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Five on Friday: Feeling Loved

I so enjoy joining in with the Five on Friday hosted by Amy from Love Made My Home.  I’m putting this post together on Wednesday (my day off this week) since I work the next two days.  I’ll just link up before work on Friday.

So for my five this week, I thought I’d share my Valentine’s Day with you.  First, a confession.  The two days prior to Valentine’s Day, I was quite grouchy and acting very unlovable.  Sunday, I was just in a terrible mood.  Monday happened to be the anniversary (10 years if my math is correct) of my mother’s death.  Not things that help one get in a mood to be feel romantic.

Upon waking on Tuesday, I realized part of the reason for my sour mood was the precursor to the nasty cold I’m now fighting.  By now I should realize when I get so grouchy, illness is on the horizon.  However, I did not feel bad enough to back out of work where I’d been asked to help out with the Valentine’s Day party.

Nothing like a little preschool love to improve your outlook and give you positive happy feelings which is where my five start.

ONE: Preschool Valentines

Some of the preschool kids had extra Valentines they handed to us.  Sweet kids.

A younger student also gave me a picture she colored.

And one little girl brought in little Valentine’s day boxes specifically for all the teachers.   Since I’m not there all the time:  I had to check and make sure this was actually intended for me as sometimes the kids get confused.  After making sure all the other teachers had one of their own, this was indeed for me.

Inside the box contained a small paper airplane with the child’s name (hidden in my photo for the sake of privacy), Dove chocolates, and Starbucks coffees. A great Valentine!

Two:  Flowers From My Husband

I really didn’t expect anything for Valentine’s Day this year as I had been so grouchy and fed up the past two days.  It’s not a huge deal in our house either.  So I was quite shocked to return from picking up my oldest from school to find these on the kitchen table.  This daisy really caught my eye…so pretty! 

Three: Sweet Valentine’s Day Cards

I didn’t get cards for my husband or boys this year.  Since the first card I looked at cost seven bucks, I opted to skip the cards this year!

Still, can’t say I didn’t absolutely love my cards.

Four: Favorite Candy

My all-time favorite candy, better than chocolate especially since I know they had to put effort into finding it.

I gave the boys their favorite candies as well, the same kinds for all 3 of them.  Plus they each got their favorite kind of popcorn!

Five:  A Favorite Valentine’s Day Dinner

Can’t beat greasy, good pizza!

I’m glad we didn’t have grand Valentine’s Day dinner plans as by dinner time I was feeling quite under the weather.  Most of my evening was spent literally under the covers watching television in bed.  My oldest had pep band and my husband was kind enough to do the running around for that as well as pick up the pizza.

Now, I’m going to go back to my bed (or maybe the couch) instead of dealing with the mess on kitchen table (and elsewhere): 

There’s something special about unexpected Valentine’s Day love, I think.  How was your Valentine’s Day?

Five On Friday: Glimpses of My Week

Happy Friday!  I missed Five on Friday last week but wanted to try to get a quick post in before work today.

ONE:  My Week Started With a Walk in The Park

I shared a few photos of this park on my Happy Homemaker Monday photo but wanted to share a few more.

Am I the only one intrigued by abandoned crumbling houses?


I was surprised to see some ice on this water (a tiny runoff from somewhere) despite our very mild winter

Just one more to give an idea of the expansiveness of this park, you can see the crane from my picture on Monday way off in the distance

TWO:  I Cleaned Out Our Freezer, A Much Overdue Project!

I’m almost embarrassed to show these pictures but maybe they will give someone else hope.  It’s another project I’d been putting off thinking it would take such a long time that took perhaps 15 minutes.

Yikes!  This is actually an “in progress” picture, I forgot to take a proper “before”

I’m happy to report we now have actual space on the top shelf as we’ve eaten from the freezer quite a bit this week

THREE: A Midweek birthday for my husband

We celebrated my husband’s birthday on Wednesday with a very low-key celebration with just the four of us.  It worked out well as G had been home from school sick the past two days. I made tacos and the traditional chocolate birthday cake.

Who says birthday candles need to match?

FOUR:  Everybody’s Working For The Weekend

The life of a substitute teacher: I’m only scheduled to work a few hours on Thursday and Friday this week becomes I have been there every day but Monday.

I worked a half-day on Tuesday, a few hours in the morning on Wednesday, and close to a full day yesterday and will repeat that today.  As much as I love my job, it is still possible to still be tired and “working for the weekend.”   Remember that song (Probably dating myself very much now)?

