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Five on Friday: A Rainy Start to Our Weekend

Trying very hard to avoid the temptation to go back to bed today. It rained all night, going to be cloudy all day, I think.

Sharing another Five on Friday to stay in the swing of blogging a bit more regularly.

ONE: Fun Clouds in the Sky

The clouds before the rain

Might as well start with the weather. Felt like summer yesterday afternoon which led to thunderstorms and rain overnight. Cold front means it now feels like fall. Windows open, attic fan working.

TWO: Think I Already Mentioned It Makes Great Sleeping Weather

She refused to use her little cat bed for the longest time. Only when she started sleeping on these abandoned couch cushions (this is in our basement) and my husband put the cat bed on top of them, did she decide to go ahead and give it a try. Works as a great nap spot for her now. Got to get those 10 hour naps each day.

THREE: Bad Habit, Good Customer Service

I think I mentioned in a previous post about my bad Bath and Body Works On-line shopping habit. And yes, I did go and get my free gift with on-line order today because my Spend-Less September doesn’t start until Monday!

However, my last order arrived a mess:  Thankfully, 3 quick e-mail exchanges later, they are replacing my damaged product. And we’re well stocked on soap for a few months! I’ve been pretty true to Target’s Method soap for a long time but they took the yucky stuff out of the Bath and Body Works Soap and the price with a sale is actually cheaper than the Method soap! Plus, who doesn’t love all those fun scents?

FOUR: An Epiphany Moment

A picture of our dirty welcome mat added just for fun. My plans for today: work on the blog a bit, catch up on laundry, clean the house (somehow…this is a tough one in the middle of a remodel project with things moved everywhere), and catch up on Netflix. Enjoy some alone time before we’re all together all weekend.

A text asking me to work. No “real” plans….but I want to do my stuff. Suddenly, my thought arrives: Plans with myself are just as important to keep as plans with other people. 

I seldom say no (it’s why I get called a lot and one of the challenges of being a substitute, the discipline required to say yes more often than you say no) but today, I did. I decided to keep my plans with myself.

Also, I my son may have told me I look like Billy from Stranger Things after seeing my newly permed hair yesterday. Not that I’m vain (or maybe I am) but I can’t wash for 48 hours, have to air dry and figured a curling iron wouldn’t be the best. Let’s stick with the it’s important to keep plans with myself part.

FIVE: Progress on Our Bedroom Project

I’m ready to paint! Apparently, there are still a few steps to complete (and walls to sheet rock). More time to envision my “perfect” bedroom with a soft blue hue on the walls, matching furniture, long sheer flow-y to the floor curtains, a navy/blush color scheme (maybe), and a white ceiling fan. Wondering about shimmer-y white paint for the ceiling fan as well as how much of this idea the husband shall veto. The joys of two people needing to agree.






Five on Friday: Signs of Summer’s Goodbye

Trying to get back into the swing of blogging a bit more often.  I used to really enjoy participating in a Five on Friday link up (no longer in existence). Thought it would be fun to just go ahead and do one of those posts today.

Everywhere I look I see signs of Summer leaving and Fall arriving (and it’s bit too early, I’d like to add!).  Even the weather this morning, cool and crisp. The kind of weather that whispers: you should be outside…so the cat and I took a little walk around the yard.

Here’s what we found:

ONE: Danger on the Deck!

Our resident squirrels are busy in the Oak tree. And it rains acorns on our deck. Makes it easy to identify with Chicken Little. Sometimes, I think the squirrels are actually throwing the acorns at us.

TWO: Overgrown Gardens

It’s August and it’s been either too hot or raining most of this month to pay attention to the flower or our joke of a vegetable garden. And of course, we’ve been busy on the 2 other days the weather was right. 

THREE: Mums the word!

I gave into temptation and bought a couple of pots of mums at grocery store. Fall flowers, a bit early but they were cheap! More mums may or may not be in my future.

After our walk, I returned inside where a few signs of fall’s arrival also appear as I cling to my hope by burning my summer scented candles. I’ll change scents after Labor Day.

FOUR: Football Season is Serous Stuff around Town

I found myself sucked into the excitement and making this random grocery store purchase:   Supposedly, it tastes like Frosted Flakes. We haven’t opened the box yet.

And while the city takes pro-football very serious, it’s also high school football season aka marching band season. Fall is very much around the corner if I’m slowing down when driving by the high school to see if I can hear the band practicing out on the field. (I did hear them! Sign of a great band season to come.)

FIVE: A Couple of Perfect Books to Read for Back To School Time 



What signs of summer parting and fall arriving have you found?



A Random Five On Friday

Hoping the Five on Friday link up returns soon. I do miss it. Of course, I also understand the need to take a blog break.

Meanwhile, I’m randomly putting up my own Five on Friday posts. Today’s post is a random collection from the week.

ONE: Tomorrow is National Coffee Day!

Did you know? I had no idea about it when I purchased this: 

My local grocery store carries my favorite soap (from a local company located here in KC!). And last week, they offered a great gas discount if you purchased a bar of it. Couldn’t say no to that deal! And yes, it smells as amazing as you think.  Will you be drinking coffee tomorrow?  I plan on it.

TWO: How Not To Make Banana Bread

I had this not so brilliant (after all) idea to make the cake-like banana bread my husband likes on Wednesday. It tastes like cake so why not just make it in a bundt pan? It will look great on the table and make these beautiful slices of banana bread. Except, no it does not.  Stuck in the pan. Certain cakes (and breads, ha) do not do well in bundt pans, something to do with the density. I’ll stick with a loaf pan next time.

THREE: Home Organizing

My work’s been slow. Second week in a row at home. It’s giving me a chance to catch up on some projects, like clearing out the linen closet. 

