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Home Love Plans For A Wintry Week

Looks as though winter is here for a while after all. Hard to believe less than a month ago, we were enjoying warm weather around the fire pit in the backyard without coats. On Christmas! Wouldn’t want to go out there now on this 12 degree day without coats and hats and gloves.

Good week to stay inside, warm and cozy, at home. Except I have to work.  Somehow, now every day except today. How does that happen? Thankfully, mostly afternoons so I should still be able to get some home love in during the mornings.

Let’s see how I fared last week.

My Home Love Items From Last Week:

  1. Put out the Valentine’s Garden Flag. DONE
  2. Clear out last upper kitchen cabinet (one with coffee cups and glasses) DONE
  3. Clean and clear out silverware drawer. DONE  Here’s the before:

    AND AFTER:  

  4. Clean and clear out one lower cabinet. DONE Did both plus the two drawers above them. Lighting is bad on that side of kitchen so only took an in progress photo of all the stuff:
  5.  Figure out new staging area besides kitchen table. Didn’t succeed at this one. However, did get it cleared off enough for us to eat dinner there one night so not all hope is lost!
  6. Get some nice smelling dish soap. DONE Used a Target gift card to buy some Mrs. Meyers cleaning products including Lemon Verbena dish soap. I like the dish soap. However, confess to still preferring my Method cleaning supplies. 
  7. Drop off box of kitchen stuff donation. Weather got in the way on this one. Hopefully, I can get it done today. Pretty big box of stuff to go:

Going to keep the list for this week a bit shorter, I think.

Home Love Items For This Week:

  1. Clean out final cabinets, the two under the sink. I don’t think this should take long as it’s mostly storage of cookie sheets and a few cleaning supplies. Not a lot of room there.
  2. Clean out last kitchen drawer. It’s a true junk drawer and I’ve been avoiding it.
  3. Clean out all the freezers. Upstairs, the deep freeze downstairs, and see if anything is lurking in the extra fridge freezer (we mainly use the extra fridge for water, drinks, etc). Here’s a peek at the current state of the regular attached to the fridge freezer:
  4. Wipe down front of all the cabinets and appliances.
  5. Look into getting cushions for the kitchen chairs.


Next week is my last week in the kitchen for my home project. So far, I’m excited about the progress I’ve made. Starting to think about what room (or rooms) to tackle next.

Are you doing any major home cleaning/clearing out projects? How’s it going?

Home Love Plans: Valentine’s Day Is One Month Away!

Did you choose a word for the year? How’s your focus on it going so far?

My word, home, feels so much like the right choice at this time. I can tell it’s going to be a good year with a good word. Before I get to my list of home love plans for this week, I want to review what happened last week. 

My home love items from last week were:

  1. Make a Three King’s Cake and nice dinner for the Epiphany.  DONE  although full disclosure: my timing was not great and everyone had somewhere to be Monday night so it was a kind of eat on the fly night. We did have a nice leftover meal of turkey sandwiches and homemade potato chips later in the week. And it took until Saturday, for someone to find the lucky cashew. G holds the honor for this year.
  2. Put away Christmas decorations. DONE
  3. Clean and Clear out two more kitchen cabinets. DONE Look at this progress: See that tiny teacup up there on the right? It’s what my parents used to give us “coffee” as kids. I found it hidden way back in the cabinet behind too much junk. Now, I see it and smile every time I open these cabinets. Only baking dishes and tools in the baking cabinet. I relocated (and threw away!!) a lot of baking goods/expired things. And one last picture, lest you think all this happened by magic:
  4. Figure out storage for video gaming that makes everyone happy and doesn’t look like clutter. Didn’t happen as I got super focused in the kitchen.
  5. Overall cleaning supply inventory/Refresh. Not exactly done but did determine we are out of many things. Planning to go to Target this week.

Not bad progress for my first week, I think. I also bought some yellow roses and plunked them down right in the middle of my sorting mess on the kitchen table. You can see that picture in yesterday’s post if interested.

For this week, I’m keeping my focus mostly on the kitchen as I’ve dubbed January as “kitchen month.”

Home Love Items For This Week:

  1. Put out Valentine’s Day garden flag (Have to put some easy ones on my list!)
  2. Clear out last upper kitchen cabinet (the one with the coffee cups and glasses)
  3. Clean and clear out silverware drawer (It contains so much more!)
  4. Clean and clear out one lower cabinet (We only have 2 so I should probably just do both)
  5. Figure out a new “staging” area for my kitchen clear out project so we can eat dinner on the kitchen table. (May need to have my husband bring up an extra table).
  6. Get some nice smelling dish soap. The top rack of our dishwasher is not working so lots of doing dishes by hand over here. And I’m thinking it might be a great chance to try out some of the Mrs. Meyers stuff everyone seems to love.
  7. Drop off box of kitchen stuff donations


Check back next Tuesday when I’ll update you on how it went with my home love plans for the week and share my new ones.






