Weird Christmas Memories For 2020

What else would Christmas in 2020 be but weird? Right? It’s not that it wasn’t nice but it was certainly different this year. 

We were lucky to still celebrate with my husband’s family as I know many spent the holiday alone. However, we didn’t do our normal and I missed it! Usually, we host breakfast here in the morning and then, head over to my brother’s house for dinner in the afternoon. In 2019, we had everyone from my side here in the afternoon and I also enjoyed that.

This year, we hosted my husband’s family for dinner. Not sure I’d call it dinner as we had them over at 2:30. My husband smoked a brisket, ham, and a chicken (note: he didn’t think the brisket was big enough to feed everyone and I’d been griping about wanting ham for Christmas. We’ll freeze the leftovers today for future meals).  However, let’s talk about dinner later.


Perhaps I’ve threatened that next year we’ll be celebrating Festivus in lieu of Christmas.

I worked on Wednesday and the weather was warm enough early in the morning for us to take over excited preschool kids outdoors to run.  Exciting to point out an eagle flying overhead to a few of them. Not a common occurrence but I do see them fly over the playground once in a great while.

Late on Wednesday evening, I did grab J and insist he watch the Seinfeld episode with me. And I still wonder how Friends is so popular still when Seinfeld was so much better of a show. (Hope those aren’t fighting words, ha!)

Christmas Eve 

I woke up worried as my toes hurt and looked brownish. Turns out I’d stubbed my little toe on something (likely my husband’s unwrapped Christmas gifts, heavy tool organizers covered with blankets beside my bed) on the way to bed and cut my little toe. OUCH.

However, with shopping yet to do, I grabbed the antibiotic cream and a band aid, and went on my merry way. Usually, I love doing my last minute Christmas Eve shopping but between my toe and the pandemic stuff, not the most pleasant experience. And every store is so different, it’s annoying. A local store almost lost my business over their rudeness about me being too close to another customer. We’re talking I was being respectful in my distances and (unintentionally) perhaps an inch off my dot on the floor.

It simply didn’t feel like Christmas Eve. The boys still opened their pajamas and books. First year for the books to be random choices as opposed to Christmas themed books.

Nobody (except my husband) went to bed. I did fall asleep despite my best efforts during the Pope’s midnight mass. Woke up, then J and I made chocolate covered pretzels at two in the morning.

My husband decided to smoke the brisket overnight and woke up around 3 finding it cooking too fast. So Christmas (early) morning started with cursing on his part. We could’ve done it all in the morning. However, I couldn’t sleep until the stockings were stuffed and Christmas set up properly. 

Christmas Day

No family coming for breakfast so no need to get up early. Not sure when my husband got up or if he even went back to bed. I woke up around 8 (not enough sleep), J around 10, and we woke G up at 11 so we could do Christmas! 

Presents were a bit of hit and miss. Played some Christmas music on Amazon in the background and once my classical Charlie Brown Christmas ran out, and the random songs started, we heard this gem:

Those lyrics, oh my, though the musical tune is catchy.

I’ll just say getting a late start, doing Christmas at 11, and having family arriving at 2:30 is not enough time. Found myself a little stressed and out of time to do all the things we needed to do.

Our Christmas lunch/dinner/weird meal of the day: Smoked brisket, ham, chicken, smashed potatoes, hash-brown casserole (my sister in law brought this, I’d been craving it), chips, rolls (hamburger buns because my husband and I each thought the other bought rolls), deviled eggs (my other sister in law brought these), and a veggie tray.

Sides we were supposed to have but I ran out of time to prepare: asparagus and crunchy coleslaw. Also, a jello salad my mom used to make.

Desserts: my husband perfected making a French Silk pie and I threw together a pumpkin roll plus all the usual (too much of it!) Christmas cookies and candies. (I’ll admit my husband wanting to make a French Silk pie confused me as *I’m* the dessert person around here)

On a positive note, our cousin from Oklahoma did come up for Christmas this year. We hadn’t seen him since our aunt’s funeral in October of 2019. I’m glad he spent Christmas with family this year.

Boxing Day

We don’t celebrate this day but I needed a new heading title. I spent the day after Christmas taking down the tree and watching the Marvel movies in order on Disney plus. I made it Thor.


In some ways, I wished I’d left the tree up a bit longer as it just hasn’t really felt like Christmas this year. I’ll still leave out the Nativity until the Epiphany so maybe I’ll find some Christmas spirit yet and it’ll just be a bit late, like the Wiseman.

How was your Christmas?

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