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Happy Homemaker Monday Night Is Now Tuesday Night

It’s going to be a full and busy week around here.  I’ve already worked today, and will be working all week.  It was rather tough getting out of bed Monday morning after not needing the alarm all of last week. And again today.

I thought about skipping my post but I’m determined to not miss a weekly planning post this year.  Plus I need a plan for my weeks.  Time for a weekly plan!

As always, I’m linking up to Sandra’s Happy Homemaker Monday post.  Probably won’t get around to visiting until Wednesday afternoon though.

The Weather This Week

Hot, again although yesterday morning was nice after some strong weekend thunderstorms (We were lucky to keep our power around here).  Mostly in the low 90s all week with another chance of a thunderstorm on Saturday.

Right Now I Am

Working on this post and thinking about dinner (grocery store chicken, easy night!)

On My Reading Pile

I finished reading The Kill Switch by James Rollins last night but haven’t started a new book yet.

Movies or Television Shows I Watched This Weekend

My husband and I watched Deadpool on Saturday night and found it incredibly stupid (and I actually usually like super hero movies.  Honestly, I fell asleep but the plot was too lacking for me to watch the end.  My husband summed it up best, “They made an R rated movie for teenagers.”  Also, I finished up season 5 of Arrow on Netflix.  Major cliffhanger ending, ugh!

On My TV

Not much.  Forgot to see if my summer show of Star Crossed was on last night.  Summer TV is rather dull.


Another week, another struggle for a summer menu.

MONDAY: We all ate different things.  J had French Toast from the freezer, my husband had the end of a pizza from the weekend, I had a BLT (my original plan), and G had McDonald’s on the way home from band practice.  (I worked 8-2 & G had band practice 3-5:30)

TUESDAY (today): Rotisserie Chicken from the grocery store with watermelon or grapes or salad, whatever, another easy night (I worked 8-2, G had band practice 3-5:30, and I have Bunco at 7 tonight)

WEDNESDAY: Probably tacos (I work 8-2 and G has one more day of band practice 3-5:30)

THURSDAY:  Fish, salad, watermelon (I work 8-2)

FRIDAY:  Some sort of pasta  since I  bought the stuff to try the Chicken Manicotti carried over from last week.  (I work 8-2)

To Do List

  1. Go To Store
  2. Plant Sunflower plants in yard
  3. Laundry
  4. Bills
  5. Get everyone including myself where they are supposed to be and when all week
  6. Probably lots of other stuff I’m forgetting right now


Just trying to get through the week with a relative sense of calm and hopefully end it with a laundry basket that isn’t overflowing.  Not much time for creativity this week…

Looking Around The House

I need to do some serious picking up but my time and energy haven’t matched up enough to accomplish the task yet.

From The Camera

The same look the kids give me when I get my camera out AGAIN

Tufted Titmouse

What I’m Wearing Today

Aqua Capri pants and a white cotton shirt with some sort of paisley design with blues, aqua, and dark pink or red, plus my crocs.

Simple Pleasure

A cold drink on a hot day!

Quote For The Week

We don’t have to agree on anything to be kind to one another.  (Unknown)


If you are still reading this, I hope you are having a great week!

Five On Friday: Overland Park Botanical Gardens

Monday, I went with a friend to visit the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.  I had a great time.

Unfortunately, my “real” camera tends to get a bit fussy when it doesn’t have an SD card.

Thankfully, my phone pictures turned out okay and I’ve decided to share a few of them with you for this week’s Five on Friday post. Be sure to check out all the other blogs linked up over at the F.A.S.T. blog, our hosts for this link up.

One: Monet At Work

Bonjour, Claude!

Two:  Another Statue

We took a wrong turn (our first of a few) and wound up on the Sculpture Garden Trail.

A few years ago one of the statues was at the center of a bit of controversy as the subject is a bare-chested female.  If interested, you can read a bit about it and see a picture of the sculpture in question in this article.

I didn’t take a picture of that statue as it didn’t really intrigue me.  It might be something that would give an immature teenager a few giggles but not much else.

This sculpture seemed far more interesting to me.  

