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Why Summer is Still My Favorite

I know many of you out there love fall. However, I remain a lover of summer.

As I watered my mums and probably the last of the summer blooms, the big reason summer brings me so much joy hit me.

It’s consistent. Fall is a time of transition.

Ask any teacher. Transition times are tough. 

I’m not denying the beauty of change. The joy of watching the butterfly emerge from its chrysalis. The gorgeous colors gracing the trees as the leaves change. The dappled sunlight across the a leaf covered lawn.

However, with that changes comes confusion. Just ask the bees. One day they’re ready to hibernate, the next the sun is shining bright again.

Today it was windy and 85 degrees. Tomorrow it’s supposed to only reach 60. Need to grab some fall clothing but don’t dare put the summer clothes away (yet). 

My flowers are confused as well. The geraniums bloomed again after giving up earlier. Probably for the last time this year. 

Winter is also consistent but too cold for me. I prefer the warm sunshine, shorts, and sandals. And easy, relaxed schedules void of holiday bustle.

Of course, I’ve learned to embrace the other seasons (did a whole 31 days series on embracing the fall season). Spring brings happiness with knowing my favorite season is soon to follow. And I try with winter, cozy blankets and hot cocoa. And of course, Christmas.

It’s just that summer soothes my spirit with its longer days and bright sunshine.

Before I end my post, tell me what’s your favorite season?


I (Heart) Mars

Saw on the news this morning, where Mars is in opposition tonight.

What’s that mean? Basically, they said that Earth is right between Mars and the Sun. Makes Mars as close to Earth as it’s going to get until 2035.

The news also reported that if you had a telescope, you’d perhaps be able to see the surface area of the planet.

Sadly, a bit too much light pollution and no telescope here. However, that didn’t stop me from trying to grab a few photos of the red planet. Fairly easy to spot as a red star in the east.

Put the old bridge camera (the one with the highest zoom) on the “moon” setting to see what I could manage.

Probably needed a tripod for true success. And a darker area. Plus, a less interested feline assistant. Or the husband not to accidentally set off the garage door motion light. Despite all that commotion, I did manage a few shots.

Thought the results while not wonderful were kind of interesting.

Lacking the tripod, I found it difficult to hold the camera steady. (Usually, I rest my elbow on my car in the driveway but my oldest borrowed it so no elbow rest for me). The unsteady image created the interesting heart shapes in the first and third photos. 

Good night, Mars.

Are you a star (planet) gazer as well?

Schedule Changes

Just popping on here briefly. It’s been a rather long day. The schedule of activities from my weekly planning post, written just this morning, is already completely different.

Instead of working 12 to 5 today, I stayed until closer to 6. On-line training canceled, a registration mix up. Now, I might get to do a different training, a much better option.

So, my nights are my own again. My days, not so much. I’m now working 8:15 until 4 tomorrow and noon to 5 again on Wednesday. So far, Thursday is free, still leaving town on Friday.

A little less stress now that my evenings are free again. However, super tired tonight as I worked longer than planned (and as two people at once, bit confusing), ran J to his baritone lesson after all, and then went grocery shopping. Busy Monday indeed.

How was your day?

Yellow Leaves and a Dandelion

The leaves are starting to rain down from the trees a bit more. And with the summer weather resurge, dandelions are also blooming again.

The maple tree leaves turn a pretty yellow shade.

Though not quite as bright as this dandelion I noticed when walking around the yard.

Speaking of bright flowers, my garden marigolds continue to bloom in brilliant orange. There’s a house I often pass where the owner set out big containers of nothing but orange marigolds. Next year, I think I’ll perhaps steal that idea for part of my front porch planters.

A garden publication I read suggested writing down all of this year’s garden successes and failures in my garden journal. I don’t have one. However, the idea intrigues me. Do you have a garden journal?



Candy Tree

When we walked around the block, J mentioned the berries on this dogwood tree looked a little bit like M&M’s. What do you think?

Alas, not only does money not grow on trees neither do M&M’s. Please, let me know if you discover evidence to the contrary.

While these berries aren’t candy, the birds certainly do find them a tasty treat.

The dogwood tree is in the neighbor’s front yard but I do think if I ever have to give up one of the backyard Maple trees (comes up in discussion from time to time), my replacement tree of choice is a dogwood. The flowering dogwood is the Missouri state tree. Thank you fourth grade Missouri notebook assignment.

I’ll share the birds enjoying the tasty berry treats later today in my bird watching post.





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