Five On Friday: Thanksgiving Week Randomness

Didn’t mean to disappear this week. Turned out to be busier than I anticipated.

Worked the first three days of it at preschool and loved each minute of it. Maybe not each second but each minute for sure. They were days that started early. And left me in that tired in a good way each night. Plus, Thanksgiving cooking each night with the exception of Monday.

First time all year I missed a Happy Homemaker Post. Maybe I’ll still get around and visit later this weekend. Trying hard to keep my hands busy so I don’t over do the Black Friday deals (or eat too many leftovers).

Let’s just start with my random five… 

ONE: What I Learned On Thanksgiving

My husband and I can cook an entire dinner together and still stay married. Might’ve helped that most of his cooking was on the grill. His smoked turkey turned out so well I’m actually disappointed we only have one day of left-overs for it.

During the course of the week I made cranberry salad (so much better if it sits in the fridge a couple of days) and two pies: pumpkin and apple. On Thanksgiving: I finished the last pie, chocolate. Then started in on the sweet potatoes, cornbread stuffing, starting the mashed potatoes, and rolls. My sister-in-law brought cheesy corn and green bean casserole. We ate good yesterday.

TWO: I Really Need A Formal Dining Room

Fine. I really want a formal dining room. I enjoy hosting holidays but our house presents challenges with space for seating everyone even when we don’t have very many. We only had my sister-in-law and her family over yesterday. So 7 of us total.

My husband did give in to me enough that we cleared the kitchen counters off for the food so we could all sit around the kitchen table and a card table for the teenagers. Real plates. No paper. Thanksgiving is a holiday and holidays should be special no matter how many guests. 

On a side note, I probably lost count of the times I gave thanks for us owning a dishwasher yesterday. My parents never had one and neither did my husband’s grandparents where we often went for Thanksgiving. So. Many. Dishes. Just from the food prep alone.

THREE: Our Christmas Decorations Aren’t Up Yet

Apparently, I’m supposed to wait until December 1. Not sure that’s going to happen but I am enjoying the weekend and taking my time with the decorating. Might not start until Sunday. Our neighbors already have a bunch of Christmas inflatables in their yard (since last week). I’ll be doing good to change our Thanksgiving garden flag and the shower curtain (G despises that I change to a holiday themed shower curtain so I’ll do it early on purpose. Ha!) this weekend.

FOUR: Missing Family 

We were already going to struggle with missing family on Thanksgiving this year. Last year, we lost my husband’s grandparents and his aunt. We’d been going to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving for years. Last year we were in too much shock, I think, to give it as much thought. (His aunt passed away in October). This year, despite the pandemic, I felt odd being at work (a nice distraction) and at home. I still feel as though I should be sitting in a house in Oklahoma today or out shopping (by now, we’d be stopping at Sonic for a Route 44 drink). Thankful for happy memories even if they make my eyes leak a bit. And the legacy of recipes left behind. Even if I can’t get them exactly the same and they also tend to make my eyes leak a bit.

FIVE: We Fed A Possum!

Not on purpose. It was an oops. My husband set the turkey carcass outside on the deck rail yesterday to get it out of the way while we ate. Later just after dark, he said better go get that before all the critters come out. (Maybe not that exact sentence but something along those sentiments.) Too late. A possum on the deck railing enjoying it’s own little Thanksgiving dinner. No, we didn’t leave it for the possum. Made it go away. Needed to wash dishes including the possum’s plate. Never a dull moment around here.


Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?



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2 thoughts on “Five On Friday: Thanksgiving Week Randomness

    1. Jean Post author

      Probably. Not everyone likes/eats everything. Personally, I can’t think of anything more atrocious to do than drown green beans in mushroom soup and top with crispy onions. It’s supposed to be “the thing” for our state as well. I say Yuck to that! Thanksgiving is only one day a year. Aside from the turkey, we have lots of leftovers. Turkey sandwiches tonight. And who knows what tomorrow but it’ll but I can guarantee it’ll be a meal made from leftovers. Sent some food home with my sister in law as well. Hope your having a great weekend so far.

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