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I Like Gratitude on a Thursday

Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Thursday! I missed posting my gratitude list on Tuesday so I’m going to combine it with this post a bit.

I like Valentine’s candy! And I’m quite grateful for chocolate.  Although my heart might take me back to the candy dish a few too many times. It’s dark chocolate (my favorite) so that makes a couple extra pieces okay, right?

A better sight than chocolates? A gorgeous sunrise on a Tuesday morning after too many gloomy gray days. 

Stepped out on a cold, still slightly wet porch in my fuzzy socks to snap the quick (and sorry, blurry) photo above. How about a second try a bit later with shoes on my feet?

So grateful for some sun and a bit warmer weather after days of clouds, cold, ice, snow, and rain. 

I like the shadows the sun makes in the yard. Of course, now it’s not so much white as brown from all the mud.  Inside now for dinner. Still not the week to come to dinner unless you’re feeling a bit adventurous.

Tonight: Fish Tacos with Pineapple jalapeno Sauce.

Turns out I like the idea of such a thing a lot better than the taste of fish tacos. I did like the sauce on my cabbage salad/fish topping though.  Still cleared out some fish from the freezer and the sauce from the pantry.

Grateful for getting a bit of inspiration to try a little better with dinner ideas after reading my blogging friend, Carol’s menu planning post. My husband and G even agreed to try the fish tacos.

J remained skeptical so I made him fish sticks. That worked out since I didn’t care for the tacos so I had fish sticks as well.

Another week of not a lot of photos so I’m just going to end this post with my belated gratitude list.

Gratitude List

  1. A husband willing and able to take the deck partially apart to retrieve my dropped car key
  2. The joy my job brings me. Favorite from Monday: asked a kid to do something and he looked at me and said “Not today.” I had nothing for a response to that one but a smile.
  3. My daily medicines being simply a vitamin and a cup of green tea
  4. Time to relax and watch a movie
  5. Knowing when to take time to relax and watch a movie
  6. Music
  7. Conversations with my sons
  8. Sons with critical thinking skills
  9. My silly little phone game I play everyday (Pocket Camp Animal Crossing)
  10. Spring inching closer each day no matter what the weather
  11. Not having big plans for Valentine’s Day (and not worrying that we don’t)

Stopping this post here to go spend some time with the little gray cat. Be sure to go check out the I Like Thursday posts over at Not Afraid Of Color.

First Gratitude List For February

Time to take a minute for a list of gratitude from last Tuesday until this one. List is in random order as items pop into my head.

  1. A warm car
  2. A warm coat and gloves
  3. Waking up on time every day of the week
  4. Safe travels on a road trip day
  5. Chance to take my oldest son and his best friend on a college visit
  6. Good weather on our travel/college tour day
  7. Target on-line ordering
  8. A kind gesture of an extra ticket to the KC symphony playing along with the Star Wars track offered to my youngest son
  9. A brass teacher willing to rearrange his schedule
  10. Teenagers waking up on time for an early morning start on our long road trip
  11. Coffee
  12. Fountain drink type creamers for the coffee at a convenience store (Genius idea!)
  13. Sunshine and warmer weather  
  14. A forgiving friend
  15. GPS (shh! Don’t tell my husband this is on my list, please)
  16. Good books
  17. Hot tea
  18. Payday!
  19. Greek yogurt
  20. A little gray cat

This is of course, not a full list but I don’t have all night to sit typing.

What things are on your gratitude list this week?



Have to work a longer day than anticipated today. Just a quick post of my gratitude list scribbled in bits between last Tuesday and this one.  And one of my favorite photos from the walk I took on Saturday thrown in just for fun.


  1. Modern medicine
  2. Husband who cooks
  3. Teenager who can drive to the store while husband drives other kid to baritone lesson
  4. Great catches with trash cans
  5. Nice people who let you and your one item in front of them at the store
  6. Working in very close proximity to both a gas station and a drug store
  7. Concerned little gray cats
  8. Compassionate teachers
  9. Warm clothes, gloves
  10. Paved nature trails
  11. Wonderful friends and friendships
  12. Sons with generous hearts
  13. Green tea
  14. Sunshine!!
  15. The birds

What things are you grateful for this week?

Gratitude List for Tuesday, January 22nd

You can find my first gratitude list post with a little bit more information here.

Just going to make this a quick post each Tuesday. Some of these I’ve added to a draft list throughout the week and other items I’m adding right now while typing up my post.

  1. Seeing the big hawk swooping and stopping in someone’s yard (Note: while driving, far away from my backyard!)
  2. Family time watching Jim Gaffigan with the boys
  3. Hard-working husband
  4. Healthy kids
  5. Late Christmas
  6. Work offers even when I’m not there
  7. Restaurants
  8. Books
  9. People with courage and integrity
  10. Fuzzy socks
  11. Family hanging in there
  12. The return of my backyard birds  
  13. Libraries
  14. Hugs from a grumpy 14 year-old son
  15. Seeing a glimpse of the sun over the weekend
  16. Beautiful sunset skies

What things are on your gratitude list this week?

Gratitude List

My friend, Rachel, over at Living Better One Day At Time is doing a weekly check in on her yearly goals. She inspired me to do something similar.

My word for the year is gratitude. So, I decided to post a gratitude list each Tuesday. Not exactly an original idea, I know. However, I thought it would be nice to have a sort of on-line gratitude journal to reflect back on at year-end. Plus, it should keep my word in focus for the year.

Not going to give myself a set number of things to list. I think this will work better as just a random weekly list.  Most items will probably also be about things the previous week. So, here’s my first gratitude list of 2019.


  1. My oldest wanting to invite his band friends over when pep band canceled last Monday
  2. Having food and place for them all to hang out
  3. A husband who helps with the laundry and takes care of outside things (like shoveling the driveway 5 times during the weekend snowstorm)
  4. A chance to get out and have dinner with good friends. Hanging out a bit longer with one of them.
  5. That I didn’t hurt anything but my pride when I fell on the snow/ice taking out the trash
  6. Good friends who let my son stay over as the storm moved in on Friday
  7. Good friends who safely brought him home on Saturday so we didn’t have to worry about him trying to drive home (My husband went with him to get his car on Sunday)
  8. Tree branches not hitting our house or power lines and our power staying ON
  9. Motrin to give my child running high fevers
  10. Essential oils and candles so the house doesn’t smell like sickness
  11. My husband and son arriving safely at their destinations this morning (and my son back home this afternoon)

Stopping here so I can get back to my project for the day (clearing out clothes and shoes, Marie Kondo style). My list each week is likely much longer than the number of items listed.

What things would you put on your gratitude list?


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