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Flashback Time: Follow Through Friday

I need a Follow Through Friday today.  Anyone else?  It seems so much gets put on hold as we try to adjust to the new school year around here.


Sunday is going to be a busy day for me as I will have a lot going on with a baby shower brunch and a book club meeting to attend.  Why does everything always fall on the same day?  The boys are excited as the activities are just for me so they get to stay home.  Don’t tell them but I’m pretty excited about that fact as well.

Even though it’s Friday and I should be feeling a bit relieved, I’m also feeling a bit overwhelmed about all the things I postponed this week.  Doesn’t postponed sound better than shrugged my shoulders and procrastinated?  As usual, my list could easily contain one-hundred items but I’m narrowing it down to three.

My three items for Follow Through Friday:

  1. Pay the car payment.  Oops, this is an important one!  The bill came one day after I’d paid all the other bills.  All week, I’ve been thinking “Oh, I need to do that before next Monday.”  I don’t know why I can’t seem to accomplish this tiny five-minute activity.
  2. Go clothes shopping for my boys as well as get a baby shower gift.  I’ve been stuck in stay at home mode all week but now I must go today or deal with the even larger weekend crowds tomorrow.
  3. Come up with (NEW) plan for getting rid of ants in the pantry.  We’ve been battling these ants for two solid weeks now.  Nothing is working.  It is very frustrating.  We had a day without them but they returned.  I do think these may be a new kind, cousins to the sugar ants as they are skipping the sugar and going for the crackers…I even think somewhere in my blog archived we’ve previously battled this kind of ant so perhaps the answers are hidden on here.

Now it’s your turn:

What have you been putting off this week?  Do you have a few items that need follow through?  I’d love some company as I go about crossing these task off my lists.  Tell me in the comments what you plan to accomplish today?

Making A List and Checking Items Off

It is time for the return of Follow Through Friday!  I have to start checking items off my never-ending to-do list.  Now that Christmas is almost upon us, I seem to be adding more items the list than I’ve been subtracting from it.  It makes for a rather unbalanced list.  Does anyone else out there need a day to focus on getting some of their tasks done?


Yesterday, I spent part of my morning cleaning the house Flylady style 15 minutes at a time but to add an element of fun to my otherwise rather boring task, I added a 15 minutes of Christmas-related tasks into the rotation.  So, in that spirit, I’m going to add a 4th Christmas-related item to my regular 3 Follow Through Friday tasks.

Here is my Follow Through Friday list for today:

  1. Spend 15 minutes (at least) in each room of the house gathering items for the charity pick up truck that is coming tomorrow.
  2. Go to the Dollar Tree and get a document frame.  The sad thing about this list item is that I was just in the store on Wednesday and completely forgot to pick up the one thing I entered the store to get in the first place.  I’m not looking forward to the return trip since the store was super busy on Wednesday so I already know the craziness I’m going to encounter for a second time.
  3. Clean off the computer desk.  I think this is a permanent item on my list.
  4. My Christmas related item:  Clean out and condense our Christmas bins.  I started on this yesterday but didn’t get very far.  I’m hoping to add some of our Christmas things to the charity collection items but I struggle with giving away holiday decor even if we don’t have anywhere to display it.

Other random tasks I’m hoping to finish today include getting a few birthday cards purchased and maybe Christmas cards as well (I haven’t lost hope that this might be the Christmas that I actually send the cards!), making a Christmas shopping list (I have a rough draft but I need to finalize it), and just for fun….actually finishing the laundry!

What do you plan to finish today?  Let us know in the comments!



Follow Through Friday

It’s time for another Follow Through Friday!  While I certainly have an abundant supply of to-do list items which need my attention, I’m going to keep my list simple this week.    FollowThroughFriday1 This has been a short week, is it already Friday?  Yet, it has felt like a very, long week.  Anyone else out there struggling to get back to their routine?  Maybe I should say is anyone else struggling to just get stuff done?  I feel like I am having the hardest time getting things accomplished this week.  I’m determined to get the 3 items from today’s Follow Through Friday list completed though.  Here are the little nagging tasks that I am going to complete today:
  1. Make the Information page for the Follow Through Friday link up.  This has been on the to-do list without actually happening too many weeks in a row.  Just in case any new readers ever stumble across a Follow Through Friday post, I think they might need a place find some information about what we do during Follow Through Fridays.  Maybe that would entice them to join in the fun!

  2. Bake banana bread and other items that might take milk.  I’ve been drinking almond milk and my boys and husband don’t really drink milk so I’m not sure why I bought a carton of regular milk (maybe for a recipe I didn’t make?) but I don’t want to waste it so it is time to do a little baking!  I also have quite a few bananas in the freezer just waiting for a purpose.

  3. Make a “When Mom is at Work” book for the boys.  So far, I haven’t been working that much and they have their phone numbers but I’d like them to have a bit more structure and easy to reference guidelines for those times when they are home alone after school.   This is probably something I’m doing more for my own peace of mind than for their benefit but you never know.  My plan is to include the phone numbers in another place (2 sets can’t hurt), rules about answering the phone and door, chores they could complete (ha!), snack suggestions/recipes,  and things like that.  Any other suggestions for me?

