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A Fall Quote

I love the fall quote I’m sharing today.

fall quote

Since I was curious about the author of the quote, I did a bit of research.  Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was a French painter. You can read more about him on this site.

I love the new way of thinking of the fall the quote inspires. While I’m never going to be a huge fan of winter, spring is after all my second favorite season.

As I look at the pictures from my fall hike (maybe we’ll call it a walk as all the trails were paved) on Monday, I do see the spring of winter.  Do you?

Fall Walk At Little Blue Valley Park In Kansas City, Missouri

You can see my photos of the park during a different season(winter) in this post.

They weren’t mowing while I was there but had recently.  fall quote There were grasshoppers everywhere, stuff of nightmares.  Behold, the Grasshopper king! These flowers were hanging on… fall quote So was this little beetle of some sort…peering at me over the edge of the flower fall quote This little fellow was also busy working on a clover blossom fall quote fall quote Continuing on my walk… fall quote On a beautiful sunny, fall day (today was a rainy, fall day) fall quote
This little fellow put up his fists to me and my camera before scurrying away.  I’m really not sure what kind of bug this might be? fall quote There were a few puddles here and there… fall quote And ONE bench for the entire 95 acre park… fall quote These berries make me think a bit of the coming winter fall quote And of the birds…while I didn’t take any photos of birds with berries in their mouths or even near the above pictured bush, I’m so excited to share about the birds I encountered in Saturday’s post.

fall season


Fall Flowers To Brighten Things Up A Bit Around Here

Just a quick post to share the fall flowers I bought to brighten things up a bit around here. Some of summer flowers are still growing strong but a few are fading into fall.

My hanging basket of blue flowers which brought me such joy all summer has spider webs where blooms should be. While I know soon it will all fade to brown, I wanted a pop of color to complement my begonias, flowers in full fall denial.

Most garden stores aren’t exactly flush with hanging baskets.  They’ve replaced them with giant pumpkin displays and pots of mums.

I visited my very favorite local garden center today after a long fall hike (pictures of that coming soon).  They had exactly what I needed!

fall flowers

What did you get?

Most summer hanging baskets were, of course, long gone but they had a few baskets of pansies left for me to buy.  I also bought a small pot of yellow mums to replace my marigolds in a planter.  Too bad they were too small, so I guess I get to make a second trip!

The green things under the paper are hedge apples, look for a post about why I have those on Thursday.

Now, a photo of my new hanging basket:

fall flowers

My new pretty flowers

Now, when I sit on my front porch bench, I will once again have a colorful view of my new fall flowers.  Hopefully, it will be one the bees and butterflies appreciate as well.  fall flowers See my skeleton sneaking into a few of the photos?  I have also decorated for Halloween.  Perhaps I’ll share the rest of my decorations in an upcoming post.

For now, my little pot of yellow mums is simply brightening the table next to our outdoor bench.  When I go get some bulbs to plant, an item on my fall bucket list, I’ll have to get a bigger pot of mums for the planter I want to use. I tried to limit myself today.

What are your favorite fall flowers?

*This post is part of my series, 31 Days of Embracing The Fall Season.



Fall Food Review: Pumpkin Harvest Crisp Yogurt

This will be my first fall food review of my 31 days of embracing the fall season series.

Fall foods means pumpkin everywhere, right?  There’s a whole shelf of random pumpkin spice foods at the local grocery store.  Also, caramel apple. And gingerbread, which I really think they should put on hold until Christmas.

A pumpkin fall food review:

fall food review I eat these Chobani Greek Yogurt flips for breakfast fairly often.

They contain a decent amount of protein and make for a quick breakfast.  This yogurt is one of my go-to breakfasts on days I work.  They are also kind of fun to eat.  fall food review I like how the crunchy stuff is kept separate.  It’s also handy if you accidentally pick one up containing foods you despise (like walnuts in the carrot cake one) since it makes it easy to attempt to pick them out.

Simply, flip over the crunchy stuff and mix it into the yogurt.

And yes, the pumpkin harvest crisp flip is very good!  Can’t go wrong with pie crisp pieces.  Or pecans.  Pecans > Walnuts on a trillion to one scale.  While I’m not normally a fan of pumpkin seeds, the ones in this yogurt have a glaze that makes them enjoyable.  I’m not usually a fan of Greek yogurt either but this is just sweet enough with the mix-ins.

fall food review Normally, I’d call it good at this point and eat my breakfast.

