to enjoy (this week), I can’t help but enjoy the end of the fall colors around here. I often share views of the neighbor’s oak tree but here is the other neighbor’s sweet gum tree. Gorgeous color almost makes me forget about those spiky seed balls it throws to the ground.

At work, we saw more squirrels. Is it the year of the squirrel? And a chipmunk yesterday! I also spotted more sparrows and a few blue jays. One my break, a duck flew toward a pond at that park. What birds did you spot this week?

**Joining in with The Bird Depot hosted by Anni at I’d Rather B Birdin’.





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13 thoughts on “Slow Week

  1. Eileen

    Hello Jean,

    Beautiful captures of the Cardinals and the Sparrows. M guess at the unknown Sparrow, would be a Song Sparrow? Overall I am seeing less birds this year, it seems over the years I see less yard birds.
    Take care, enjoy your weekend!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I keep thinking once it cools off for good I’ll start to see a better variety of birds again. It’s hard now with the leaves changing on the trees because while pretty, it makes them harder to spot. Hope you are enjoying your weekend as well!

    1. Jean Post author

      True. I certainly can’t complain. They are beautiful birds. Just wish I could get them together for a nice group shot. Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend so far!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I do love seeing my cardinals. They were all out there again this morning (along with the squirrels). Hope you have a great day!

  2. Anni

    Wow. Your blog ending with all that golden glow of the trees, is remarkable! I am on my phone, browsing your blog right now. I will hafta come back when I get on my computer to enlarge the sparrow. That first image ofthe male cardinal is strong! This week, I want to send my thanks to you for sharing your post with us birders!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! I took a lot of photos to try and capture that tree, still not sure the photo does it justice. Always happy to join up with all the birders, always learn so much. Hope you have a wonderful new week!

  3. P Slade

    Don’t underestimate your bird list Jean. I’d be more than happy to have those Cardinals around, and the Tufted Titmouse. Suddenly you brought back childhood memories with the Whirly Birds. I used to love those guys in their little helicopters. I didn’t know people still called them “whirly birds” but I hope they do.

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you. I do enjoy seeing the birds we have. I was thinking of the old TV show MASH when I referred to whirly birds 🙂 Hope you have a terrific new week!

    1. Jean Post author

      It really makes me happy to see all the cardinals around the feeder. There were actually quite a few butterflies around at that park. Mostly the kind I posted but also spotted a few pale yellow ones. Hope your week is off to a great start!

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