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Quick fall table decoration

Super short post tonight.  It’s been a long and rather weird day.  Still, I’m so close on posting for every day of this 31 day series, I wanted to hop on the computer and share something.

I wish I was sharing something a bit prettier.  I had visions of taking my clear vase and filling it with mini pumpkins and gourds.  Then, adding in pine-cones and acorns plus maybe some fall leaves.  Didn’t happen.

My plan revolved around this table runner I found at the same time I purchased my new fall purse.  While I love the look of a tablecloth, the boys prefer the wood table clear.  A table runner seemed like a good compromise.

The table runner I purchased was quite a bit shorter than I realized.  However, I decided to still run it lengthwise on the kitchen table.

I then added back on the standard bowl of apples (almost always on the table) and put the mini pumpkins and gourds beside it.  The acorn bowl is where I’ve been putting our bananas.  We were out of bananas on the day I put this together.

Is it the prettiest fall decor? No. Is it more than I typically do in the fall? Yes.

Maybe I’ll try again before fall ends.

Autumn Sky

I do love a beautiful autumn sky.  It would be foolish to even attempt a better description of them than the one below. autumn sky

This is the last day I’ll be sharing a fall quote as part of my 31 Days of Embracing The Fall Season series.  Seven days left in the series and writing challenge if you are keeping track. If you’re writing your own 31 days blog series, I know you are probably counting down to the end.

While it’s the last day for me to share a fall quote, I’ll still share great fall quotes on occasion. I love words much too much to just stop looking for them because my blog series is ending.

Normally, I’d share a few photos from my weekly fall hike with my quote.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to go on a proper fall hike this week.

Since I was sick late last week and the weather turned cooler and rainy, I opted for rest rather than hiking.  Pneumonia is not an illness I care to repeat so I’m taking as many precautions as possible to avoid it.

I did want to share my “fall barometer” with you though: autumn sky Just two short weeks ago, all the trees along this route were still green.  Then, the trees were slightly changing.  Today, red and the leaves gone from the tops.

Made me think of a quote I already shared.  And feel the need to share the complete poem, found on The Quote Garden:

autumn sky Hoping the weather will warm up a bit today in time for me to get out and enjoy the falling leaves and autumn sky before I head into work.

Jacket Weather

It’s jacket weather now.

I can deny it no longer.  My feet are cold in sandals.  My ankles are cold in Capri pants (though I still wear them).  It’s past the time to get out the jackets and cardigans.

jacket weather

For the longest time, I’ve been what you could call a cold weather denier, I suppose.

With the exception of a green cardigan sweater not pictured (in the washing machine), the above is my fall jacket collection.  The sweaters are more for work wear in the winter when classroom temperatures might be any where from freezing to tropic vacation, depending on who controls the thermostat.

The jean jacket pictured above, my jacket for right up until the snow. Last year, I had to acknowledge it wasn’t a suitable jacket for standing outside in howling winds.

A raincoat for fall, rainy days?  Why not?  I had been watching this jacket and when it went on sale, I decided to splurge:  jacket weather

I’m glad I did.  It helps me feel not quite so sad about putting the shorts and sandals away when I can at least put on a cute, new jacket for the chilly weather ahead.

It’s also nice to have a jacket with a hood again although I doubt I’ll use it that much as I find it hard to see with it on my head.   The inner lining does keep me warm.

jacket weather

Sometimes, I wear the inner lining by itself.  It’s great to throw on for stepping out on the deck or quick drive in the car.

Once again, today is cold and windy.  The weather forecast calls for frost on the weekend.  Time to zip it back together and wear a complete jacket again.

This show and tell post about my jackets is post #24 in my series, 31 Days of Embracing The Fall Season.

Are you a fan of jacket weather?


Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts, One More Fall Food Review

Okay, you may or may not consider pumpkin pie pop-tarts as food.  Are they a tasty treat or not? Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts

With the exception of my husband, we usually don’t eat Pop-Tarts for breakfast around here.  I usually only buy them once in a while and they need to be on sale!

They aren’t really a favorite of mine and most the oddball flavors sound a bit disgusting to me.  Still, J and I did really love the gingerbread flavor a few years back at Christmas time and search diligently for those each holiday season.

Would this flavor be a new favorite?

My thoughts on Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts:

Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts

Do I think pumpkin pie when I look at them?  Here’s a close-up of the fall colored “confetti” on the frosting: Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts Not really ready to reach for the whipped cream yet.

What do they look like on the inside? Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts At least, they got the pumpkin color right!

Do they taste anything remotely like pumpkin pie to me?  Not so much. However, I must give them some credit as they do contain actual pumpkin.  Two percent or less but it’s in there!

Will I still eat them? Probably although I doubt I would buy this flavor again, it’s sort of like the pumpkin spice oatmeal and just okay.  And of course, the kids won’t touch them at all.

They probably would have preferred me to try a recipe like this one I found over at About A Mom.  Who knows, maybe I’ll give it a try next.  The pain from my candy apple burn still needs to subside a bit first.

Personally, my take on a pumpkin pie pop-tart would have been to follow the lines of the gingerbread one.  Put the pumpkin in the crust and fill the middle with some sort of whipped cream frosting flavor.

Are you a fan of pumpkin pie?



Sick in Fall

Wait, did you mean sick of fall instead of sick in fall?  While I am a bit sick of writing about fall (hello, 31 days series!), I am sick.

It started on Thursday.  Woke up feeling more than a bit blah.  Something going around at my preschool (job hazard), turned down subbing work twice before 10a.m.  Boys had doctor’s appointments.  The irony of taking them to well-visits while I felt less than that was not lost on me.

By the time we returned late in the afternoon, I was done. Curled under a blanket on the couch, high fever, with a movie (Corpse Bride) on Netflix.  Tried to let the fever run its course but felt lousy enough to cave in and take medicine.

In the spirit of embracing this season and because of writer’s block, I decided to write about why this season is the best to “enjoy” feeling lousy.  sick

Fall is the best season to fall sick because:

  • Summer colds are miserable.
  • It’s fun to entertain the possibility that it’s “just allergies” until your fever spikes at 102
  • At least it’s not winter yet, so it’s not quite sheer agony to go or sit outside should you need to watch a band competition
  • Fuzzy socks, blankets, and movies
  • The weather often cooperates with your grumpy moods and/or desire to take a nap sick

There’s not really an ideal time to feel like crud.  Fall is after all, one of the busiest seasons besides Christmas and the end of the school year.

Still if I have to feel like this, it may as well be in the autumn.  And I am feeling better today minus the slight headache and stuffy nose but no fever.




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