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Five on Friday: My Kitchen Table

My mother once told me the kitchen was the heart of the home.  And I should make sure to get a home with a big kitchen because everyone always gathers in the kitchen.

I have found the first sentence to be true.  Too bad I didn’t follow her advice.  Our kitchen is quite small.  However, we make it work.

Our kitchen table is a small wooden table my brother gave me when I moved into my apartment.  His family was moving on to a larger table and he no longer needed it.  It was a good sturdy table for an empty apartment.

The leaf was very seldom if ever used.  It was simply a round table that sat under a framed print of Picasso’s “Bouquet of Peace” which I learned as “Hand with Flowers.”

My husband actually hung the print on the wall for me when we were dating.  Somewhere I may have a picture of the table in those days but searching for it would send me down a rabbit hole from which I might never emerge.

I honestly can’t remember when it became the kitchen table for our home here.  Perhaps from the moment I moved in here.  The seldom if ever used leaf is now a permanent fixture in the table so our family of four fits comfortably.

The Picasso print has long been passed on to a nephew (it wasn’t my husband’s style).  The table now sits under a drawing J made in the 2nd or 3 grade.

This is what our humble kitchen table looked like last night:

When I set my mini goals on Tuesday, one was to keep the kitchen table clear and eat dinner there each night.   For today’s Five on Friday (hosted by the F.A.S.T. blog, go check it out!), I thought I’d share about my struggle to keep my kitchen table clear all week.

Please forgive some of the blurrier photos, they were snapped in a hurry without the best light most days (and today’s yet another rainy day…better be seeing lots of May flowers!)

Five Views of the kitchen table:


This is how it often looks after the morning rush of making lunches and getting everyone out the door during the week. 


After I cleared it off on Tuesday.  Thought maybe a black and white copy would help with my lighting issues. 


After a mid-week grocery run on Wednesday.  I usually only go to the store on Sunday nights or Monday mornings but sometimes I forget things.  I may have been hungry when I made this grocery store run..


The start of setting the table for dinner on Wednesday evening. 


I was doing better yesterday as it looked like this after the morning lunch making rush:

One of the lilies in the bouquet did this yesterday.

I thought a cheery new table-cloth would keep me inspired to keep the table clean.  Finally, in regard to the second part of my mini goal, we have had dinner at the table all week!  Unfortunately, not always at the same time.  The carrots were a tough sell but I probably also put too many on his plate.

Now, I need to go and clear off the table from the morning lunch making rush which morphed into a “I can’t find a pencil for school” rush from the table.

Do you find it a struggle to keep your kitchen table clear of stuff?

Five On Friday: Spring Refresh

After 13 straight days of rain, THIRTEEN, the sun came out on Wednesday afternoon.  It even decided to stick around for yesterday, today, and I hear maybe most of the weekend.

This poor wind flower has hardly been opened up with all the rain. I think it’s enjoying the sun right along with the rest of us!

This was a rather odd week with the boys returning to school after spring break.  I worked a pretty full week, also.  Three whole days!  Well, maybe a half-day yesterday but it felt like a whole day.

It seemed strange to be off today and have everybody else off to work and school.  My original plan was to give the house a good cleaning.  Of course, I happened on a meme on Facebook that said something about it being “don’t do any housework day” and while I’m not sure of the accuracy, I didn’t want to take any chances and miss my chance to celebrate that one.

Instead of cleaning, I ran a few errands and picked up a few things to give the house a bit of a spring refresh.  I’m still not done but I’m sharing my progress for today’s Five on Friday, hosted by the F.A.S.T blog.

Spring Refresh:


ONE:  A new mat for the kitchen floor!  This just caught my eye when I was out shopping today and I’ve wanted something like this as opposed to a rug for a long time so I went ahead.

This mat just had such a cheerful feeling to it.

TWO:  A slight Front Door Do Over.  I finally got around to ordering a curtain to block the little window in it.  It didn’t bother me much when the sun came blaring in to our house but the gaming boys found it annoying.  My husband’s solution had been to place a towel with clips on the curtain bar.  It was not a very pretty look.  Problem is now solved.

I’m hoping the wrinkles will fall out but it still looks better than a towel!


