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Cleaning Countdown To Fall: Week 4

Oh, it’s almost here! Fall arrives next Tuesday! This is the last full week of our countdown cleaning. I got a little derailed this week and so my countdown post is again just now going up mid-week.

Hopefully, you used Monday and yesterday as catch up days. I know I had (still have) a lot of catch up cleaning to do.

The cleaning tasks for this week are not my favorites. And they very well get pushed into next week. I find it much easier to clean without everyone home. A tall order in the middle of a global pandemic.

We’ve (hopefully) cleaned up high, and at eye level plus cleared some surfaces. And made some space in the refrigerator. So that leaves the bottom.

Week 4: Look Down!

Ugh, do we have to do this? Yes! It’s time to face the floors.

MONDAY: Catch up day. I spent it outside and attempting homework for an on-line camera course. Suffice it to say I need more practice. Or a younger brain. Or maybe both.

TUESDAY: Another catch up day. I worked half a day and I’m not sure I did anything cleaning related. I did do a bit of laundry at least.

WEDNESDAY: Confessing that I spent the day catching up on something from way back in week one. Finally, cleared out and cleaned the inside of the refrigerator. 

Hoping it stays nice for at least a few days. I don’t even want to go to the store because it’s so clear. Of course, the family might object to such a strategy.

In case you are trying to keep up (or have long since passed me in this cleaning race, more likely): Today’s task is the baseboards! Wipe them down. I know ours are probably a disgusting dusty mess.

blurry image of a wheel bug spotted outside

And a small hint: Since I find this the time of year for bugs to venture inside, I like to rub around my baseboards with a little peppermint or tea tree oil to repel them.

THURSDAY: Bathroom floors! Or a bathroom floor. Our bathrooms are small so I can easily knock them both out without too much hassle. Time for a deep clean.  Hands and knees with the bathroom cleaner or steam mop or whatever works for you.

FRIDAY: Kitchen floor! And any other hard flooring surface (SIGH, that’s our living room as well). Another deep cleaning day.

We don’t have very much carpeted area in our home but give yours a deep clean if you feel so inspired.

Bonus Task

Since we’re winding down, let’s think about those cozy days ahead. Pull out all the fall throws and give them a good wash. Then if you are somewhere with cooperating cool weather, take a nice afternoon nap under a newly washed blanket.

Alternate plan: do something fall-related that makes you happy!

Cleaning Countdown To Fall: Week 3

A little late this week. Meant to post it yesterday and then, life. It’s been a week around here and yes, I know it’s only Wednesday. Everything is just a bit off kilter around here lately. Or rather around me. Around here, too but mostly I think it’s me.

Everything that could go right is going left. SIGH. I need a reset button.

Cleaning is kind of like a reset button I suppose. Felt better once I cleaned off the kitchen table this morning.  Even added one of my fall touches.

(Note: these are different bananas than the ones in the picture shown below. A whole different set of things to clear off the table today.)

Since I find myself off work today (long story of a yet another scheduling mix up, this one is actually on me but all of last week was on them), time to clean. Are you following along? How did you do last week?

I did okay. I did a much needed clearing and cleaning of the outside (and the top!) of the fridge rather than the inside. Still need to straighten inside my kitchen cabinets.

Week 3: We’re Still Just Looking Around At Eye-Level!

MONDAY: Hopefully, you either took the day off or used it as a catch up day.

TUESDAY: I made it an outside day and spent some time cleaning up the garden (and planting a few fall “crops” in pots and the ground. Lettuce and green beans mostly. We’ll see if it works.

WEDNESDAY: Proclaiming today the day for clearing the clutter! Clear off the flat surfaces that you’ve been ignoring. Bonus points if you get one in every room in your house.

THURSDAY: Wash and Dry Day! Clean the the washer and dryer. Every once in a while I run a cap of bleach through the washer on a hot, quick cycle. Usually just after someone has put something super stinky (or sick bedding) in the wash. Wipe out the part where you are supposed to add fabric softener. Not sure why but mine gets super dusty and gross. Then, wipe down the top and sides (if you can get to them) of both the washer and the dryer. Finally, if you’re like us, clear the top of the dryer of all the things that don’t belong there.

FRIDAY: Windows! Open window weather is upon us. Nice to be able to see out of them as well. Clean your windows. Just inside or inside and out. I’ll be sticking with just inside over here. And don’t forget the window sills.

Bonus Task

I could count Tuesday’s garden clean up as my bonus task but I’ve got plenty of outdoor cleaning to keep me busy. Do some outdoor cleaning (and decorating if you’re so inclined). My focus is going to be the front porch and back deck. Clear off any junk (How a back deck table gets cluttered is beyond me!), sweep/wash off the areas, and add a new doormat or small pot of flowers.  Also a good time to plant some spring bulbs! Just make it an outside day. 

Rain/alternate plan: Put on some relaxing music, and have a cup of tea while dreaming about how you’ll decorate the outside for fall or make some notes about things you’d like to plant in your garden next spring and summer. For me those notes include zinnias, cosmos, and a wall of herbs growing in containers plus sunflowers that bloom in less than 100 days. My fall decor plans involve mostly mums and little additions to my fairy garden areas.

How do you decorate outside for fall? Or do you wait and just do Halloween?