Three: Enchanted Forest Exhibit

Our main goal in visiting was to view this exhibit.  Everything was done in a woodland style.  I felt for children viewing this exhibit subjected to the “please, do not touch” signs as even as an adult it took a bit of self-control (see my Tuesday post for another photo) The end or beginning of the exhibit, it was a bit hard to find.  While the exhibit was interesting and left me wanting to run home to get my dolls so I could play, it wasn’t as big as I anticipated.  It also wasn’t exactly what I expected.

I had hoped to see more colorful fairy gardens stretched throughout the gardens.  Next time, maybe they’ll ask for my advice, ha!

One final picture of this area, I must include this tree.  Is this not the perfect place to build a tree house?

Four: Train Garden

Aside from the rather long journey to get there and the blazing sun, I found the train garden to be a bit more enchanting than the Enchanted Forest.  Loved watching the train go through the town and over the bridge.  Finally, I managed a photo of the actual train in action!

Five: Random Nature Stuff

We took a few wrong turns in our quest to find the Enchanted Forest as well as return from it.  They could stand to mark their trails just a bit better out there.

Many, many thanks to my ever prepared friend for sharing her bug repellent with me!  However, not all bugs were a nuisance.

A pretty little butterfly or moth, probably a moth but still pretty!

We saw many different types of dragonflies while wandering. In addition to being grateful for my friend sharing her bug repellent (we also saw and heard many mosquitoes), I was also grateful for an air-conditioned visitor center!

This pretty bouquet of fresh-cut flowers graced one of the tables. 

We only saw a small portion of the large area.  Perhaps we’ll get back there on a cooler day and I’ll remember to pop the SD card into my camera when we do.  Many thanks again to my dear friend for joining me on such a fun adventure!

Using A Quarter To Save on Shampoo And Conditioner

Just a super quick post today.  I did want to share my quarter trick with you for this week’s Tiny Tip on a Thursday though.

It’s actually still in the testing stage but so far so good.  I’m using a quarter as a way to save my hair conditioner.  It would work for shampoo as well which is why I titled the post to save on shampoo and conditioner.

I’m not the one using too much hair conditioner in this house.  Don’t you love teenagers?  My teenager likes to use my hair conditioner.  This alone didn’t bother me.  What bothered me was him using half the bottle every time he showered.  Perhaps I exaggerate?

However, every time I went to use my hair conditioner, I discovered an empty bottle.  The search for a solution began.  Telling didn’t work…yelling didn’t work…buying him his own…sigh…did not work. Then, I had an idea based on the directions on the bottle.  (Yeah, I don’t generally read the directions on the shampoo and conditioner bottles either.)

How To Use A Quarter To Save Your Shampoo/Hair Conditioner

The directions generally read use a quarter amount of the product.  Since my teenager is a visual kind of kid, I took the directions one step further.  (probably should have taken the photo before I showered)

I taped a quarter to the hair conditioner bottle and wrote the directions on the front with a Sharpie marker.

Surprisingly, the clear tape has held up really well.  I couldn’t find any other tape the morning I did this, not expecting it to work super well and fully thinking I’d be replacing the kind of tape I used.

Happily, this works! The bottle has lasted more than a week with both of us using it.  I think 4 days was the previous record.  The visual reminder seems to help a great deal.  It even makes me a bit more conscious of how much product I’m pouring out of the bottle.

Do you have any tips for saving on shampoo and conditioner?


Happy Homemaker Monday Except, Of Course, It’s Tuesday

I didn’t mean to miss joining in the Happy Homemaker Monday fun yesterday.  I went with a friend to have a fun adventure at a local botanical gardens yesterday.  Then, as happens, the day (and night) simply got away from me.

Woke up this morning and found myself missing my weekly plan.  As usual, I’ll be linking this post up with all the others over at Sandra’s Happy Homemaker Monday post on Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom.

The Weather This Week

Hot! Hot! Hot! And a chance of being stormy as well.  It was 80 degrees at 9:30a.m. this morning. Honestly, I don’t mind as I’m happy summer is just about officially here.