THREE:  I also found something to put on the front door in place of my winter wreath.  It’s not the most glamorous craft project but I thought it turned out cute and it was low-cost since I only used $4 to put it together.  Have to love The Dollar Tree!

I like my new simple front door “wreath”

FOUR:   A new cushion for the bench on the front porch.  It took a lot of self-control to get one “plain” that I knew my husband would think looked good as opposed to a fun outlandishly designed cushion.

The cat has already tested it and approves of her new warm weather napping spot.

FIVE: A new welcome mat as well!  The old one is not in terrible shape so it may go to the back door. 


My plan is to use this sunny weekend to continue with my spring refresh focusing on the outside.  I need to clean up the yard a bit, get some flowers out there (I was very tempted by some hanging baskets at the store where I bought the cushion but opted to hold off and check a few other places), and maybe fix the porch rail a certain little gray cat has been using as a scratching post.

An area in need of clean up. 

I need to add some new flowers here.

What kinds of spring projects do you have planned?





Five On Friday, A Rainy Spring Break

It’s been a rainy spring break week around here.  We’ve spent all of it so far at home.  At the beginning of the week, I challenged myself to take at least one photo each day.  I did manage to do that.

I decided to share the photos as glimpses of each day of our rainy spring break for my Five on Friday, hosted by the blog, F.A.S.T.


It was gray, gloomy morning with rain on the horizon.  However, it was a great day to wake up to a purring cat as opposed to a blaring alarm.  G had a friend stay over Sunday night and a gloomy Monday morning seemed a good time for doughnuts.  Unfortunately, most local doughnut shops take Mondays off.  The grocery store selections had to do.  The apple fritter is always, always mine.  Waiting until Tuesday will be our plan next time, however.


Another rainy morning but I was determined to get the family out of the house if only for a bit.  Only for a bit to have lunch at a local restaurant was all we could manage.  Even that proved to be a bit of a fight.

A local park’s waterfall (turned on for the spring and summer season at last!) made for a nice view during our lunch.  I just had to annoy the family and take a few pictures from the parking lot.


Guess what kind of weather greeted us on Wednesday morning?  More rain!  Tuesday evening was J’s turn to have a friend over.  The boys stayed up quite late and so Wednesday turned out to be a perfect lazy day for me.

I spent it with a cup of tea, my book, and a rather sub-par cupcake (boxed mix and frosting…)


I left the boys all to their own devices (J actually had plans to go to a local science museum with a friend) and went to get my hair done.

I was slightly nervous to be getting a perm again but I was ready for a change.  I trust my hairdresser and she assured me I wouldn’t come out looking like my grandmother.

I was quite happy with the results.  We’ll see how I do with styling it when I can actually wash it in a couple of days.  Things haven’t changed that much and I still must wait to wash my hair for 2 days. 

We also decided to take advantage of our damp, rainy weather and throw a bit of grass seed down in the now muddy patches of our yard. 


Well, so far it has not rained.  However, the skies still look like this:  My mood is starting to match the weather (and yes, more rain is called for during our weekend!) and I’m feeling a bit gloomy.

This was not exactly the spring break I had in mind.  How do you cope with gray, gloomy days?

Five On Friday, Welcome Spring!

It’s been a while since I was home and had time to put up a Five on Friday post, formerly hosted by Amy of Love Made My Home and now hosted by the F.A.S.T. blog.   I also, sadly, haven’t been picking up the camera as much.  I’m determined to change that.  I couldn’t think of a better reason to pick up the camera today than to welcome spring.

We had a super mild winter which translates to a super early spring.  Of course, I’ve lived around here long enough to know it could snow next week.  I doubt it does but it wouldn’t surprise me either.

Since I’m recovering from pneumonia, I just took a short walk around our yard as well as half-way around the block.  The early spring flowers are going strong!

Please, join me on my walk to say welcome spring!

ONE: Our Backyard

The grackles have returned.  They aren’t my favorite bird, noisy and obnoxious.  They are mean to my little cat.  That said, their return does mean spring is here and summer is near.  Green patches of random flowers are popping up everywhere!  These little hyacinths always catch me by surprise.  So do the violets which love our backyard!  Good thing I love them back and just let them be. The peony bush is already growing strong! And I’m hoping this is the year, my Iris flowers actually bloom.  

