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Grateful For Springtime Everywhere

Missed posting last week as we were out-of-town. Very thankful for a chance to travel (via tour bus) to Washington, D.C. and watch G and the rest of the high school band march in the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade.  

Springtime in the Washington, D.C. area is truly beautiful! 

Gratitude From Our Trip:

  1. Safe travels there and back
  2. Great bus drivers and tour guides
  3. Great weather especially on the day of the parade (though I do wish I’d thought about sunscreen) 
  4. The chance to see so many amazing sites in our nation’s capitol.

    Library of Congress

  5. Including an up close view of the back of the White House during a garden tour event we just stumbled on….thankful for being in the right place at the right time. 
  6. The amazing high school band students and the level of good manners, kindness, and respect they showed. (Enough so that their guide reached out to our high school principal to compliment them, something she said she’d only done one other time in her 9 years working as a guide).

Gratitude From Days Back At Home:

  1. Arriving home to find my own tulips blooming!
  2. Getting to spend time with my preschool kids again. Nothing warms my heart more than hugs and a few “Where were you?” or my personal favorite, “I thought you were never going to come back!”
  3. Finally a good night’s sleep last night, thanks to a few thunderstorms rolling through our area. No better sleep music than some light spring storms.
  4. Kansas City traffic, I don’t think I’d last in the D.C. area (and I didn’t even have to do any driving!)
  5. My own personal bathroom and not having to wait in line for it.

So much more to share about our trip (I’ll do that in blog posts soon) but Easter is Sunday and brunch as always is here. Need to cut this short so I can start getting the house company ready. There’s that extra “we just got back from a trip” layer to address before I can even begin to clean.

What things are you grateful for this week?

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Gratitude From A Grouch

Sometimes, I think people perceive me as sort of happy go-lucky and not very bright. As rather shallow. Those people don’t know me very well.

While for the most part, I am a generally happy go-lucky person who tries to stay positive and upbeat, it doesn’t mean I don’t have my days where my mood is more storm clouds than sunshine and rainbows. Just because I prefer not to discuss politics or world issues with you, does not mean I don’t follow the news.

However, I’ve found that looking for gratitude does help the bad moods. Sometimes. In order to stay authentic, I’ll share I was in an awful mood on Saturday. And for no real good reason. Sometimes bad moods just happen.  I was not in the mood for gratitude.

However, I started a gratitude list any way. And my mood passed. Not right away but in time. Feelings come and go and are not right or wrong. Feelings are just feelings.

Whew! Let’s go back to being happy go-lucky and not so serious and check out the gratitude list for this busy week!

(Not many pictures to share as this has also been an exceedingly busy week!)

Gratitude List For The First Week of April

Don’t worry, Be Happy!

  1. Friendship
  2. Coffee  
  3. Friends, old and new
  4. Spring
  5. Grouchy moods to make us appreciate the good moods
  6. A good night’s sleep
  7. Teenagers arriving home safely
  8. A job where part of it is actually being outside
  9. Preschool wisdom
  10. Mint gum
  11. Husband willing to change his schedule so I can go to work on time
  12. Good books
  13. Cheerful employees in the fast food drive through
  14. The kindness of strangers
  15. The return of yet another bird to our yard. So happy to see the Brown Thrasher out there! A wily one who refuses to pose for my camera.
  16. April showers
  17. Wedding invitations

Going to stop at the really random number of 17 this week.

This song popped into my head while typing the caption on my first photo so I’ll leave you with it:

Time to hop off of here and start cleaning the house. I need to clean it just to get to the spring cleaning stage. Scary!

What’s on your gratitude list for this week?

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I Like Beautiful Mornings…

Happy Thursday!

I worked the first two days of the week.  On Tuesday, I had to be there at 7:15 AM. As one who much prefers leisurely mornings, this is a bit early! Not much time for leisure when you need to be somewhere by 7:15. However, a beautiful sunrise is a great reward for leaving the house in the predawn hours.  

Yes, I took the photo while driving (do as I say and not as I do. Don’t take photos while driving!). And through a somewhat dirty windshield. Seemed like a perfect start to my gratitude list for the week.

Gratitude For Beautiful Mornings

  1.  Being awake to see such an amazing sunrise 
  2. Having time to take my “shortcut” through the park to enjoy my moment of nature
  3. A peaceful, quiet drive so I could safely take the photos (later in the morning, my “shortcut” gets a bit busy)
  4. Seeing a second gorgeous sunrise from own front door again yesterday! 
  5. Time to grab the “real” camera and play with the settings.

Bright, Sunshine-y Days (Sing along with me?)

  1. Spring flowers springing up every where!  Every year in the middle of the yard. However, I’ve made my peace with the little blue flowers and random crocus heralding the start of the season. 
  2. The return of my peonies. Every year, I think it’s a goner. And every year, it surprises me. 
  3. A little gray cat who makes me laugh as she stretches in the sunshine and teases the Airedale next door (from a safe distance). 

