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Blogmas Day 23: Christmas Dinner Menu

Christmas is almost here! I can tell because I feel like I’m living the Groundhog Day movie. Are we sure it’s not actually already February?

I have to amend today’s topic a bit because we don’t do Christmas dinner here. We’ll have Christmas morning breakfast.

Christmas morning breakfast: 

My husband prepares biscuits and gravy. And hopefully, a few spare sausages. His wife (me) doesn’t like gravy. Neither do the boys. However, he loves it as do the rest of his family.  We’ll also have fruit (my sister-in-law is bringing it though I did tell her the fruit in her Cherry Chip meringues would be enough). And whatever my other sister-in-law brings.

For drinks, coffee, orange juice, and one other fruit punch type drink. And of course, Christmas cookies!  Thinking I may make an overnight coffee cake as well. A bit more special than cinnamon rolls.

Christmas “we’re all hungry!” between meals will probably be a frozen pizza or something else easy.

For Christmas dinner we’re going to my brother’s house. He’s not having the traditional meal but is getting a ham. He asked me to bring my Crunch Coleslaw plus maybe a dessert so that’s what I’m doing. I’m not sure what dessert yet.

And now, I must return to all my last-minute preparations including shopping, wrapping presents, cleaning the house, and folding the laundry pile that keeps appearing on the bed. Ugh…or rather ho ho ho!


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Blogmas Day 22: Christmas Tree & Decorations

I love the tradition of the Christmas tree and decorations so much I did a whole post series on it. You can see the posts about many of my special Christmas decorations by searching for Tree Branch Tales on the blog.

We’ve always had a fake tree. My father was a firefighter and I think had a fear of fire from a real, dry Christmas tree. Seems my mom once said how much he worried about my grown sister and her insistence on a real tree for her family.

We only recently replaced our tree around here with a new, smaller pre-lit tree. I was happy to find out my husband didn’t actually throw away our old, huge artificial tree. It’s in the attic waiting for a day when the living room furniture accommodates it again. I miss its ability to carefully hold each of our special decorations.

I put a decoration on our new tree and watched as it slid off the branch and broke. My husband said: It’s just a decoration.  I said: No, it’s not just a decoration! All our ornaments are special.

So our tree sits mostly empty with 3 days to go until Christmas as I didn’t feel like risking more ornaments. It’s just been a bit of an off-year for it. However, it does hold two new (unbreakable) special ornaments!

New Christmas Tree Ornaments For 2018:

The newest one is from my gift basket at work. This little mitten with the jingle bells is already a favorite.

And I also have my U.S. Capital Tree ornament hanging nestled in the branches. 

Other Decorations:

If we had space and budget allowed, I’d probably drive my husband crazy by putting a tree in every room. Last year I did add some greenery to our kitchen doorway.

However, I mainly stick with my angels and Nativity sets.

Just for fun, I’ll share one more “real life” photo with you. We do have a small tree in our small bedroom bath…right beside the mouthwash! 

What kind of Christmas tree do you have?


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Blogmas Day 21: When Do You Open Presents

I opened 2 presents at work today! My lovely bosses gave us all the nicest gift baskets of treats along with such a lovely personal letter (definitely one for the boost file!).

And the school’s PTO also gave us a Christmas gift, a card signed by all the parents with some “greenery” inside. Also, the cutest little gift filled with candies: 

When do we open presents around here?

I let the kids’ each open one present on Christmas Eve. However, they are the ones I’ve marked CE on the tags, the traditional pajamas and a book.

When I was quite a bit younger, I remember going to my grandparents on Christmas Eve and we usually opened presents from them there.  As I grew a bit older, my mom would let me pick just one gift to open on Christmas Eve. Then, we always opened the rest of the presents on Christmas morning.  And sometimes, we opened gifts in the early afternoon. Dinner was in the afternoon around 2 or 3 p.m.

My husband’s family had the tradition of opening presents on Christmas morning and then, eating breakfast. So we started going there for early morning Christmas, opening gifts, eating breakfast and spending the afternoon with my side. It worked well as our kids were super early risers on Christmas morning although we often had “where are you?” calls as we lived the furthest away from his parents. And mornings are still mornings even on Christmas.

Now, we are hosting my husband’s siblings for breakfast for the second year in a row (I do enjoy hosting!).  So we’ll open our family presents early, then gifts with his brother and sister and their families (we exchange names).

And we’ll go have dinner at my brother’s house in the afternoon. My side doesn’t generally do as many presents. Too many of us! Some years, one of us will do it and some years we won’t. It’s whatever works for your family that year.  It’s more about just being together.


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Blogmas Day 20: Favorite Traditions

Five days until Christmas arrives! And really, all I’m dreaming about right now is a long winter’s nap. However, I am determined to fully do Blogmas.

My favorite traditions around here are giving my kids matching Christmas pajamas and a book on Christmas Eve.

And Christmas stockings on Christmas morning: 

Last year, I broke down and even got our little gray cat her very own stocking.

Decorating is also one of my favorite traditions especially the tree although this year it’s still looking a little bare. Tonight, J mentioned we needed some ornaments on it. So this weekend maybe a child will actually help me hang ornaments. We did get a new star since the old one was a bit too heavy for the new tree. 

And finally, a newer tradition I enjoy is the Elf on The Shelf. I probably enjoy it as I didn’t start it until J’s 5th grade year (his teacher had one and he came home saying “we should get one” and I knew the magic would be gone soon enough. So I went ahead with the idea.)

Also, I don’t get too insanely crazy with Buddy’s antics. Today he simply changed the sequins design on our Christmas pillow. 

And again, cutting my post short. One more crazy, full-moon, day before break, first day of winter work day and then, I can relax. Or rather catch up on everything!


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Blogmas Day 19: Ideas For Future Christmas

This topic was already on my mind since we are in the transition years. I’ve been dealing with  fear this year that my kids aren’t going to remember any Christmas traditions. That we don’t do enough. Then again, they’re teenagers.

Happy to get my fix of Christmas excitement at preschool this week. Maybe a bit too much excitement.

I have an e-mail sitting in my inbox from Your Teen about changing traditions once children become teenagers. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Maybe after I finish this post.   

Looking to just the super near future, I’m thinking of baking cookies and having them on the table for my son and his friends for the days after Christmas. I’m also toying with the idea of having an Epiphany party, a celebration of Three Kings Day. Usually, I make a cake and give the kids an extra present anyway.

Looking just ahead to next year, first scares me. I’ll most likely have a son away at college next year and coming home for Christmas. YIKES! Totally new territory.

Since I’m mostly a traditionalist, we’ll probably still do breakfast here and dinner with my brother.

Things I’d Like To Do For Some Future Christmas: 

  • Have a hot cocoa open house on a Saturday before Christmas. Just let people who are out shopping stop by and visit with no pressure.
  • Do some sort of secret Christmas stocking exchange with family and/or friends just for fun.
  • Decorate a Christmas tree for the birds with bird seed ornaments
  • Actually be ready for it before the last-minute
  • Make a few special gifts (I have something I *can* actually do in mind)


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