TWO: Our Front Yard

I shared some of the little purple flowers that cover our yard each spring already.  At the time, I said I thought it was too early for Dandelions.  However, I saw on the news where they are actually also considered spring flowers.  Here’s a spring Dandelion right at home. I happened on these little flowers just getting ready to bloom.  The tulips popped up super early this year as well.  We hadn’t even begun to clear the area where I pretend to landscape. 

THREE:  A Faithful Companion

She is a cat.  However, please don’t tell the supreme leader of the household I said that.  She follows me around outside to make sure I stay where I belong.  This morning she followed me more than halfway down the street and almost got herself in a dispute with the neighbor’s orange cat.

welcome spring

She finds it exhausting trying to keep her people in line.

Funny story: Earlier this week, I ran into my boys’ former elementary school principal.  She asked if I had any recent photos of my kids on my phone.  (Hangs in head in shame).  I only had photos of my little gray cat.

FOUR:  Along Our Street

I only walked to the end of our street this morning but it was enough to see several more signs of spring.  The neighbor’s tree is in full bloom.  The Red bud trees (my favorite!) are also starting to show their purple buds.  A few random daffodils were still blooming.  Most have already bloomed and gone.  Super early this year! 

FIVE: The End of The Street

There is a lake at the end of our road before it turns to loop around to the next street.  Usually full of geese.  I was surprised not to see them in the field although I could definitely hear them down in the water on the other side of the slight hill.


Is it spring in your area?  What signs of spring have you noticed?

Five on Friday: Feeling Loved

I so enjoy joining in with the Five on Friday hosted by Amy from Love Made My Home.  I’m putting this post together on Wednesday (my day off this week) since I work the next two days.  I’ll just link up before work on Friday.

So for my five this week, I thought I’d share my Valentine’s Day with you.  First, a confession.  The two days prior to Valentine’s Day, I was quite grouchy and acting very unlovable.  Sunday, I was just in a terrible mood.  Monday happened to be the anniversary (10 years if my math is correct) of my mother’s death.  Not things that help one get in a mood to be feel romantic.

Upon waking on Tuesday, I realized part of the reason for my sour mood was the precursor to the nasty cold I’m now fighting.  By now I should realize when I get so grouchy, illness is on the horizon.  However, I did not feel bad enough to back out of work where I’d been asked to help out with the Valentine’s Day party.

Nothing like a little preschool love to improve your outlook and give you positive happy feelings which is where my five start.

ONE: Preschool Valentines

Some of the preschool kids had extra Valentines they handed to us.  Sweet kids.

A younger student also gave me a picture she colored.

And one little girl brought in little Valentine’s day boxes specifically for all the teachers.   Since I’m not there all the time:  I had to check and make sure this was actually intended for me as sometimes the kids get confused.  After making sure all the other teachers had one of their own, this was indeed for me.

Inside the box contained a small paper airplane with the child’s name (hidden in my photo for the sake of privacy), Dove chocolates, and Starbucks coffees. A great Valentine!

Two:  Flowers From My Husband

I really didn’t expect anything for Valentine’s Day this year as I had been so grouchy and fed up the past two days.  It’s not a huge deal in our house either.  So I was quite shocked to return from picking up my oldest from school to find these on the kitchen table.  This daisy really caught my eye…so pretty! 

Three: Sweet Valentine’s Day Cards

I didn’t get cards for my husband or boys this year.  Since the first card I looked at cost seven bucks, I opted to skip the cards this year!

Still, can’t say I didn’t absolutely love my cards.

Four: Favorite Candy

My all-time favorite candy, better than chocolate especially since I know they had to put effort into finding it.

I gave the boys their favorite candies as well, the same kinds for all 3 of them.  Plus they each got their favorite kind of popcorn!

Five:  A Favorite Valentine’s Day Dinner

Can’t beat greasy, good pizza!

I’m glad we didn’t have grand Valentine’s Day dinner plans as by dinner time I was feeling quite under the weather.  Most of my evening was spent literally under the covers watching television in bed.  My oldest had pep band and my husband was kind enough to do the running around for that as well as pick up the pizza.

Now, I’m going to go back to my bed (or maybe the couch) instead of dealing with the mess on kitchen table (and elsewhere): 

There’s something special about unexpected Valentine’s Day love, I think.  How was your Valentine’s Day?

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