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What’s Going On Wednesday: A Late Summer Day At Home!

One of my favorite late summer things is the house to my self during the day.  Remember, school starts while it’s still summer around here.

I helped with the first full week of preschool all last week and worked yesterday and today. However, today, I’m finally getting that wonderful day at home by myself.  It’s been glorious!

Have I been sitting and staring mindlessly at Netflix all day? Nope. Some day soon perhaps.

Today, I’ve been busy working on a Done list instead of a to-do list. As I finish my items, I write them down on my list.  Giving myself a much-needed sense of accomplishment as I tackle little (and a few big) things around here.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. Cleaned both bathrooms including steam mopping the floors
  2. Cleared all the miscellaneous papers off our fridge and cleaned it off
  3. Completely cleared off the kitchen table
  4. Wiped off the kitchen chairs
  5. Steam mopped the kitchen floor
  6. Washed the shower curtain and bath mat (Laundry/ongoing)
  7. Listened to all the answering machine messages (erased all the sales calls)
  8. Cleared off the sofa and used the cat hair roller
  9. Paid the (overdue, oops!) trash bill
  10. Wrote this blog post

Short List for the rest of today:

  1. Pay rest of bills (hoping I didn’t miss any others that were due)
  2. Laundry (ongoing)
  3. Clear off this computer desk (Some of the stuff from the fridge relocated. SIGH)
  4. Clean off back deck
  5. Have cup of tea and read my book

If by some miracle I get tomorrow and Friday off as well, I’ll make an actual to-do list. I see so many projects as I’m cleaning the house.

Are your kids back in school yet? What little (or big) projects are you tackling this week?





Next 30 Days Of Summer Link Up

Where oh where did my summer go? It’s still summer and yet, school starts tomorrow. I’ve been working lots and haven’t had nearly enough pool time.


Still, I plan to enjoy this later part of summer between all the faux fall business. And hopefully, do a much better job blogging about it.

I know a few friends who might favor late summer because it’s that much closer to fall.  Six weeks of summer left if you’re counting. I actually saw a ground-hog tonight. He couldn’t see his shadow due to the clouds. I think that means 6 full weeks of summer left, right?  Sorry, no early fall this year.

A few of my late summer favorites: Monarch butterflies, the beginning of the migrating birds, sunflowers, Labor Day weekend, fairs and carnivals (though I don’t know how many we’ll get to visit), late summer garden harvest and fried green tomatoes.

This post was pretty short as its main function was just to get our link up. I do have a longer post in progress for later.

What are some of your late summer favorites?



What’s Going On Wednesday: The Unofficial End of Summer

First a brief blog update and announcement: If you tried accessing my blog lately and wondered when I decided to start selling pharmaceuticals, don’t worry. I’m not running a side business peddling wonder drugs to men.  Stupid hackers!  Fixed now.

On to my regularly (actually, unscheduled) posting:  

Officially, summer’s not over until September!

Unofficially, school starts tomorrow. Lots of area schools (including my preschool) started earlier this week.  I’m only working a half-day today so we can go do “fun” things like:

  • haircuts (yes, this was on the to-do list a few weeks ago but was a big to-didn’t)
  • school supply scavenger hunt in the house (HA!) just to make sure we have a few things (The high school senior, gulp, doesn’t really need anything but pencils. We have a list for the 8th grader but we’re not seriously following it until I know what the teachers request)
  • Possibly running out to buy an 8th grade band book
  • Water balloons (must have some fun!)
  • Not back to school related but we need to pick up a birthday card for my husband’s grandfather. He turns 99(!) on Saturday!

If you’re a kindergarten parent, this parent of now senior in  high school says save a few tears and tissues for that year!

Other Random Thoughts From The Week:

  • Now that G’s an official driver, I’ve hardly seen him. My husband says this is normal. I say I still don’t like it.
  • Part of this is because I’m essentially working a full-time schedule again this week. I like being there and seeing all the new (and old) faces of the kids but I do miss being at home. No peaceful, quiet house for me tomorrow as I’ll be at work. No hearing about the boys’ first days until after 5 PM for me.
  • Our 30 Days of Summer blog series doesn’t stop this week. Still have 6 weeks to join us in our fun! Link up goes live every Thursday morning at 6:00 AM and you can link up any summer themed post.
  • Boring non-school related things on my list today: pay insanely high electric bill (there’s a reason to want fall weather) and renew library books.
  • Realizing I forgot to unload the dishwasher so really didn’t have time for this post.

Off to work I go. If you’re reading this, hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

(And if you came here looking to sell or purchase pharmaceuticals, kindly take your business elsewhere!)


Can You Spot It? A Quick Summer Nature Puzzle

My husband loves those online find the image puzzles. And many kids enjoy the I Spy books.

This morning I sat on the front porch soaking in some sunlight after watering my garden. I noticed a bit of movement near my hanging basket of petunias.

Do you see it?
Hint: It’s not purple. Those are my purple petunias!

Look closer at the green stems near the spent flowers. Do you see it now?  Maybe just a little as it’s behind the stem pictured above. How about a closer look at the greenery of the flowers?  Can you see the green Walking stick hiding in the photo? He’s on the bottom of the greenery. Doesn’t he blend in well?  Here’s the first angle again. Easier to see him now that you know he’s there.  Here’s a bit of information about our Walking Stick. I believe this one is a juvenile.

Do you like hidden picture puzzles?


Summer Garden Dreaming

Every summer I plan out my ideal garden. The small flower garden I have now is a mishmash of flowers and weeds.

Still, I love to sit on the front porch and take it all in on hospitable afternoons and evenings. Walk about the yard and practice close up flower photos. Sometimes I can even manage to capture a bee at work!

My small ramshackle garden area is to the side of the front porch.  Each summer, I also spend time on the front porch and walking about the yard dreaming of the ideal gardens for each space.

The butterfly garden I’ll plant at the end of the driveway with milkweed, purple cone-flowers, and maybe some cornflowers or Lewis flax.

Sunflowers, my yard must have sunflowers! I’ve planted them before with mixed results. Sometimes, I think I’ll line the whole south side of the house with them. This year, I’ve toyed with the idea of pots of them around the front porch.

The south side of the house gets bulbs instead. The spring garden filled with irises and tulips.

We have our vegetable garden, this year: 3 tomatoes and a cucumber start in addition to the handful of green beans harvested earlier. Carrots still grow. Okra, no blooms yet, grows as well.

The backyard presents so many challenges.  Lovely tall oak and maple trees mean not as much sun. I change my mind about what I want constantly. A sun room and a patio. A pool (not likely), a fire pit perhaps. All surrounded by big beautiful pots of flowers. Shade loving flowers. And of course, paths and benches.

Isn’t it fun to dream about ideal summer garden spaces? Especially, when the in reality, I’m not much of a gardener.

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