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Five on Friday: Random Camera Practice

Last week, I barely touched my camera.  So, this week I made a goal to take three pictures a day. I thought I’d go ahead and share a few of them for this week’s Five on Friday.


I actually added another cheap grocery store bouquet to one already in the vase. The super cold temperature outside meant they had to wrap them in tissue and cellophane paper (stapled together) so the flowers wouldn’t go into shock outside.


Big talk of a snow day meant I rushed out to get my errands done and have food on hand for when the boys would be home from school for a day. Teenagers eat. A lot. Don’t worry, we do subside on more than Cheetos and chips around here. Our snow day did not happen but most the food disappeared during the week.


I think our lack of a proper snowstorm led to my intense desire to be sitting on the porch watching the birds, smelling the lavender, and feeling the warm spring or summer breezes. 


If only staying outside (and not freezing!) to photograph this sunrise all morning had been an option, I’d have stayed.  I wish I could have shared the even better view I had of this one as I drove my oldest son to school. However, safety first. Photographing and driving do not mix.



Time to wrap up this post and start on taking my three pictures for today.  Don’t forget to hop over to the F.A.S.T. blog and visit the other bloggers participating in Five on Friday!

Five On Friday (Saturday Morning): Random

This week felt more like a month than a simple 7 days.  And, it did not go anywhere near as planned including yesterday.

Yesterday, I planned to work a half-day, come home and join Five On Friday. That did not happen. Instead, I came home and took a two-hour nap, waking only to go pick up my son from school.

Let’s just get to the random five for the past week:

ONE: Sometimes Sickness Still Arrives

Did you hear the large audible sigh as I typed that heading?  Sometimes, you can take the vitamins, drink the green tea, wash your hands until they turn red, use every other trick, and still end up with a nasty cold.  I felt it coming on Thursday afternoon and drank an Emergen-C, a cup of green tea, and downed a Ziacam packet within moments of one another (not advised, bad tummy ache!).

As J put it, “It doesn’t work like that” Still had to try. I felt horrid yesterday but do feel better today so maybe it worked a bit. And even though I’m sick with this head cold, I’m so very thankful to not have the flu which is making rounds about our town.

TWO: Fresh Flowers To Brighten The Day

I didn’t want to end January without getting a start on one of my 18 things for 2018 list so I picked up some fresh flowers while I was grocery shopping. 

THREE: Winter Weather Means Sunshine, 65 Degrees, and Windy?

After starting out chilly, by Thursday our weather turned spring-like.  I went to a nature center and took a walk.  It required a bit of bravery: Thankfully, I didn’t see anything like him.  Just a menacing stick once: The rest of the walk included more peaceful views:

FOUR: Most of my week was spent working…

On Sunday, I agreed to work on Monday leaving the rest of my week open. Somehow, I ended up working every day except for Thursday.

FIVE: Sleep

As I already mentioned, I took a two-hour nap yesterday.  I also went to bed at 7:30p.m. and slept until this morning.  Sometimes sleep is the best cure.  I feel much better this morning.


Hoping this weekend finds you happy and healthy! Don’t forget to pop over to our host, The F.A.S.T. blog and see what others shared for their five on Friday.


Five On Friday: Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

On Tuesday, our weather was warmer than normal.  The kind of day requiring time spent outside since (see above) it can change within a day.  I opted to go on a short hike at one of the local nature centers.

I remembered reading about a wooden snowman display and wanted to see it before the end date especially since I’d missed some of the new Christmas lights activities in town (always next year, right?). The snowmen were purchased and then designed by groups and individuals as a fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity.

The sweetest little preschool aged girl was behind me with her family. Her enthusiasm about the snowmen was certainly contagious although it put a slight damper on my second mission of spotting birds (I did see some though so a Saturday bird-watching post is coming).

Thought I’d share a few of my favorites for today’s Five on Friday post.

One: The Butterfly  Snowman Trail

The paved trail still proved to be a bit muddy in places.

Two: Do Bluejays like Carrot Noses?

Have you seen the end of my nose, little bluejay? Why do ask?