However, I decided to up my breakfast a bit the day I was having this yogurt. Who needs cream cheese when you can spread this deliciousness on a bagel? fall food review A bit too much?  Perhaps.  Still, add a cup of coffee and it’s a wonderful fall breakfast! fall food review

Two final notes:

  • I didn’t receive any compensation for this review. I just picked a fall flavor of a food I like to review for fun.
  •  There must be something useful to do with these containers besides throw them in the recycle bin:
    fall food review

    The pumpkin container is orange but most other containers are the standard white

    If by chance you aren’t a fan of pumpkin flavor, they also make an apple crisp variety.  It contains walnut pieces so I passed on that.  My other favorite varieties of these are the coffee brownie bliss, peach crisp, and key lime crumble as well as cinnamon bun fun.

    What new fall flavors and foods have you tried lately?


Fall Transition: Finding Beauty

One of my goals with this series is to find beauty in the fall transition. Transitions are tough, probably one of the reasons I struggle with this season.

fall transition

monarch caterpillar chrysalis after a butterfly emerged

Maybe I don’t like the fall so much because I know winter is coming. (Bonus points if you read the end of the sentence in your best Ned Stark voice.)

My favorite color is green and all the green starts to go away in the fall.  I already discussed most my fall struggles in this post so I won’t repeat myself.

This post is about how I can find the beauty in those struggles.

My Goals For Finding Beauty In The Fall Transition:

  • I’ll accept and enjoy the changing weather.  A cup of tea, a book on a rainy day or perhaps a Netflix marathon.  I won’t waste the sunny days.  I’ll get out and enjoy hikes.
  • I can use it as time to clean out my clothes and clear out the ever-present clutter in our home.
  • It’s time to make the effort to enjoy being cozy at home and not feel pressured to constantly be somewhere. It is just as possible to have fun being at home with my family perhaps more so than trying to force a fun weekend outing at every festival in town.  Or feeling guilty when we don’t go to any fall festivals.
  • It’s time to be thankful for living somewhere the seasons do change.  As much as I love my heat and summer sun, I know the other seasons are a big part of why I get to enjoy so much green during the spring and summer.  Living where it’s brown year-round and lacking for trees would not suit me.

    fall transition

    New Mexico, summer 2017, beautiful but I missed my Missouri trees

  • Finally, I will keep this quote in my thoughts when the fall season starts to get on my nerves:

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies. 

(source: unknown)

fall transition


Fall Birding

I’ve decided to share my fall birding each Saturday during my 31 days of embracing the fall season series.  Hopefully, it will get me back into the bird-watching habit.

I’m starting my fall birding at home but plan to actually get out and do some serious birding during the month.

Our birds except for a few cardinals seemed to have disappeared at some point last night.  However, the fall weather has called them back.

I started hearing our little Carolina wren again.  He’s back in his brush pile in the neighbor’s yard (and as hard as ever to capture with the camera!).

First Fall Birding Pictures

All summer, my birding attempts to capture a bluejay on camera fell short.  Until now.

fall birding


Interestingly, I was just reading in the XPLOR For Kids, a magazine from the Missouri Department of Conservation, about how blue jays collect and bury acorns in the fall.  It certainly explains why they’ve been hanging out in the neighbor’s oak trees.

*If you live in Missouri and don’t already, I can’t encourage you enough to subscribe for free to the Missouri Conservation Magazine and/or get the XPLOR magazine for kids.  If you are out-of-state, you can also subscribe for a pretty nominal fee.  It’s one of my favorite magazines.

fall birding


The next bird I spotted outside my door was this speckled robin.

He seems to arrive every fall. Lots of robins seem to gather around here each fall.  I was watching a group of them harass a few of our many squirrels just a few minutes ago.

fall birding

Brown thrasher

The last bird photo I have to share is a bit out of focus.  It was an accidental shot where I was simply trying to use the zoom lens on the camera to see what kind of bird was in the neighbor’s tree.  This brown thrasher having a berry in his mouth when the camera went off was pure luck.  I wish I’d have known so I could have worked on focusing the camera but then I may have missed the shot entirely.  Editing helped some but unfortunately, I don’t have the skills or even know if it’s possible to edit in focus.

I’ll be linking this posts and the future birding posts up with the Bird Depot posts hosted by Anni from I’d Rather B Birdin’.

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