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Randomness From A Busy Week In May

Sharing a few random moments from my week with today’s Five on Friday post. And yes, I know it’s Saturday. Let’s just get straight to it.

ONE: The World Is Green Again!

I mowed our lawn last Sunday and by Friday, it looked like I hadn’t bothered. Complete with these little white flowers randomly appearing.  The creeping Charlie (the little purplish ones) also gives parts of our lawn a lovely lavender hue. Time to get out the lawn mower again but not today as thunderstorms roll through this morning.

TWO: Teacher Appreciation Week

Worked a few days this week and while they were busy and a bit chaotic (standard school days in May), I felt so loved. I’m still not used to being on this end of teacher appreciation week. My “haul” pictured below. The nicest note from one of our regular teachers, a Starbucks gift card from the parent organization, a coaster (back says if teachers were flowers, I’d pick you). And not pictured, a super hero themed school shirt. 

THREE: Growing Like Weeds

I’m having the best time watching the baby robins in their nest. They seem to get bigger every time I look out the back door.  They keep their mama busy. We’re hungry! Again. And now, we’re getting our feathers!

FOUR: Another Wren House Hunting

Caught this little wren checking out the wren house in our yard!

FIVE: Returning Flowers

Last Sunday, I stopped and picked up a hanging basket of my little blue flowers. And while out “chasing” birds around the backyard, I noticed the hydrangea I “rescued” from the rack late last summer, survived the winter. As well as a yellow (?we planted purple ones) Iris bud. And with a bit of overnight rain… A yellow Iris!


Along with working a bit last week, my youngest son also had his last band concert of the year plus a reunion picnic for the elementary gifted program, my oldest son had a rather tough Chemistry exam, and my husband traveled out-of-town to attend the funeral of one of his former classmate’s parents.

And I may or may not have sneak off by myself to go see Avengers: Infinity War last night. Definitely, not a movie I’d recommend for the younger ones. My teenager wouldn’t see it again with me and I found it intense as an adult.

Looks as though the sun’s decided to make an afternoon appearance around here so it’s time for me to get outside and inhale the just rained smell and take in all the lovely green hues of the world.

Hope your weekend blooms with happiness!

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Spring Portraits

Have I mentioned May is a super busy month? Have I mentioned our weather has (finally) turned and spring is here. Posting on this blog must take a backseat to days with sunny blue skies and warm weather.

However, I decided to share a very late Five On Friday post combined with a bird-watching post tonight. These portraits of spring fill my heart with joy. Maybe they will fill your heart as well.

ONE: The Robin Family

They do have more than one mouth to feed….

TWO: A Few Blooms

First, white flowers on a couple of not so stinky trees. Much prettier than the Bradford pear blooms.  Can’t remember the name of the tree with these first blooms. The second is a dogwood.

Make a wish!

THREE: More New Neighbors!

A new neighbor moved in next door to the robin family today. They tried moving in on Thursday and weren’t welcomed. Today, they were tolerated.

I found myself elated as a family of one of my favorite little birds worked away. Only one stood still long enough for a quick portrait. Hello, little house wren!

FOUR: This Thrush Seemed To Be Checking Out The Neighborhood As Well

I “chased” him around the front and back yard all morning before settling on thinking he’s a Swainson’s Thrush. Please, let me know if you think he’s a different type. Not even sure these are both the same bird. The bird in the second photo seemed a bit smaller than the first one. So nice to see a variety of birds around the yard again.

FIVE: A Few Other Creatures Wandering About The Yards

And then, there were bunnies…I caught this bunny bathing this morning. Not pictured, later I spotted a baby bunny hopping not far from the tree. He was in the underbrush well before I could go back and grab the camera again. It seems this squirrel may have finally figured how to forage for his own food. Maybe. And of course, the little gray cat continues to not be amused by the time I spend taking photos. ****

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Sunday to Saturday (A Belated Five on Friday)

Since I work most Fridays, my Five on Fridays tend to be belated and show up on Saturdays.

A bit of a random post this morning. I’m a bit tired after Murphy and his aggravating law showed up for an unannounced visit.  Not a lot of photos either and they are a bit random as well.

Sunday And Monday:

On yet another snowy Sunday in April, I opted to make hot chocolate using all the fancy dressings: whipped cream, mini chocolate chips, and left-over Easter sprinkles. 

I also took photos of my groceries thinking I’d share what I bought in a post.  Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom does this in her grocery haul posts. Are you a snoop like me wondering about the things you see the people buy at the grocery store? Sometimes I wonder if the person surveying my groceries can tell I’m attempting to purchase healthy items (mostly for me) and trying to feed two teenage boys and keep my junk-food loving family content all at the same time?

On Monday, the outside world no longer looked like this:

These are Grackles, I think. The tree is a block over so the camera is at its zoom limits to see.

However, Monday night our phones buzzed with the news that my husband’s grandfather fell. He’s back in the hospital.  This time in the ICU. The diagnosis of two broken vertebrae and pneumonia did not sound optimistic.


My husband and his brother opted to travel to Oklahoma on Tuesday. I stayed here and juggled working with the school runs.   I arrived late to work on Tuesday (Traffic! Ugh! And…don’t let me jump on my soapbox about the need of some car-line parents to watch their 7th and 8th graders walk 100 feet into a building…please, keep it moving! Some of us have places to be.)

Tuesday, the weather began to improve.  On Wednesday, I broke the coffee cup pictured above. Knocked the handle off of it. Super-glued it back on though.