I did get to enjoy a pretty sky on my break yesterday and will get to live it up in the great weather were supposed to have later this afternoon. 

Five: Reading And A Weird Cat

I’ve been trying to focus on reading in my spare time this week.  However, I’m constantly facing the furry obstacle pictured below.

Doesn’t matter magazine or book, she wants to nap on the pages!

This is a cat’s life!

I did manage to finish one book, Man in the High Castle (if you have watched the TV series and think it’s weird, the book takes it up a notch and is quite different as well).  I think I’ve found a solution that allows me to read and keep her furry highness happy:

She gets her own book now!


What has been happening in your life this week?

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Five on Friday: Little Things, Big Impact

I worked yesterday so am a bit late with this week’s Five on Friday post, hosted by Amy from Love Made My Home but I’m going to think it’s Friday somewhere and join in this morning.  Those 4 day weeks always feel extra long don’t they while the 3 day weekends that precede them always feel extra short?  I wonder why.

I tried to be intentional this week about embracing the little things in life that add to my happiness and so thought I would share a few of those with you today.  Here are five little things that had a big impact on my week.

Little Things with Big Impact

  1. The sun actually stopped by for much too brief a visit last Wednesday.  It was as if it had the same the post-holiday winter blues as the rest of us.  We soaked in the late afternoon sun before it once again disappeared until today.  It’s back and I’m so glad.

    I couldn’t resist pointing the camera (and myself) right into the bright glaring sunlight as J enjoyed a bit of time on the swing set.

    This little bird was out enjoying the sun as well.

    It was so nice to see the blue sky and bright sun behind these trees after 6 days of dreariness.

  2. This silly little cat and her immediate claim to my paper shredder box as her new “bed.”

    Great spot for a nap.

  3. My attempt at making art, a craft, I’m not sure what to call it, for our living room wall.  Excuse the blurry phone photo but I did rather enjoy my time putting together this early Valentine’s decoration.
  4. Kind words from a preschool child while I was working.  I could probably broaden this to say my job itself.  I’m so lucky to work at a job I love.  It brings me so much joy that I don’t have to worry too much if things sometimes get a bit overwhelming (working with small children that does tend to happen on occasion) or I have a day where I’m not super motivated.  Those stresses and unmotivated moments are easily erased by the “I love you” from a student or some of the funny things they say to give me a hearty laugh for the day.  Spending the day teaching, modeling, and observing kindness, peace, and respect does wonders for the soul.
  5. A surprise email from an old friend (in answer to my letter sent for the 52 letters in 52 weeks challenge).  I have some stamps and too many ideas for who and where to send my next letters.


Although I only listed 5, my week was full of happy moments. Other little things that made moments of happiness in my week included:  finally passing my level on Candy Crush Saga, winning at Bunco, A rare hug along with actual conversation from my teenager, finishing one of my books, and getting back my Legacy box order yesterday (review with more details coming next week).

What little things added to your happiness last week?

Five On Friday: In My Purse

Just a fun post for today’s Five on Friday and a confession about a magazine I sometimes read.

Admittedly, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit I read it.  And I don’t always.  Really, I mostly glance at it to see the pretty dresses (like the awards shows).  Also, I should note I found a free subscription to the magazine on-line (as I do with almost all the magazines that come in the mail).

Ready for my magazine confession?  five on friday Yes, I get Us Weekly. Do I read it religiously upon arrival?  No.  Is it my favorite magazine? No.  Is it fun and easy to glance through?  Yes.

Besides looking at the pretty dresses in the “On The Red Carpet” layout and the outfits in the “Who Wore It Best” feature, my favorite page in the magazine is this one:  five on friday A one page feature titled, “What’s In My Bag?” where celebrities dump out the contents of their bags/purses and share about the things they carry.

So, as I was cleaning out my own purse yesterday even though I am hardly a celebrity (not at all), I thought it would be a fun Five on Friday to share about the things I carry.

In My Purse:

five on friday

Even with a large purse, I prefer to travel “light”

One thing not pictured here is the massive amount of trash I threw away.  The trash mostly consists of Target, grocery store, and gas pump receipts.