    Are you barking at me??!!

  4. The start of baseball season!
  5. Living in a city with this beautiful stadium. And knowing everywhere I go today, I’ll likely see most people dressed in blue. (Yes, I’m wearing my Royals tee-shirt for opening day) 

A Few Random Items Of Gratitude To End My Post

Or I guess I could title this sub heading, I didn’t take any night photos? Ha!

  1. Being included!
  2. The wonderful laugh this college flyer gave me. Came for my high school senior in Saturday’s mail.  They’ve apparently achieved time travel! Check the date on the photo up there. Proofreading matters.
  3. Blog readers who forgive my grammar errors (I do proofread but I’m sure I miss things).
  4. Amazon adding season 2 of my all-time favorite show (Fringe) to Prime! Season 2 contains one of the best episodes of the series entitled White Tulip
  5. Spring break! Abbreviated because of our one million (felt like it) snow days. However, it’s still a break!


What things did you put on your gratitude list this week?

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Grief And Gratitude

If you follow the blog, you didn’t see a Happy Homemaker Monday post from me this week.  Unfortunately, my husband’s grandfather passed away Friday evening.  My husband was already in Oklahoma to support his family.

The services were Monday and Tuesday in Oklahoma. The boys and I packed up and traveled down there on Sunday morning.  


Even in grief, I found a little time for gratitude. I kept a running tally in my head. The first six items, I threw in a draft folder on Friday evening. The rest popped into my head during the weekend and early part of the week.

Before We Left Items:

  1. My boys getting a chance to know one of their great-grandfather. He lived 99 years!  Only in the past 2-3 years did his health quickly decline. How many 14 and 17 year-old kids are lucky enough to have known their great-grandfathers for so much of their lives?
  2. Liz Claiborne for making stylish plus sized clothing

    Full disclaimer: I opted not wear this after to the services after all as it felt a little too informal once I arrived down there. Still happy with my purchase and will wear it for other more casual occasions.

  3. Not being sick this weekend with a million things to do
  4. A kind friend willing to look after our little gray cat on a moment’s notice
  5. Payday!
  6. Seeing more birds at the bird feeders each day

Items From The Rest Of The Weekend/Week:

  1. Safe travels to and from Oklahoma for all of us

    So glad they did their range-burning on one of our non-travel days!

  2. Caring middle school teachers (I had to e-mail each teacher regarding missing parent-teacher conferences regarding a different matter)
  3. Good weather, both here and in Oklahoma
  4. A good breakfast each morning at our hotel (normally, we stay with family but opted to get a hotel room this time because of the number of people in town)
  5. Minimal family drama (Honestly, this concerned me. Prayers for healing of some on-going family rifts appreciated)
  6. Mostly avoiding family drama (Extra prayers my husband and I continue to avoid it.)
  7. Family
  8. Grandpa’s faith.
  9. My kind, generous husband and children
  10. Good friends
  11. Sleeping in my own bed last night!
  12. Coffee, especially at home coffee. While I love Starbucks and the fancy creamers of the hotel lobbies, nothing beats being able to just get up and fix yourself a cup of your own coffee to start the day.
  13. My plants in the windowsill (mostly) surviving as I forgot about them
  14. Today being an absolutely beautiful first day of spring!

What things are you grateful for this week?


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I Like Gratitude

For this week and maybe going forward (still trying to decide), I’ve decided to combine my gratitude post with my I like Thursday post.

This week started out kind of hectic so this may be brief as I’m still playing catch up after being down all weekend with a nasty virus. Thought it was the flu but now I’ve decided perhaps just a nasty cold virus.

Straight to the gratitude list (and I also like all these things!)

  1. Feeling healthy!
  2. Medicine that works or has the placebo effect. Don’t care, better now. Shout out to Elderberry syrup.
  3. My happy little phone game where I can make it spring right now! 
  4.  Kids smart enough to do this while saying it’s all just numbers. (His grandfather gave him the card, I like it as well!)
  5. All the signs of spring I see around me: lots of birds including robins “fighting”, geese flying north, and rain with warmer weather.
  6. Dark chocolate (Trying to do no sugar in March is tough, I’m allowing myself a little dark chocolate here and there as a treat to keep from giving up completely)
  7. Unexpected poetry hidden in my chocolate bar wrapper
  8. Showing up to work on the wrong day yesterday (oops!) and getting to stay, they needed me after all.
  9. Green plants, can’t wait until I can see some outside
  10. Having older kids so I could sleep when sick and not worry (too much).

What things are you grateful for this week?

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(Apologies for not visiting anyone last week, thanks to all who stopped by the blog. Hopefully, I’ll be a bit more social this week though I don’t look to have lots of blogging time again until Saturday.)


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