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Blogmas 2019, Day 22: The Weather is Delightful

Unless you were hoping for a white Christmas. Your present came early and now, we get our typical greenish, brown Christmas. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 60!

Right now at 7p.m., the temperature is 44 degrees! Sold. I’ll take it.

Sounds perfect as I get ready to head out for some last-minute shopping. Missing the Chiefs game and hoping to battle fewer crowds as everyone *should* be home watching the game. Minus the non-football fans and the people with same plan as me.


SunnyPrecipitation: 0%0%51°34°


Partly CloudyPrecipitation: 0%0%57°37°


CloudyPrecipitation: 0%0%61°42°


Partly CloudyPrecipitation: 0%0%64°48°


Mostly CloudyPrecipitation: 0%0%52°40°


Mostly CloudyPrecipitation: 0%0%47°36°

Not too bad of a Christmas week forecast!  What kind of Christmas weather do you expect?
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Blogmas Day 20: Tree Reveal

While this is supposed to be about the big tree, I’m going to reveal a different tree.

My mini white kitchen Christmas tree! I’d love to have a tree in every room so I was excited to find this small white Christmas tree.

I knew immediately I wanted it in the kitchen on top of some shelving we’d added. And then, I found a Peace sign on clearance at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and it just seemed to go with it.

One year, I’d requested (and received) a small Starbucks coffee ornament for Christmas. So I was super excited to see different designs in the store recently. And thought they’d be perfect for my small white kitchen tree. What’s more kitchen than coffee cups?

Probably lots of things. However, I asked for (and received) some of the ornaments for my birthday: 

I love them!

I put them all on my small white kitchen Christmas tree:

And they are a little bigger than I thought. Does anyone else find that things grow between when you see them in the store and get them home? Just me? My husband is good at knowing scale. Me not so much.

Still I love my little white Kitchen tree with the Peace sign in front of it and the two big Starbucks cup ornaments on it (I see a new collection in my future).

*Quick Post Update*

After publishing my post and looking at my photo, I had a realization. The paper on those cups was just packaging! So I ran upstairs and took the paper wrapping off my cup ornaments. Looks so much better! 

Do you collect any type of Christmas ornaments?

Joining in with Tamy over at Chasing My Life for Blogmas 2019. (I’ve missed a few posts and think tomorrow will include a fun “catch up” post in addition to the theme of the day).



Blogmas Day 19: 2020 Ideas

No, not 2,020 ideas! Whew, what a post that would be.

This is about Christmas ideas for 2020. Next year.

Thinking of our just *5* Days away Christmas, I immediately think of two things I did a bit different this year. One that worked and one that did not.

Idea I’m Keeping for 2020: 

Even though I didn’t completely keep up with it, buying 2 (smaller) gifts for boys each month worked well.  It took a bit away from my standard 3/3 rule of Christmas gifts but they don’t have as many people pouring gifts on them like when they were little kids.

Oh, if you are wondering my standard (probably stolen from a friend) 3/3 rule of Christmas gifts:

Three gifts from Santa and three gifts from us. Christmas Eve pajama and book tradition excluded from the count.  And some years, we didn’t follow it exactly but other years it helped with budgeting.

Idea I’m Discarding for 2020:

In January (seems so long ago now doesn’t it?), I had the “brilliant” idea to do all my 2019 Christmas cards. I’m a sign and send kind of person so it seemed great.

Things I forgot about:

  • I usually send school pictures (just J this year) in a few of the family cards.
  • Things I didn’t anticipate: Having cards addressed and ready for family members we lost in 2019. A bit painful to do away with those.
  • Still didn’t manage to do all the cards and still needing stamps. I’ve sent out THREE cards this year.
  • That I usually buy some family specific cards as well.

Other Thoughts for 2020:

I’d also like to pare down (and then expand) our Christmas decor a bit. My mental list of “after Christmas” clearance things is going (do this every year but don’t always buy the stuff: holiday sheets, dishes, etc).  Get the family a bit more involved.

However, it’s still 2019 and I simply want to slow down this weekend (after probably a last-minute shopping marathon on Saturday) and enjoy Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas!

(And yes, this is the December 19 post on the 20th). Joining in with Tamy over at Chasing My Life for Blogmas 2019.

Blogmas Day 14: Cookies and Goodies

My mom used to fill the kitchen table with cookies and goodies at Christmas. She would start baking and freezing things in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Closer to the day, the tins filled with cookies would come out.  A basket of nuts, jar of hard candy, and a box of Russell Stover chocolates covered the dining room server buffet.

Naturally, I thought this is what I’d do with my family. Except a family of four with only 2 kids is a lot smaller than a family with 5 kids. I think I did that one year.

And who knew my family would only like chocolate chip cookies?

Real conversations the past week:

Me to J: What’s your favorite cookie BESIDES chocolate chip?

J: Um…cookie cake.

SIGH. Cookie cake = chocolate chip cookies in bar form.

Me to G: What’s your favorite cookie BESIDES chocolate chip?

G: Um…sugar cookies??! Only other kind of cookie I can think of really.

Well, that’s something.

Me to my husband: What’s your favorite cookie BESIDES chocolate chip?

Husband: Thinking…thinking…Brickle chip.

Oh, he means toffee chip. Okay.

I do happen to know that they all like snicker doodles, G loves peanut butter fudge (which I’m not very good at making), and I always buy my husband the blue tin of butter cookies (good thing he didn’t say those were his favorite though I know they are his real answer).

And yes, I do plan to make them all some chocolate chip cookies at some point.


Joining in with Tamy from Chasing My Life for Blogmas 2019

Blogmas Day 13: Travel and Visits

When I was a kid, all the Christmas visits (we didn’t really travel during the holidays) took place before the big day. On Christmas day and usually even on Christmas Eve, we were at home.

Bit of shock, once grown and married, to have to go places for Christmas. Still not much travel involved. A very few years (and before kids) we went to Oklahoma for Christmas. However, most of that travel was reserved for Thanksgiving.

Christmas morning we used to go to my in-laws for breakfast and my family for dinner. We still do a variation of that although we were the hosts of the breakfast last year.

I do (especially with snow in the forecast) occasionally dream of a Christmas vacation to somewhere “warm and bright.”

One of my son’s Hawaii photos from 2 years ago.

However, I’m happy to be mostly at home for the holiday.

Somehow I feel like I’m spitting out lots of para-phrased song lyrics over here. Might be time to travel down the radio station dial for a day to some rock and roll for a minute.

Do you travel during the holidays?

*Joining in with Tamy from Chasing My Life for Blogmas 2019!

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