Looks Like We Made It

It’s the last day of the year!   When we wake up tomorrow, we won’t magically be free of all the ails of this brutal year. However, I refuse to be anything but hopeful that 2021 is going to be better.

Around here, 2021 starts (supposedly) with a winter storm! And I’m excited about it. Maybe not excited about probably going to pick my son up from his friend’s house in it. However, looking back at this year, it started with a gorgeous (though windy) sunny day. I remember, I took a walk.  So if 2021 starts the opposite way, doesn’t that set the tone for the whole year being the complete opposite of 2020? I say it does! 

Reflecting on 2020

I find I usually spend the last couple days of the year reflecting on the previous one. Usually, in a bit of a bad mood as well. End of the year funk I call it. Any one else? Sometimes the whole year’s felt like the end of the year funk.

A few good things from the year and items from my 2020 list accomplished:

So many birds! And time to photograph them and simply enjoy watching them at my feeders.

I more than surpassed my reading goal for the year. Set it at a lofty 72 books and read 102! No comment on the quality of some of them. Still 102 books is something I’m rather proud of accomplishing.

Early on in the year (January, pre-pandemic?), I organized most of the kitchen cabinets. And my borrowed method of storing the storage containers with the lids on them continues to work well.

My husband and I took an October trip to Arkansas and stayed with friends in a gorgeous cabin. And I did something scary by riding on the ATV.

I’d like to think I (mostly) remembered to appreciate the small moments and focus on gratitude. Some days were better than others.

We all stayed healthy. Can’t even begin to express enough gratitude for that one.

And my husband and I stayed married. Sad year for a lot of marriages. Being together 24/7 is tough.

Heard this song at Walmart yesterday (Yes, *I* went there instead of Target on a calendar mission/might go again as they had actual cashiers!) and thought it applicable to the year.

Plans for the Last Day of the Year

No big party plans here unless you’re a teenager. And even that is a small annual gathering. A bit of hesitation but the child hardly ever asks and I trust the parent’s judgement. The rest of us, however, home. Might order take out from a restaurant, perhaps something fancy using the gift card my work gives me every birthday. Or maybe just junky food here.

Items on My To Do List For Today

  1. Fill out my new address book (a Christmas gift)
  2. Pay a few lingering bills (just something I’ve not felt like messing with)
  3. Clean the house
  4. Go pick up birdseed at Tractor Supply
  5. Take down rest of Christmas (except the Nativity) and put tubs away

More things really but they’re just little things that may or may not happen.

A Bit of Humor and a Reminder

Let’s hope this isn’t a bad moon rising! Pac-moon?

Starting in 2020, so um tomorrow, I’ll be posting all content on my new blog: Chit Chat With Jean.

If you subscribe here, I’d appreciate it if you’d follow me over there. I’ll probably post a link on here for a few days but it’ll save you time if you just switch over to my blog now (Only if you want, of course). Better moon pictures over there.

Happy New Year!





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