Right Now I Am

Working on this blog post and wondering when the boys will wake up for the day.  I’m hoping I can get this finished before J starts asking if he can use the computer.

On My Reading Pile

A bunch of books I checked out last Tuesday and then, didn’t touch all week.  A new James Rollins novel, a book containing all of William Shakespeare’s plays (I’ve narrowed it down and decided I’ll try to read Hamlet), a kid’s book about New Mexico, and a book on hold waiting for me at the library.

Movies or Television Shows I Watched This Weekend

I mainly just binge-watched the latest season of Arrow on Netflix.  I think it is season 5.  If you thought season 4 was awful (popular opinion mine included), this season is much better!

On My TV

I planned on watching Still Star Crossed last night but the NBA finals were airing instead.  The only thing other than that I’ve been watching are snippets of all the summer game shows.


Could somebody please pass me a menu?  I’d love to place an order!  Ha!  Anyone else struggle to menu plan in the summer and when it’s super hot outside?  This whole menu plan is subject to massive change…

MONDAY:  My husband cooked sausage, biscuits, and pancakes

TUESDAY:  Taco Salads

WEDNESDAY: Thinking of trying this Chicken Manicotti Recipe.  If not, I’ll just make Chicken Cacciatore

THURSDAY:  Fish, baked potatoes

FRIDAY: Pizza, frozen or homemade

To Do List

Most of my list this week involves around shopping, some of the shopping is carried over from last week.

  1. Grocery store
  2. Target
  3. Go to library and pick up book on hold
  4. Go get some nice but cool (cotton) tee-shirts for work
  5. J.C. Penny to pick up order (new towels!)
  6. Work in yard, get more rocks at hardware store
  7. Take boys to get Father’s Day cards and presents (should probably be #1 on this list but I may combine it with my Target trip)
  8. Figure out Father’s Day plan
  9. Clean off this computer desk
  10. Work with J in his room to clean it up a bit


Still working on front yard landscaping.  Started some sunflowers seeds so I need to figure out where to add those into my garden areas.

Looking Around The House

It could be a lot worse!

From The Camera

We went to the botanical gardens to see their Enchanted Forrest exhibit.  The kid in me wanted to get out my Barbie dolls and go play despite all the “do not touch” signs. What I’m Wearing Today

Black shirts, a navy blue shirt with a butterfly design, and pink camouflage sandals.  I’m hoping I don’t look like a giant bruise!

Simple Pleasure

A free day! Sometimes I can have too many in a row but nothing beats a totally free day after a few weeks of being busy.

Quote For The Week


What’s on your plan for this week?  Also, I’d love to know what you’re having for dinner tonight…






A Nest And A Different Bird

I took my oldest son over to the local elementary school parking lot for a bit of driving practice early last week.  While he was making laps, I noticed a nest on the side of the building.

The most beautifully colored swallow like birds were flitting around in the sky.  My bird app told me these were barn swallows.  They do not like to sit still.  My zoom lens on the camera is not very good and I got a bit closer than I should have for the above well-cropped picture.

The birds were not happy with me.  I took the next photo with the zoom lens from my passenger seat in the car.  Thankfully, the birds returned to their nest.  The birds still didn’t stay in one place very long or land anywhere I could easily take a photo with my current camera.

I had just about given up when I thought I spotted one sitting in the tip-top of a tree near the edge of the playground area.  My son parked the car so I could hop out and try to capture a few photos. Except, it didn’t quite look like those flitting, fast-flying swallows.  I just wasn’t sure though…I didn’t have much luck with my bird app on this one either.  Caught it singing! So, what bird is this?  It’s been bugging me all week long.  Finally, tonight I sat down and looked through all the birds on the Missouri Department Of Conservation Website.  I think I found it! I think it’s an Eastern Kingbird!

The “white terminal band on the tail” is what I’m using to make my guess on this bird’s identity. What do you think?  Do you know what kind of bird I’ve captured here?  If it’s not an Eastern Kingbird, what is it then?

A bit late this weekend but I’m still joining in the weekly link-up over at I’d Rather B Birdin’

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