I’m working on a few shelves at a time. I started with the “stuff” shelves. It’s nice having all the first aid supplies in one place again (and the expired items gone).

Four: Feng Shui’d My Desk Yesterday (I really need to go back to work soon!)

Not perfect and not quite done but so far, I like it!

FIVE: Fresh Flowers For September!

One of my 18 for 2018 items:  

Buy fresh flowers for the table once a month. I’ve not been too bad at keeping up with it. I do think I might have missed August.  Didn’t want to pass up these bouquets (I stuck two together) on Monday! Decided they looked better by the window instead of on  the kitchen table.  And, they also smell amazing! Sniff: 


How has your week gone?

Five On Friday: A Random Week At Home

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t work for an entire week without being on a vacation. It’s been a bit of an adjustment.

Sort of like adjusting to fall. Sometimes it looked like the new season but it still felt like summer. As mixed up as this branch on the neighbor’s oak tree. 

So while I wait for the phone to ring before giving up and actually cleaning the house, here’s a random Five on Friday from my week.

ONE: Cat

We’re trying to readjust her schedule a bit. The four a.m. wake up calls are getting old. She’s not happy but my husband is hoping if we make her stay inside until daylight, she’ll stop the incessant complaining about the humans not opening the door in the wee hours of the morning.

TWO: Books About Cats 

Did read another book on my 18 for 2018 book list. Requested it from the main library and quite a relic arrived at my local branch for pick up.   Remember checking books out of the library like this? If you do, you probably also remember microfiche as well *shudder* Let’s all take a moment and in this case, say: Thank you, modern technology!

THREE: Speaking of Modern Things, I Attempted A Selfie

Used the actual camera so I’m not sure it counts. Also, stepping way out of my comfort zone sharing it on here.  While reading Staying Stylish by Candace Cameron Bure, I realized I’d been getting pretty lazy in the whole getting ready for the day thing. So I’m trying to do a bit better.

Fixed my hair and put on make-up on Tuesday. (Please ignore the background, no idea how to make it prettier without moving to a new house and that’s not likely to happen.)

FOUR: Pass the pumpkin, please

So, this summer loving person must confess. I made pumpkin muffins to start the week on Sunday. In my defense of that, my nephew stayed over and he likes pumpkin muffins. Then, on Tuesday…for the potluck edition of our Bunco group: I took pumpkin spice cookies! 

I adapted an old pumpkin chocolate chip recipe saved from a PTA leadership magazine. I may share the recipe later when it’s truly the fall season. Oh, that’s in two days isn’t it? Maybe I’ll share the recipe next week.

FIVE: One Final Summer Hike

Since I thought today was going to be rainy and cool (it’s not), I took a hike at a local nature center yesterday. Soaked in that tiny last bit of summer weather before things change. 

This guy also wanted to soak up some of that late summer sunshine.  And a quick forest “bath” so check another item off my summer bucket list (kind of…I wanted to take the kids for that one but school started too soon for us all). 


Fall starts on Sunday. How did you spend your “official” last week of summer? Wonder how many of you are going to answer by saying decorating for fall 😉

Five On Friday: Signs of Summer

Yesterday, our first day of summer, arrived with a cold, rainy day. It actually felt more like fall!

We have to laugh about our ever-changing Midwestern weather or I’m afraid we’d be crying all the time. Thankfully, there are plenty of signs of summer to remind me the rain will turn to super humid, hot pool ready days again soon.

Five Signs Of Summer (Besides the weather):

ONE: Summer flowers blooming!

The highway medians overflow with blooming wildflowers. I love to see the yellow from the black-eyed Susan flowers as I drive along running errands. In my own yard, trumpet vine appears on part of the backyard fence along with the wild honeysuckle.  My tropical milkweed is blooming in the front yard: 

Soon I hope to see my favorite monarch butterflies visiting the yard.

TWO: Natural outdoor lights begin to turn on just before dark becoming brighter as the sun finally sets.

During the daytime, the natural light sources (aka lightning bugs or fireflies) seek shelter among my plants and flowers.   I’ll have to read a few tips (feel free to share them if you know any) of how to capture a photo during the twilight hours. Standing outside taking in the sight of the first few bugs lighting up the night is one of my favorite summer things.

THREE: Taffy in the grocery store!

Admittedly, a bit of a silly one. And yes, I have a taffy problem. However, when I see the self-serve bins of taffy in the seasonal aisle of Hy-Vee, I know summer’s arrived.   On a healthier note, fresh produce is also abundant again.

FOUR: Road construction everywhere!

To be fair, I’m mentioning one of my not favorite things.  However, it is certainly everywhere and a sure sign of summer. We drove through our fair share on our way to Minnesota. And the weekend we arrived home, an entire section of I-70 shut down for bridge work over the course of 2 nights.

Since I don’t have any pictures of orange cones or concrete barriers to share, here’s a photo of a lovely Minnesota road.  And I must give a special shout out to those Minnesota construction road signs, I loved them even if I couldn’t manage a photo.

Slower traffic, move right.

Merge right, take turns.

Ha! If only we could put take turns on so many signs around here. Our road signs (and drivers) could certainly use the extra directive.

FIVE: Slower paced, simpler days

It’s just before 5 on Thursday as I put together this post. No need to hurry up and get dinner started as there aren’t any school functions to rush off and attend. No homework battles looming. We can eat at 6 or 7:30, doesn’t matter.

Some of us, can spend plenty of time improving our Tetris score and showing it off on the television screen:  (Note: This is J, not me.  My talents do not include high achievements in Tetris).


What are some signs of summer for you?

Note: This post is part of the 30 Days of Summer series as well as a Five on Friday post (although our Five on Friday host is currently taking a break, I wanted to stay in the Five on Friday habit).

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