This is sort of modified fun list for me because I’ll actually enjoy doing all these things a bit with the exception of washing the dishes after the baking.   All the standard to-do list items that I’ve missed this week are also on my list.  I very much need to do that whole house 15 minutes in every room clean up as well as try to get caught up with the never-ending mountain of laundry.  What are your plans for this Follow Through Friday?

Follow Through Friday, February 7

FollowThroughFriday1 Coherent sentences do not come easy after a week of snow days so hopefully, I’ll be able to hold out long enough to get this Follow Through Friday post written.  I think this is definitely a week when at least one fun item needs to be on my list of 3 tasks.  I had the boys help me clean house a little bit yesterday afternoon so it is not in as bad as shape as it could be.  That’s a good thing since unless the weather gets really nasty, we’ll be having family over to help celebrate my husband’s birthday.  I suppose that brings us to the first item on my list:
  1. Buy my poor husband a birthday card and present (both from me and from the boys).  This is one of those  “woulda coulda shoulda” items.  I could have done this at the same time I was picking up a card for my mother in law and her presents last week.  Remember last week when the weather was nice?  Well, not last Friday but earlier in the week…seems like a lifetime ago…it was really nice out there.  I would have bought him a card at least if I could have found one I liked.  I should have went out and tried again on Monday before the big storm moved in on Tuesday.  Now, it is Friday and I have to do these things in a rush, under pressure.  On the bright side, he told me exactly what he wants.  G gave me an idea what he wanted to give his dad (I’m not certain but it should be okay) and I’m sure G will come up with something interesting.  I’m pretty sure as long as I make my husband his chocolate cake, he’ll be happy.

  2. Clean off the top of my dresser.  I have all the drawers organized now but you wouldn’t know that by looking at the top!

    I think there is a dresser somewhere under all that stuff.

    I think there is a dresser somewhere under all that stuff.

    Also, clean off the top of the desk.

    Well, it's been worse.  Of course, it's also been better or should I say cleaner?

    Well, it’s been worse. Of course, it’s also been better or should I say cleaner?

    As you know, that is basically an ongoing project around here.  Basically, clean our bedroom.  I always think I’m going to just close the door when we have family over but one of the issues with a smaller home is that someone will wander back here whether because my son will want to show someone something on the computer or to use the bathroom.  If it was clean, I could have the door open and give everyone a place to put their coats on Saturday.

  3. Read at least 3-4 chapters in my book of the week.  The book has been sitting by the bed untouched all week as I keep getting distracted and thinking I’ll just read later.  I can tell it is going to be another push to finish this book  in a week.  I see myself curled up under that electric blanket reading away later tonight!  I may just fire up the Kindle app on the tablet and read one of the young adult books I downloaded although that feels like it would be cheating a bit.  Whatever I read later, it will most likely be while curled up under the electric blanket and in a clean bedroom!

Some of these tasks I’ve been putting off for quite a while now like cleaning off the top of my dresser and some are just things I’ve put off since the beginning of the week.  I am very ready to get back to a normal routine around here so I can focus once again on the tasks that I’ve been putting off for longer than just a couple of weeks.  What is on your to-do list today?

Follow Through Friday, January 31

FollowThroughFriday1 Guess what?  Today is really the last Friday in January!  Happy Chinese New Year!  Happy Follow Through Friday!  I am getting this post ready to go on Thursday evening and thinking how tomorrow I will likely be paying the price of my procrastination once again as the forecast is calling for snow all day and I put off going to the grocery store earlier today even though we are out of quite a few of the basics.  Outside of going to the grocery store, I’m planning to spend my day at home so my tasks will be concentrated to things I can do around here:
  1. Floors, Floors, Floors!  Deep cleaning the living room floor keeps getting pushed down further on my to-do list and now the kitchen floor could stand a good mopping again as well.

    Here's a cat playing with a Nerf dart to distract you from looking at the floor

    Here’s a cat playing with a Nerf dart to distract you from looking at the floor

    All the floors in our house need attention.  It’s time to break out the steam mop and the Rubbermaid mop and get them clean.

  2. Deep Clean Both Bathrooms.

    This is one of the bathrooms in need of a deep cleaning.

    This is one of the bathrooms in need of a deep cleaning.

    They aren’t gas station bathroom bad but they could each stand some serious visits from those little scrubbing bubbles and the steam mop.

  3. Since this is the second time in a row I’ve missed getting my planned post for Tuesday written and published, I am going to write those postponed posts and schedule them for the next two Tuesdays!  The other little blog related thing I need to do is locate my Twitter password (and fill out that page in my lovely Blog Binder that has a place to put passwords).  I’ve clicked over to follow fellow bloggers on Twitter a few times this week to realized I can’t do anything until I find that password.  Instead of stopping then and looking for my password, I’ve usually just clicked over to something else.  Do you think it is a coincidence that Pinterest and Procrastinate both start with the letter P? Hmm…  My Twitter password is in a computer file that will probably take me 5 minutes to find if I would just take the 5 minutes to go through (and condense) all those important blog files.  Note:  do not name more than one file something that starts with the word important.

So basically, once I go to the grocery store in the morning, the rest of tomorrow will be a cleaning day with me writing blog posts while waiting for the floors to dry.  Not quite as exciting or fun as last week although I know the reward of having a really clean house will be worth it in the end.  Especially if we all end up cooped up in here over the weekend due to the weather.  What are your plans for today?

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