Five Things That Are Always In My Purse

  1.  Hand sanitizer.  This spray kind from the Honest company is my favorite.  I keep it in a Ziploc bag in case of leaks.  I’m not sure why I have 2 but I do know I’m not as fond of the citrus scented one.  five on friday
  2. My PTA scissors.  When I was the elementary school PTA president, I won these at a PTA council meeting.  Obviously, they are always banging around down in the depths of my purse as you can tell since they are filthy.  However, they come in handy so often!
  3. Hand lotion especially in the winter! 
  4. Gum or peppermints. 
  5. Some sort of lip balm.  This giant Zum kiss from Indigo Wild is my favorite.  It seems to last forever.

I also always carry my driver’s license, various bank cards/credit cards/store cards/library cards, a small bit of cash (try to do this at least, it’s good policy), a calculator (yes, I know there’s an app on my phone but I also like my calculator), an extra feminine product in yet another Ziploc bag (I chose to leave that discreetly hidden in the photo above),  a pen, and my phone.  Thanks to my cell phone I now have a strange obsession with having to find a purse with a special pocket to keep a phone.

Things I probably need to add to my bag (They were probably in there at some point and just never got replaced):  a small package of tissues and a first aid kit or at the very least some bandages.

What’s in your bag?


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Five Things That Happened The First Week of 2017 (Five On Friday)

I thought I’d keep things simple today and just share five things that happened this week for my Five On Friday. I really did have good intentions about starting off the year posting more but you know what they say about those paving a road to a super warm location.

Speaking of warm locations, I’m not in one of those today.  It was 1 degree this morning.  Pretty cold for these parts!  Anyway, straight to the list:

Five Things That Happened In The First Week of 2017

ONE:  I broke my favorite coffee cup on the very first day of the new year.

I just dropped it, right onto the hardwood kitchen floor.  It broke into too many pieces.  I may or may not have cried a tiny bit. My husband, a bit puzzled, kept suggesting places I could go to simply get a new cup.  However, this was a secret sister gift from my mom’s club days many years ago.  And, it’s not that simple to replace a favorite coffee cup.  Here’s an old photo of my coffee cup that is no more.

Five Things

Two:  I worked a full day on the third day of the year and the last day of my boys’ Christmas break.

I had planned to be home with them the entire home and had even listed myself as unavailable until the 5th.  However, one of the teachers had a true medical emergency (she’s fine, thank goodness) so I went ahead and made the exception to work that day.  Honestly, I was ready to go back to work anyway.  I love my boys but I was the one getting a bit bored.

Three:  My Boys (Reluctantly) Returned To School

They were not ready to get back to school.  My 6th grader especially was quite forlorn on Tuesday evening.  By the way, I think I may have won mom of the year last year and not realized it as the paper informing me was probably crammed in my 6th grader’s notebook along with many other important papers and unsigned permission slips he never felt the need to share with me.  SIGH.

However, both boys had good first days and I was happy to be home to hear about them.  J is quite excited about his new music appreciation elective. G was laughing about the size of some of his classes and the announcement that all classes were “full.”  He is one of seven students in his first hour and one of five students in his last hour.

Four:  We Had Our First Snow Of The New Year And The First Snow Day Of The School Year

The snow started late Wednesday evening and I really figured the roads would be cleared.  However, the 5a.m. call came announcing the schools were closed for the day.   The boys slept in and I made pumpkin spice and chocolate chip muffins for their breakfast.  Unfortunately, I still had to go to work at noon as my preschool opted for the late-start instead.

Five Things

First snow of 2017

Five:  I Attempted A Craft

I went Wednesday night as the snow was just starting to fall and picked up a wreath frame as I really wanted to make the scarf wreath.  I decided to make it last night and knew I was in trouble when my husband eyeballed the wreath frame and said, “What is that for?  That’s really huge.”  Ut-oh.  Apparently, there is quite a difference between a 12 and 18 inch wire wreath frame.

Perhaps I’m the only one who has things shrink and grow Alice style between the store and my home?  I attempted the wreath anyway and like the mess up enough that I’ll trek back to the store this weekend to get the correct size frame and give it another try.  I do love the scarf I used and would actually wear it if the material didn’t make my throat itch.


Five Things

Scarf Wreath, Attempt 1


For my first Friday of the New Year, I’m finishing up this post while waiting for our traditional (sort of…box mixed and canned frosting) Three Kings Cake to cool.   I’m also still mulling over my word of the year and wondering if it should simply be decide instead of any of my finalists.

I have to work later today so will likely go jump in the shower and start getting ready for that very soon.

How has your first week of the year been?

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