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Friday Treat: The Best Quick Hot Chocolate

Our heater works. Yes, it’s October and I turned on the heat last night. Another cold, rainy day today put a damper on my errand running plans.

A husband who didn’t go hunting after all (see cold, rainy day above) also put a damper on my stay home and get the house clean for the weekend plans. Truthfully, it doesn’t take much to put a damper on those house cleaning plans. I did pay the bills at least (blah).

We stayed in and watched television pretty much all day. We’re watching Man In The High Castle, season 3.  A great day for it but I must get back to my books soon.

For today’s post, I’m just going to share my secrets for making the best quick hot chocolate. Basically, it’s taking an instant package and stepping it up a notch to make it coffee-house pretty.

The boys and I all had some this afternoon. Who needs dinner?

The Best Quick Hot Chocolate:

It felt super special today because I used the Swiss Miss packets out of these gift containers found on clearance last year: 

I personally prefer Swiss Miss for instant hot cocoa. Think it has a better flavor. No paid/sponsored incentive there, I don’t do those. Just my personal opinion.

To make the hot chocolate special, I first add boiling water (the packages say NOT to do that but I do it anyway…like my chocolate dissolved) to a cup with the dry mix.  Don’t fill the cup up completely with the hot/boiling water.

Save room to add a little almond milk. Or regular milk. Or like I did today, regular chocolate milk! Adds to the richness of it.  Plus it cools down the hot chocolate to a drinkable temperature a bit sooner.

Finishing Touches: 

Adding the finishing touches to the hot chocolate is my favorite part.

For the boys, I added marshmallows (3 large), whipped cream (no Cool Whip here!), and a few miniature chocolate chips.  

For my own, I added the same as above (except I did make mine with regular almond milk as I also had the French Vanilla hot chocolate) as well as a few sprinkles. We’re just going to pretend their pink stars and not pink Easter bunnies.  

And what to do when your son invites friends over after school? Make them hot chocolate, too! Of course.

I’ll save the slow stove top hot chocolate made with actual cocoa (because let’s not argue, we know it’s the best) for a day when the snowflakes fall. Hopefully, a little later in the year than October!


Oops, I skipped posting yesterday.

I could tell you a bunch of excuses why I missed posting yesterday.

  • I worked all day. 
  • My teenager sat doing his homework in the living room and chatting with me after dinner.
  • My husband went to bed early (he’s been off hunting, name drawn for a special managed deer hunt). And the computer where I type is in our bedroom. He often tells me I type “too loud” as if that’s a thing. I do like the sound of the keyboard. What would he have done in the days of typewriters?  Probably nothing, blogs weren’t a thing then.
  • The next item on the Hygge Manifesto list is equality. Not as fun and easy to write about as candles, coffee, and cookies.

While all of the above did happen yesterday, the real reason I didn’t post is Netflix. It’s not Netflix’s fault, however, I’ve found an old series on there to watch. It appeals to my sense of weird. And it’s at my perfect level of sometimes scary. 

So instead of posting last night, after our dinner of spaghetti with pumpkin sugar cookies for a fun weeknight dessert (and lunchbox treats for the rest of the week), I sat and watched the first two episodes of season 2 of Twin Peaks.

Yes, the show from the 90’s. It’s okay you can laugh. My husband already did. I never watched it back then. Now, I’m really enjoying it. And may have channeled my mother when I heard myself telling my boys:

I love the subtly of this show. It leaves things to your imagination. I don’t need to see so much graphic stuff (it is a murder mystery show) like they show now.  

Oh dear.

Wait, what does any of this have to do with living the Hygge Manifesto?

I spent time at home in the evening, having a nice dinner, hanging out with my family, and getting cozy under a blanket to watch a slightly scary TV show. I think that counts as Hygge, don’t you?

Adding A Few Fall Decorations

More rain! Yep, we woke up to more rain. Still, I didn’t mind spending a rainy day (mostly) at home.

The early morning sky was still pretty, I thought. 

I had the day off work. Instead of working on my blog, I took a lazy day instead. Cleaned the house a little, used my Aldi coupon (one of our local stores recently remodeled), and finally added some Fall/Halloween decorations to the living room. Then, I sat and watched a bit too much TV for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

So….with writer’s block going strong tonight, I’m just going to share my decorations for this post.  The living room does feel a bit more cozy…maybe that’s why I stayed there most the day?

