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Blogmas Day 20: Favorite Traditions

Five days until Christmas arrives! And really, all I’m dreaming about right now is a long winter’s nap. However, I am determined to fully do Blogmas.

My favorite traditions around here are giving my kids matching Christmas pajamas and a book on Christmas Eve.

And Christmas stockings on Christmas morning: 

Last year, I broke down and even got our little gray cat her very own stocking.

Decorating is also one of my favorite traditions especially the tree although this year it’s still looking a little bare. Tonight, J mentioned we needed some ornaments on it. So this weekend maybe a child will actually help me hang ornaments. We did get a new star since the old one was a bit too heavy for the new tree. 

And finally, a newer tradition I enjoy is the Elf on The Shelf. I probably enjoy it as I didn’t start it until J’s 5th grade year (his teacher had one and he came home saying “we should get one” and I knew the magic would be gone soon enough. So I went ahead with the idea.)

Also, I don’t get too insanely crazy with Buddy’s antics. Today he simply changed the sequins design on our Christmas pillow. 

And again, cutting my post short. One more crazy, full-moon, day before break, first day of winter work day and then, I can relax. Or rather catch up on everything!


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Blogmas Day 19: Ideas For Future Christmas

This topic was already on my mind since we are in the transition years. I’ve been dealing with  fear this year that my kids aren’t going to remember any Christmas traditions. That we don’t do enough. Then again, they’re teenagers.

Happy to get my fix of Christmas excitement at preschool this week. Maybe a bit too much excitement.

I have an e-mail sitting in my inbox from Your Teen about changing traditions once children become teenagers. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Maybe after I finish this post.   

Looking to just the super near future, I’m thinking of baking cookies and having them on the table for my son and his friends for the days after Christmas. I’m also toying with the idea of having an Epiphany party, a celebration of Three Kings Day. Usually, I make a cake and give the kids an extra present anyway.

Looking just ahead to next year, first scares me. I’ll most likely have a son away at college next year and coming home for Christmas. YIKES! Totally new territory.

Since I’m mostly a traditionalist, we’ll probably still do breakfast here and dinner with my brother.

Things I’d Like To Do For Some Future Christmas: 

  • Have a hot cocoa open house on a Saturday before Christmas. Just let people who are out shopping stop by and visit with no pressure.
  • Do some sort of secret Christmas stocking exchange with family and/or friends just for fun.
  • Decorate a Christmas tree for the birds with bird seed ornaments
  • Actually be ready for it before the last-minute
  • Make a few special gifts (I have something I *can* actually do in mind)


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Blogmas Day 18: Christmas PAST

Why do I suddenly have an urge to watch A Christmas Carol?

This topic is interesting and a bit bittersweet for me as we’re in a bit of a transition year. Our boys are both now teenagers. No toy aisle browsing for us. All they really want: food, money, and expensive electronic things.

How I miss the days when they had “obsessions” with fun preschool characters. Maybe not so much the insane Christmas morning start times: 

I remember the Christmas G was super excited to get a Junie B. Jones book on Christmas Eve (with the traditional pajamas).

Or how G loved his Lego’s and we always had to be sure to get sets which took him more than 5 minutes to put together.

It also used to mean running around with over tired (see time above), hungry kids. Not so much any more. Can’t say I miss that part too much. I do, however, miss seeing family no longer here.

Cutting this post super short tonight as I’m to Bunco in a few minutes. Just didn’t want to miss a day of Blogmas!

Go check out Tamy’s post over at Chasing My Life or Rebecca’s post at Rebecca’s Hearth and Home for more Blogmas about Christmas PAST.






Blogmas Day 17: Cookies And Desserts

Cookies and desserts are one of the best parts of Christmas, I think.  

I  remember my mom making lots of cookies the week before Christmas. And then, she’d freeze them in tins, some with a slice of bread to keep them soft.

When I first got married I thought I’d make lots of cookies like that.  Not so much. My kids both favor mostly chocolate chip cookies. And my husband’s favorite Christmas cookies are the kind people make fun of on Facebook. The tins of Danish butter cookies. Not too exciting.

Mostly for Christmas, I make a chocolate pie. And sometimes, sugar cookies for us to decorate. And of course, chocolate chip cookies.

This year, however, I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic. I asked each of my kids their favorite Christmas cookie BESIDES chocolate chip cookies.

G’s answer: Sugar cookies

J’s answer: M&M cookies

I already knew my husband also favored the harder to make candy cane cookies.

And for myself, I wanted a favorite cookie my mom used to make me as a kid. The recipe hails from this old Betty Crocker cook book: 

The picture above is of the ones I made tonight. A hearty cookie you can eat for breakfast! Or a late evening snack if say you made them at 9:00 PM on a Monday night when you should have been doing any thing but baking cookies.

I’ll share the recipe in case you find yourself craving cookies for breakfast tomorrow….

*Note: I used Rice Crispy Cereal instead of wheat flakes cereal, pretty sure my mom also used Rice Crispy cereal instead as well.

AND I left out the coconut because the rest of my family hates coconut, not me though. Still I don’t recall coconut in these cookies either.


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Blogmas Day 16: Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Well, I’m a last-minute gift shopper. My favorite day to Christmas shop is actually December 24. Yes, it’s crowded but the crowd is more peaceful and happy.

Usually, I do have a general idea of what I’m getting as a last-minute shopper. Rarely, am I dashing out for an “on the spot” last-minute gift.

A few of my favorite stores for last-minute gifts (the drug stores are open on Christmas if you really find yourself in a pinch!): CVS, Walgreens, Hobby Lobby, World Market, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Of course, you can also check out the usual Target and Wal-Mart choices as well.

What to actually get last-minute?  The first place to check is the Christmas-themed gift and stuff aisles.  

For kids:

Coloring books, sticker books, any type of activity books (think word search/puzzle books for older kids)

Fun lip balm and/or lotion sets

Cologne/bath sets

Small stuffed animals

Remote control cars

Anything that makes an annoying noise should be a hit

For girls/women:

Fuzzy socks

Mugs with hot cocoa or coffee

Hand lotion/lip balm

For boys/men:

Remote control items


Food gifts

For Families:

Popcorn tins

Redbox gift codes

Lottery tickets

Restaurant gift cards

Those are a few of my last-minute gift ideas. What do you do for last-minute gifts?


I do feel compelled to state here there is also an art to receiving graciously. If I give someone a Christmas gift, I do so out of wanting to share joy with them. Not out of expectation of a gift in return or to make them feel bad. It’s perfectly okay and quite gracious to simply accept a gift with nothing more than a sincere “thank you” in return.


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