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Blogmas Day 8: Wrapping Ideas

Well, you won’t find me working as a professional gift wrap counter girl during the holiday season. Not my talent. I do love the beautiful packages.

However, I’m a bit more traditional  with the Hallmark paper and too much tape style of wrapping packages.

This year my wrapping paper of choice is the Grinch because teenagers. Teenagers like to channel the Grinch. SIGH.  My husband also found a tub in our basement full of bags, bows, tissue paper, and tags. One year I must have been organized.

Whenever possible, I prefer to wrap presents as opposed to bagging them. To me, there’s just something about tearing paper off a package.

My mother used to re-use Christmas cards and make them into beautiful gift tags which she would then use again each year. I remember the first Christmas I took packages to my husband’s family. They were all so confused by the tags like that.

Laziness prevailed with me and I now use the sticker tags like everyone else. (Added bonus, they don’t fall off in transit).

One of my ideas for this year is to use the fabric bags used to package some new sheet sets (are the sheets supposed to go back into those?!) and iron on some type of cute Christmas  appliqué thing. However, I’ve not made it to the right store for that yet. We’ll see if it happens this year.

Another idea I’ve used in the past (again with the recycling of the Christmas cards which sadly don’t arrive in the quantities of the past) is to make these easy Christmas card boxes. Great for wrapping little gifts and gift cards, depending on box size.

How do your wrap your Christmas gifts?

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Blogmas Day 7: Favorite Memories

I see many memories whenever I look at our Christmas ornaments.

So many represent special times to me. 

My late mother-in-law loved to give us personalized ornaments. And I still love them! She would buy the ceramic ones at various craft shows and have them personalized. The one above is from the first Christmas after my husband and I married.  Clearly, a happy memory!

Sometimes, she’d give us Hallmark ornaments. This welcome to the new millennium snowman goes near the top of the tree each year. 

See that red star in the same photo above? I remember being at one of the very early Mom’s Club functions with G and him wanting to paint the star very red!  Bribing him away from that red paint somehow. So many good  great friends made during those years.

A new favorite memory is forming with this ornament:

I gave it to J for his birthday as it played music from the marching band show. And he presses the button to play the music every single time he walks by the tree.

I’ve written about some other special ornaments with memories attached, if interested, search for tree branch tales on the blog.

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Blogmas Day 6: Handmade or ???

Well, if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time or know me personally, the answer is clear.

Should be clearer than the above picture. Not homemade from me unless I maybe don’t like you or something. Ha!

When the boys were small, we did make some homemade Christmas ornaments for grandparents. However, our success even with those tended to be mixed.

One homemade thing I do (sometimes) enjoy making is cinnamon applesauce ornaments. They are relatively easy and smell amazing. I’ve had limited success with those. Sometimes they break easy. I use the two ingredient recipe, perhaps I should try the one that adds glue.

An exception is cookies, I do usually do homemade cookies just not for gifts.

I do like the idea of homemade, just lack most the talent and planning required to go that route.


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Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve

Each year our Christmas Eve looks a bit different.

This Christmas Eve morning so far looks like this:

A little gray cat who insisted I get out of bed a bit after dawn! And she’s now cozily snoozing away. Santa are you listening?

A great Christmas Eve sunrise sky! (I did resist the little gray cat for a bit so saw the skies as the brilliance faded not at the beginning).  

An Elf who moved without my assistance! Yikes!  

Two teenagers still sleeping. Both are going shopping later today. One on his own and one with me. A husband who went to “Home Depot” this morning. I think it’s code for I better go get my wife a present.

On the rest of my agenda today:

Shopping for a few last-minute gifts ( Even if I don’t get out today, it’s okay. Still, I must go out at least to take J so he can get things.)

Clean off the table, put the Christmas table-cloth on it. Make sure we have all the food for tomorrow. Prepare my overnight coffee cake. Stick the Christmas crackers in the tree.

Clean the rest of the house (make it presentable for tomorrow morning, not going for a deep clean at this point).

See if I can talk the family into going to look at Christmas lights just around the neighborhoods.

Have the boys open their Christmas Eve presents.

Cookies and a drink for Santa,go to bed at a decent hour.  


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