Happy Homemaker Monday, 11 Days until Christmas

And 17 days until the New Year. All set? Not even close here. Well, maybe close but it doesn’t feel like it.

Think I definitely need a plan for this week. Joining in with Sandra at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom to plan my week with the Happy Homemaker Monday link up she hosts.

Lots to do today so straight to the categories.

The Weather

After some fabulous weather last week (mid 60’s on my birthday, a nice extra gift), back to winter temps for most of the week. However, most the snow went south so we never saw a flake fall in these parts. Currently 22 degrees and supposed to edge up to 37 today. Looks like we’re back in the 50’s by the weekend. No rain or snow in sight as of right now.

On The Breakfast Plate

The usual.

As I Look Outside My Window

Out the front windows, I saw serious frost on the car windows. Out the back door window, all my birds searching for seed. I read it online so it was supposed to be true. However, it turns out squirrels *do* like safflower seed after all. SIGH. Going to get them (birds or squirrels?) more seed is on the agenda today.

As I Look Around The House

Also on the agenda today, a major clean up and organize project.

What I’m Wearing Today

Probably going to change clothes before leaving the house. For now, I’m wearing a blue sweatshirt and olive green corduroy pants plus tennis shoes.

On My To Do List

Already mentioned the first two, here’s the rest of the list

  1. Go get bird seed (didn’t do it last week so now we’re out)
  2. Clean and organize house
  3. Pay bills
  4. Write out some Christmas cards
  5. Get stamps
  6. Figure out rest of the Christmas gifts
  7. Make a couple of appointments
  8. Camera practice (didn’t do good with this one last week either)
  9. Maybe I should say do all the things I didn’t do last week…

On My Reading Pile

Tis the season for murder? I’ve been reading lots of Lisa Gardner’s D.D. Warren books lately. Just finished one called The Neighbor.  Started with book 10 in the series so now I’m trying to catch up in order while waiting for my library turn with book 11.

Also, Anxious People by Fredrik Bachman showed up on my library turn. Took a minute to read that (nothing like a note of 10 people waiting to make you read a little more intently). While I love his writing and it’s an excellent novel, perhaps not the best to read during a down year. Hopeful and yet, I cried at the end.

On My TV

Been reading a lot (see above) so a bit behind in my Christmas movie countdown. We did watch Christmas Vacation as a family because J had never seen it. Not sure honestly that I’d ever seen the whole thing beginning to end. Also, I watched Krampus. Thought I’d be scared but I wasn’t at all. Perfect Christmas movie for those Scrooge moods. Loved it. Definitely a new one to watch each year for me.

Of course, we also watched the division champions (again!), Kansas City Chiefs yesterday. Sorry, Pittsburgh fans.

On The Menu This Week

Notice given yesterday it’s an eat out of the fridge/pantry/freezer week around here. All of below subject to change based on what I find today.

MONDAY: Salsa Verde Chicken and Yellow Rice (carry over) *J has a baritone lesson at 6:30*

TUESDAY: Lasagna (from freezer) and salad

WEDNESDAY: Something with flank steak and probably rice/potatoes depending

THURSDAY: Husband’s choice. *I work 1-6*

FRIDAY: Free for all. Leftovers of the leftovers? *I work until 4:30, need to confirm start time. Might be noon but might be earlier to help with Christmas party*

Something Fun To Share

The ad for these pens popped up on my Instagram account and for some reason, I find the video super relaxing.  Maybe you will also. Note you’ll have to scroll down a tiny bit. Here’s the link: snowflake marker drawing.  

Also, I’m not endorsing these/no idea if they work/not a sponsored thing/just like the video.

From The Camera

Took a birthday trip to Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge. Go back one post to see my geese and eagle photos (more bird photos coming Saturday) but the landscape was also gorgeous!

On My Prayer List

All those struggling right now, a family member who lost a parent last week, friends, family and strangers. My friend, Rachel over at Living Better One Day At Time for her and her family to have a speedy recovery from the virus. An end to this pandemic and a return to kindness and civility. A peaceful and happy holiday season for all of us. 

Quote For The Week

Discovered in my reading of the novel, Anxious People by Fredrik Bachman:

Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. (Martin Luther)


Are you counting down to anything this week? Christmas? The New Year? Something else? And are you ready for it?

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10 thoughts on “Happy Homemaker Monday, 11 Days until Christmas

    1. Jean Post author

      I think all we can do is do our best to practice it ourselves. Krampus (2015 version) is marketed as a horror movie, I think. Coming from someone who does NOT do scary at all, I found it more humorous than scary though definitely not one for younger kids. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Jean Post author

      That surprises me as it’s actually supposed to be a “horror” movie of sorts. I watched the 2015 version with Adam Scott. Not too scary (to me though some parts might scare younger kids) so much as goofy. I ordered it to watch because my son’s band played the music from it for their Christmas concert (which we have to wait and see a recording of it at some point, SIGH. I miss going to band concerts). I’ve never seen Christmas with the Kranks but remember our late aunt saying she loved that movie one time. I’ll have to look that one up. Hope you enjoy your week!

    1. Jean Post author

      Thank you! It does wonders for the mood to get out even for a short time. Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday!

    1. Jean Post author

      Oh, no! I hope you are feeling much better today and that it’s not Covid. I enjoyed my time taking pictures at the refuge so I’m glad you like the pictures. Hope you are having a good weekend and feel much, much better in time for Christmas.

  1. Tamy

    SO SORRY I’M SO LATE THIS WEEK! Not even close here either. Hubby talked me into decorating, which we will actually finish tomorrow and I am glad we did it, but I’m exhausted 😀 and my mom and stepdad decided to head south for the winter after all and that was exhausting getting them paclocal pond!ked and on the road!

    I know you’re not here, but those pictures look like our local pond. I haven’t been able to walk around ours recently with all our rain. Hope you had a great weekend have a wonderful weekend!
    Tamy recently posted..HOT HONEY LIME BUTTER CHICKENMy Profile

    1. Jean Post author

      Glad you decorated, maybe you can leave it up a bit longer to enjoy. Send us some rain (just not until after Wednesday, preschool & rainy days don’t go together well), we really need it. Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.

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