THREE: Let’s Go Royals!

Note: you have to mentally clap and chant as you read that.  I spotted two Kansas City Royals themed snowmen on different parts of the trail.  (The Kansas City Chiefs snowmen were apparently in hiding as I didn’t see any of those). 

Four: Tropical Snowman

I have a feeling this fellow might be a bit cold today as it’s no longer warmer than normal out there and we’re sitting at 15 degrees with light snow. 

Five: Magic!

Harry Potter! And look, a snowy owl! Actually, some real snowy owls have been seen in northern parts of the state (Sadly, this happens when the food sources in their natural habitat become scarce. I’d still be thrilled to see one.).


I’m really glad I got out on Tuesday (I worked yesterday afternoon but it was okay since I was outside for a better part of the afternoon) since Thursday we ended up with a snow day and the temperature plummeted to 15 degrees by the end of the day.

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A Look Back At Week One Of 2018

I planned to share 5 things on the 5th day of the new year for Five on Friday.  Wait did she say she had a plan?  Ha!

However, instead of sitting here sipping coffee and blogging on Friday, I went to work.  Did I embrace my change of plans?  Yes, very much. Everyone else had already ventured back to their somewhat regular routines and I found myself getting a bit panicky. Plus, I do miss those sweet preschool faces if I go without working for too long.

So, welcome to today’s post where I’m going to share 6 things for the 6th day of the new year but still link up with Five on Friday.

My Five Things For The First Five Days of 2018:

ONE: Still spending too much time playing this silly game!

J stuck Animal Crossing pocket camp onto my phone the weekend of my birthday because he thought I’d really like it.  Yes, I really like it and may need an intervention (or at least some weather warm enough to leave the house!).

You can even take photos of your camp!

Don’t worry I also managed to watch too much Netflix, not do enough cleaning, and generally be as lazy as possible the first few days of the year.

Two: This Cake!

I purchase this pink champagne cake at the grocery store on New Year’s Eve because it was so pretty and sparkly I couldn’t quite resist.  My husband had the nerve to say the frosting tasted like bubble gum flavor! A quick read of the ingredients showed several “gum” ingredients and no pink champagne whatsoever. Go figure.  I still liked it and requested some type of pink champagne cake for my birthday next (this) year. Have I mentioned I’m supposed to be doing a sugar-free challenge this week? Um, let’s not talk about how that is going.

Three: Banana Bread and Chia Seeds

Took the terribly neglected bananas on the table and turned them into the banana bread my husband favors.  He’s not a big fan of the Guatemalan recipe raved about by the boys. I plan to share the recipe for our “regular” banana bread on the blog soon.

Still somewhat attempting my sugar-free challenge (and yes, I do have the jar on top of a giant box of chocolates for the photo), I set some batter aside and added Chia seeds to it.  I thought it turned out well and may experiment with adding them to lemon muffins next (I’m not a fan of poppy seeds but I think Chia seeds would go well in anything as a great substitute!).

Four: Coffee and Whipped Cream!

Did you see where I mentioned extreme laziness up there in item one.  It spilled over into my not going to the store at all this week. Unfortunately, it also meant no milk for my coffee yesterday. So ignoring the sugar-free thing (because drinking coffee when required to be at work with preschool children at 7:15a.m. after staying up way too late is necessary),  I chose to use whipped cream in my coffee (black coffee = yuck!).

Oddly enough, yesterday happened to be National Whipped Cream Day. Don’t you just love it when things work out like that?

Five: More Gifts

Beautiful artwork from a beautiful preschool student! Definitely one for the boost file.

My husband: Uh, why is there a rock on the kitchen table?

Me: Because one of the preschool kids gave it to me today and I forgot to take it out of my pocket until I came home. She said look at this super smooth rock I found. Here you can have it. Kind of looks like a wad of gum in the photo above but I assure you it is indeed a very smooth rock.


Six, A Bonus Item: Happy Three Kings Day!

You do know it’s still Christmas season, right?  Today is the Epiphany. To celebrate, I’ll make some version of a Three Kings cake and we’ll have a big dinner. And even some football on TV, go Chiefs! Later tonight, I’ll finally put away the rest of our Christmas decorations (most of it is done but I always leave out my Nativity set until after today).