My Halloween/Fall throw pillows:  The candy corn pillow, picked up at garage sale many years ago…

Made the top of my bookcase into my pretend fireplace “mantle”. I like how it turned out:  Yes, I know the candles are not lit in the photo. I forgot to take one while I was enjoying them earlier today. And yes, I bought more candles at Aldi (shh! don’t tell the husband though I did use my coupon). The cinnamon pumpkin smells great.

Not much of a profound post today. Maybe I’ll do better tomorrow…



How To Hygge Without Turning Into A Hippo

So, the next item on the Hygge Manifesto list is pleasure. It’s all about the coffee, chocolate, cookies, and candies. Indulging in them.

YUM! Now there’s something I can do for 30 plus days. Except….I really don’t want my girth to match that of a hippo (I’m close enough already but would prefer not to finish that project).

Last week had lots of Hygge moments especially when I focus on the food area.

Wednesday evening: 

A night out for my now newly married sister-in-law. A popular Japanese steak house. Not the place to worry about a waistline. (Oh, and I must brag a bit…I caught the shrimp in my mouth!)


Coffee with a friend. And yes, I did indulge in a pumpkin spice latte and maple pecan muffin. I might or might not even have treated myself to a couple of pieces of Godiva chocolates at Hallmark later in the afternoon.


High school stadium hamburgers certainly add to the football, “Friday night lights” atmosphere.


As if I’d say no to a wedding cupcake especially white cake with white frosting…my favorite if we’re talking cake. And jalapeno chips along with sandwiches on the food offerings, be still my heart (and my heartburn!).

We took my nephew home with us from the wedding and all needed an actual late dinner after our long day. A quick run to the store for a couple of extras and a treat of some fun size Halloween candy (for the teenagers…believe it or not, a few pieces still exist in our house).  


Just when we thought the food indulgences surely must end, a birthday celebration happened! Out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant followed by more cake and homemade ice-cream. 


How exactly do those Danish folks not weigh 500+ pounds from indulging all the time?  Besides the fact they mostly bike (and walk?) almost everywhere. Pretty sure it’s all about balance.

Enjoying the good food without worrying about the calories.  Is it me or is there nothing more annoying than someone lamenting about all the “evils” of good food when it’s not an everyday occasion? Please, don’t do that. Just enjoy it.

Pretty sure just enjoying it is a key element of hygge. It’s not as if every weekend is a special occasion football game, followed by a wedding, and then a birthday celebration.

Oh, and then, we all know we have to balance all the dining out and rich desserts with healthy foods.  Simple dinners prepared at home.  Our dinner tonight, maybe not the healthiest example but certainly simple and “on hand”

My goal for this month (and longer), enjoy the good foods but make sure I balance them with the “super” foods as well.

What’s your favorite indulgent food or drink?

Can’t Hurry Hygge

Sitting here with my fuzzy socks on my feet while also wearing my Crocs.  Red Kansas City Chiefs shirt, black pants, purple fuzzy socks, and floral shoes. Not exactly a picture of Hygge fashion!

We’re in a slight period of downtime before the last activity of our whirlwind weekend.  It’s cool and rainy outside, lit the candles,  and we’re all home (plus my nephew who stayed over last night). A perfect formula for Hygge.

So I’m ready to Hygge….RIGHT NOW! What do you mean it’s not something we can force?

Hurry, let’s go Hygge!

Wonder if that’s what makes the concept foreign and harder to grasp as an American. Hygge takes a bit of patience. And time.

It’s easy to slip on my warm fuzzy purple socks. Harder to enjoy them when I have to throw on the Crocs to take out the trash.

I’m not enough of a trendsetter to make pajama pants the new look when going out to dinner (or a wedding. and I can imagine my child’s mortified expression if I wore them to a football game.)

It’s easy to light the candles. Harder to stop and sit to enjoy their fragrance and soft light.

And of course, I know there’s more to Hygge than pajama pants, fuzzy socks, and candles. However, today I realized trying to force it leads only to frustration.





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