The Carolina Wren popped out of hiding! Actually, I spotted two wrens but only managed to capture one with the camera. My fuzzy gray assistant kept bumping the camera and switching the angle. Some sort of cat petting emergency.  This wren sang a beautiful song of spring! Wednesday evening, my husband called. They moved his grandpa out of the ICU, no pneumonia although he did break a rib. He’s still in the hospital but recovering.  Quite miraculous!  He and his brother were coming home on Thursday.


Tiny signs of spring in our backyard

Work days for me. Thankfully, my work is full of understanding and compassionate people who adjusted their schedules a bit since I now had to arrive later than my promised time.

We had a wonderful outside day at preschool cleaning up the playground and surrounding area.  And my husband arrived home in time to go with me to our tax appointment (Something he usually handles that I dreaded doing on my own).

Friday (yesterday), another day spent mostly outside at work enjoying the wonderful weather. It felt like summer!  And, I hardly noticed any bad luck with it being Friday the 13th, quite the opposite for me.

Today, we’re full-circle back to winter weather with a chance of snow showers tonight and tomorrow.  Yet, over all it’s been a good week.

What kinds of ups and downs did your week bring you?


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Five On Friday (Saturday): Just Wait Five Minutes

It’s Saturday but I’m still joining in for Five on Friday. I  wrote a serendipitous post in my head yesterday while getting ready for work.

My work schedule went from me arriving at noon to me arriving in the morning hours. No time yesterday to post. However, now I have time. Forgive me as I’m about to talk about the weather (again).

We have a popular cliché saying about the weather here in the Midwest United States: If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes and it will change.

Changing Weather

One: The snow predicted for last Easter Sunday? It arrived. The little blue flowers in the front yard resisted… Two: And spring returned by mid-week… Complete with blue skies… The kids tossed their coats aside on the playground Thursday afternoon. And then, Friday arrived with Winter’s unwelcome return.

Guess what we saw yesterday afternoon as we were pulling our coats tighter around us out on the playground? Did you guess snow flurries? You guessed right! And a chance for more snow tomorrow night.

Go home, winter! Your turn is over.

Three: The snow stopped and the blue skies returned. Cold blue skies as we awoke to 21 degrees and at noon, the temperature remains at only 28 degrees. Four: Glad I readied my reading pile. Five: I’ll wait patiently for warmer weather.  As sure as I know a teenagers moods change, I know the weather will also. Hopefully, with warmer days ahead… ***

How’s your weather? If you have any sunshine or warm temperatures to spare, we’ll take them!

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Five On Friday: Spring Break, Dreary Weather, And Easter Panic

I should be doing lots of other things. So of course, I’m doing the one thing I don’t “have” to do.

Taking a minute from my Easter panic to join in with Five On Friday. And it’s still Friday. Go me!

Going to be a super random post tonight.


Fourteen guests plus the maybe count coming over for Easter brunch on Sunday morning. Am I ready? Not at all.  Is the house clean? Not at all.  What have I done? Well, I do have 2 ham and cheese Quiche in the freezer plus one pound of caramelized bacon twists. And a strawberry mousse I made ahead and am now having second thoughts on using. A jar of lemon curd (store-bought) hanging out in the cupboard.

Do I have a menu planned? Not really, going to be one of those years where I just throw it all together and hope for the best. Oops, I forgot, we also have a brisket and some buns. And plates (note: next year, do NOT put husband in charge of buying cute Easter plates) and a (plastic) tablecloth.

After I finish this post, I’ll start making a few things. Tomorrow, I’ve a full day in the kitchen. Better set my alarm and actually get out of bed when I hear it.


Getting out of bed when I hear the alarm over spring break is a bit tougher than I expected. My spring break plan: Get up at the normal time every day and enjoy the quiet mornings. My spring break reality: Turn it off, kick the meowing “furry” alarm out of the bedroom, and go back to sleep until almost 9 every morning. Going back to reality’s going to be tough on us all next week.


It feels more like a Christmas break than a spring break around here. Complete with a forecast for snow on Easter!

Oh, how I hope they have that one wrong. However, the dreary weather does make for excellent staying at home in pajamas, reading books, and just sleeping weather. We just about have laziness down to an art form in these parts.


The cutest Robin couple moved into our neighborhood and picked out a residence in the neighbor’s backyard.

House hunting:  Sold! A New Home: 


“Remember when we used to wonder if they’d ever sleep in?” me to my husband just before noon today. I finally managed to get the creatures of the night into the car for a spring break outing in the ONE day of sun we’ve had this week.

We went to the art gallery (“The Nelson” aka The Nelson Atkins Museum) to see two special exhibits and then, over to Winsteads (a local hamburger restaurant) for dinner. 

While the Through the Eyes of Picasso exhibit was perhaps not ideal to visit with teenage sons (let’s just say parts of it focused heavily on male fertility, ahem), it was nice spending time with them. I think they both preferred the other exhibit, Dreams of the Kings: A Jade Suit For Eternity (a 2000 year-old jade burial suit starred in it).

We’ll just pretend the 13-year-old didn’t describe the outing to the museum as “excruciatingly boring.” The 16-year-old was a much better sport though he couldn’t resist a few “I told you so” remarks about my making his brother come with us.

I did have a good laugh and a brief moment of comradery with another couple at the museum. Their boy who appeared close in age to J had a similar “I’m so miserable” expression on his face.  We crossed paths a couple of times during the afternoon.


Time to check my butter and start baking and perhaps, panicking less. Hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!

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