What’s Going On Wednesday, Middle Of First Week of 2020

Since I seem to be in a good rhythm with posting, here’s a quick update of how the week looks so far in my world.

Took (overdue) books back to the library yesterday and found this gem while wandering the shelves: 

While maybe not completely relevant, it made this quote pop into my mind:

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it. (Paulo Coelho)

I also put away the last of the Christmas decorations yesterday. And couldn’t even make this stuff up, just as I finished, two Jehovah’s Witnesses appeared at my door. While I (hopefully) was respectful and polite, I don’t see myself converting to a religion that doesn’t celebrate any holidays.

And true to my word, I looked up the reasons on their website. I remain unconvinced and will stick with my mixed up background beliefs founded in the Baptist/Catholic/Lutheran churches. Thank you very much.

Now that we’ve cleared that air….how about a new candle scent?

I was tired of Christmas scents though I suppose technically hot cocoa and cream could go winter once I took away the twisted peppermint small candle beside it.  However, I pulled this out of the closet and now I really wish I’d have bought two! We all love this one. Not even sure how to describe it…a bit of a clean scent with a faint perfume-y undertone but it doesn’t overwhelm.

In slightly related news, I need to restock my candle stash a bit.

Back to putting away Christmas:

What do you do with poinsettia plants after Christmas? After much debate, I moved ours down to the basement window behind this desk. It’s nice to have a bit of life and color down here. We’ll see how long they survive Really, I’m surprised they made it this long.


Today’s plans involve a trip to Target, Bath & Body Works, and possibly the grocery store. Time to clear out two more kitchen cabinets. A night without any running/picking up of the high school kid. Keeping an eye on the news. A quick whole-house clean up. And of course, laundry.

What’s going on in your world on this Wednesday?



Home Love Plans For The Week

Thought about calling these posts “home work” plans for the week.  Wait, what posts? Oh, this is my first one focusing on my word for the year.

I’ve decided to list some ways I plan to love on my home each Tuesday. Maybe just a simple to do list, maybe a bit more. It’s an evolving thing much like my word of the year. Decided against calling them home work plans because I don’t feel much love toward that phrase.

Do you think it was a pretty strong, positive sign I picked the right word when I stumbled across this card on Sunday: 

I was searching for a birthday card in my stash of unused cards (tell me everyone has one of those?) and stumbled across this.  Pretty strong message

Here’s the inside if you’re curious. It’s actually a Valentine’s Day card from a few years back where we forgot to give them or something and I stashed the cards to use the following year and then, forgot about them. 

Okay, moving on from stories and to this week’s list of home love items.

Home Love For The Week Ahead:

  1. Make a Three King’s Cake and nice dinner for the Epiphany (DONE)
  2. Put away Christmas decorations
  3. Clean and clear out two more kitchen cabinets. I did the two above the stove on Sunday. Look, space!
  4. Figure out storage for video gaming that makes everyone happy and doesn’t look like clutter to me.
  5. Take an overall cleaning supply/oils/candles inventory…maybe some clearing out of that stuff as well. And perhaps replacing with some new to freshen things up for the month/year.

Starting with a short list for this week. My main focus for January is the kitchen so there may be a lot more kitchen related tasks in my next post.

Now, I need to go and find my wreath keeper box. I KNOW I have one. Have you seen it?

My Word For 2020: Home

A new word for the year to start the decade took a bit of thought.

I started by reflecting on 8 years of words. Almost a decade! Almost a blog post!

My words of the past 8 years:

2012: No

2013: Present

2014: Action

2015: Chapter

2016: Celebrate

2017: Rediscover, Revive, and Renew

2018: Embrace

2019: Gratitude


The words from 2018 and 2019 worked the best for me. Experience? Maybe I learned something from the previous years mixed results? Perhaps.

None of the words I considered while reflecting on my year of gratitude made the cut.  I felt kind of stuck, not that there’s pressure to choose a word but I just like to have one. Maybe making my list of 20 things for 2020 would help narrow down my focus. It did!

New word contenders jumped into the mix. Don’t you know this word of the year is some kind of weird mixed up beauty contest in my mind?  Renew….Revive….Restore….seems to be a theme.

Also, sounds like an add for beauty products. Does it not? Somehow, none of them quite fit although I tried to make them for a bit. Printed out some free art, googled their definitions, put them in the Pinterest search bar.

Looked at my 20 for 2020 list again and realized I had the perfect word for my year all along. So much of what I want to do and how I feel comes from this place. 

My word for 2020 is going to simply be HOME. Seems like such a simple word but really home is much more than a place isn’t it? It’s a feeling, a comfort, a place to shelter from the world. A place to recharge. A place to fill with love (why I made my o into a heart on the graphic).

Did you pick a word for 2020 yet? What did you choose?


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