Do you do anything special to acknowledge the day?


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Five On Friday: Great Gifts

Wanted to join in the final Five on Friday of 2017.  Since I’m still savoring Christmas, I thought I would share some of my great December gifts.

It’s much like I’m a little kid with this post but I’m so excited about all my “stuff” that I just have to show you.  Come see!

And just like a little kid, I’m showing you my haul in a completely random order!

ONE: Candles In The Window!

J gave me these candles for Christmas! They’re pretend and they came with a remote control so you can set them to “burn” for either 5 hours or 24 hours. I think they look pretty flickering against the dark window.  (The little light up deer lantern is my husband’s present from his aunt for helping with Thanksgiving dinner. It just fits well beside the candles.  It’s also been a big topic of our favorite after Christmas discussion: Is it Christmas decor or Winter decor? Feel free to weigh in with your opinion. I voted for Winter and left it out for now.)

TWO: A Bird-feeder!

G gave me a bird feeder! I’m so excited about this. A decent chickadee picture may finally be in my future! Right now the ground outside is too hard to stake a hanger so we have the feeder sitting on the edge our backyard deck. The picture above was through the back door.  Also, we have to bring the feeder in every night so the possums and raccoons won’t attack it. So far the neighborhood squirrel population is behaving.

THREE: Good Food and Time Spent With Family

The two food pictures up above are from the celebration at my brother’s home.

We were able to spend time a bit more time with my side of the family on Christmas afternoon (we saw my husband’s siblings for breakfast at our home in the morning) and it was so wonderful not to have to rush away to the next location.

And really, I don’t think you can talk about holiday food without showing some type of dessert or candy: Inside of a Kinder egg. A new to us treat, Santa put in the stockings.  A big hit and probably another new tradition.  (Other new traditions: Christmas Crackers at breakfast and G reading The Night Before Christmas or rather ‘Twas The Night Before Solstice from Politically Correct Holiday Stories by James Finn Garner)

These were the boys’ Christmas books (standing tradition: they get new pajamas and a book on Christmas Eve):

Thank you, Half-Price Books for having something to appeal to teenagers!

Four: No More Cold Ears!

One of the many benefits of working at a preschool is stealing the fashion trends from the kids. Ha!  Not one for hats nor earmuffs and hoods while nice make it harder for me to see what’s happening. One day at work I noticed a little girl with a headband like thing for her ears (I guess they are officially called “ear warmer bands”). Later, I told my husband if those came in pretty adult sizes that is exactly what I wanted for Christmas.  He came through: 

Five: Great Advice and Good Health

Not really any way to photograph these gifts even though they are probably the most priceless of them all.

The holidays and stress certainly go together and our family is not free from the jumble of emotional roller coasters and toxic people.  It’s hard walking the tight rope between what is the right thing to do to set an example for your children, keeping peace with your spouse, and wanting to simply enjoy the holidays.  Usually, I just decide which rope we’ll walk and force the rest of my family to follow along.   

At a coffee date with a dear friend the week a few days before school let out, she suggested I ask my children what they wanted to do regarding our difficult family members.  My older son’s answer surprised me but it helped me find peace in not pushing us all to rush to spend time with people who would only gift us with stress and guilt and allowed me to enjoy more time with my side of the family (who often through no fault of their own get shorted on our time).

And finally, I spent the first Christmas I can remember in a long time in good health! I found myself with the usual respiratory sickness early in the month (around my birthday) but instead of pushing through it, I rested and went to the minute clinic when I thought it had been a bit too long.  This meant I was actually well at Christmas. It’s been a few years since I’ve felt 100% during the holiday and it made such an amazing difference. Definitely one of the best gifts ever!


Whew! I rambled on a bit with this post.  Making up for all those Five On Friday posts I missed the past few weeks perhaps?  How were your holidays?

Don’t forget to visit the F.A.S.T. blog and check out the links of all the other blogs in the Five On Friday link up.

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