Cleaning Countdown To Fall: Week 2

Are you following along with my one day a week tasks to get our home ready for fall? How’d you do last week? Are the cobwebs all outside now where they belong? Or if you have some inside are they at least from a bit of early Halloween decorating?

I’ll confess: I didn’t get to all my tasks last week. Most of them are done but I still need to clean off the top of the fridge. Going to get to that scary task this week! (Preferably on a day I don’t work as I think it’s going to be a messy job).

However, I did treat myself to a new fall scent! How can you have fall without an actual apple smell wafting through the house? Braved the mall and went in Bath & Body Works. And came out with a beautiful fall candle (and a few other things and uh, a much lighter wallet. G asked if that store was my kryptonite. Yes, I believe it just might be. However, it’s a great smelling weakness.)

Couldn’t wait to set it out so yesterday, on the last day of August, I went ahead and lit my apple weather candle. Oh, I wish you could smell this one through the screen.

Okay, enough chitchat. Let’s move on to our tasks for this week.

Week 2: At Eye Level And Above!

MONDAY: I shared this task on my Happy Homemaker Monday yesterday. However, I didn’t get to it so will be doing it today along with my Tuesday task. Clean all the doors! Dust off the frames and wipe down the front and back of each door in your house. Probably should wipe the door handles off as well.

TUESDAY: Look up for forgotten flat surfaces. Technically, the top of the fridge could count here. However, I have other flat surfaces covered in clutter and dust I see every day but chose to ignore. Pick one (or more) of those surfaces (Please tell me we all have these?) and clear and clean.

WEDNESDAY: I usually do this task around Labor Day for some weird reason so let’s just do it today. Time to clean out the inside of the fridge. Remove any “science experiments” and check for expired, moldy foods. Now, wipe down the shelves. If you feel ambitious and want to reorganize, I suggest this guide for food placement storage. Add in the freezer if you have extra time. And don’t forget to wipe down the outside of the appliance when you finish.

THURSDAY: Kitchen cabinet day! Wipe down the front and insides of all kitchen cabinets at your eye level of above. Since it’s eye-level and above week, you can ignore the bottom ones for now.

FRIDAY: Last serious task of the week. Clean and straighten inside the kitchen cabinets! I actually did this way back in January but can see a few places needing touch up and maybe labels to help my husband. He keeps mixing up my baking supply area with BBQ spices. Small thing but it’s bugging me.

Bonus Task Time

Since we ended the week mostly in the kitchen, I think it’s treat time! Either make a fall treat to freeze for later (I won’t tell if you eat it the same day), treat yourself to one at home or somewhere out, or pick out a new fall recipe to try when the season arrives.

My  plan is to make some oatmeal butterscotch cookie dough for the freezer.  I’ll probably do half with chocolate chips. Look for the recipe coming soon.

Perhaps, I’ll also make one of J’s favorites for a dinner dessert, this apple chip cake my mom used to make.

What’s your favorite fall treat?

Again on the timing thing with me, I prefer oatmeal/apple type treats in the early fall giving way to all the pumpkin goodness as mid-October arrives. That’s not to say I won’t have a pumpkin spice latte sometime sooner.


Cleaning Countdown To Fall

It’s still summer, and quite hot outside around here. However, fall is only 29 days away! 

Let’s get ready for snuggling into our clean, cozy houses starting now.  A few weeks ago I mentioned a fall cleaning schedule posted by an old blogging friend (who sadly, no longer blogs and so I’ve lost touch. Hoping she is well).

I’ve decided to mostly follow her schedule (why re-invent the wheel) and add in a few of my own touches to get ready for the next season of the year. Want to play along?

She posted one task for each day of the week for 4 weeks. Not too bad.

Here’s our starting point:

Week 1: Look Up!

Monday:  Look up high! Time to tackle the ceilings. Get the cobwebs out of the corners. Clean the ceiling fans. And bathroom vent fans. Also, any vents up high. (Our vents are all on the floor around here). *I completed this task in under 10 minutes* (Not sure why my ceiling fans were fairly clean. That is unusual!)

Tuesday: Light covers and switches! Even the ones up high if you didn’t wipe them off yesterday. And all the ones at normal heights. Bonus points if you have Clorox wipes to swish on them still.

Wednesday: Pictures! Dust off all those paintings and framed photos on the wall and shelves. Might as well dust the shelves while you’re at it.

Thursday: Walls! Dust off, clean off your walls. If your time is limited (like mine is on Thursday) just focus on your most troublesome wall spots. Around here, the focus is going to be the wall behind the kitchen sink and probably the hallway walls as they get ignored (they’ll just be dusty more than dirty).

Friday: Shelves and high storage. I’m not super tall so this is an area I sometimes tend to ignore. Let’s pretend it’s Halloween with a scary task, cleaning off the top of the fridge!

Saturday: My Bonus Task. Check on your fall candle/scents stash. Treat yourself to a new fall candle or scent. Or google how to make your home smell like fall.

What’s your favorite fall scent? 

For me, early fall is cinnamon apple and then, late fall moves into the pumpkin spice scents. This year, I have a pumpkin apple candle from Bath and Body Works I’m eager to try out. Maybe with an extra apple candle thrown into the mix until mid-October.


Next week, I plan to start posting the countdown on Tuesdays and probably just share the Monday task in my weekly planning posts for any one who wants to join in the fun.

Please comment and  let me know your favorite fall scent and if you’re planning to clean along with me.






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