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Things I’m Liking This Week

It’s only the second week of November and yet, it seems the month is passing us by so fast!

I like the new “I like” link up hosted by LeeAnna over at Not Afraid of Color. Makes a nice reminder to slow down and think about all the good things happening during the week. I also like how it makes me post at least twice a week even on busy weeks (another Wednesday night posting going up!).

Let’s start with the weather. While I’m not a fan of the winter-y weather especially in November, it does make pretty “winter” scenery. 

Just a note: snow-covered leaves are slippery! Pretty but slippery! I like that I didn’t fall on the ones in the front yard while going to grab the trash bin.

I am also very thankful our city did a great job of keeping the roads clear and safe. Didn’t have to miss enjoying a peppermint mocha and the good company of good friends!

Also, since the roads weren’t bad, I ran out and did a bit of shopping the next day. I was birthday shopping for my son’s birthday but came up short in the ideas department. Coupons are nice though. Let’s me justify picking up a few extra just because items like this cinnamon broom: 

Yes, our front door is a little rough but the broom smells so nice. And since it’s apparently off-season, they were buy one, get one free!  I also couldn’t pass up this Christmas gift bag I know a special aunt will love: 

That’s okay, right? Putting the gift bag before the present? Or is that like putting the horse (or flamingo) before the cart?

It’ll be time to figure out a present for the gift bag soon enough. Right now it’s time to stop this post as tomorrow’s another work day and a 7:30 AM (YIKES!) one at that.



A Few Of My Early November Favorites

Joining up with LeeAnna over at Not Afraid of Color to talk about the things I like again. It’s fun to focus on the positive!

I’ve been a bit on the go since the month started so it’s nice to take a minute to put up another blog post.

Where’d I go?

On A Road Trip!

Last Friday, I took a road trip with my high school senior to check out Mizzou! (The University of Missouri, Columbia) I liked going on a road trip with my son. It was fun.

And sometimes scary, like when we were ready to leave and couldn’t find the car. GPS for finding cars? Is that a thing? It needs to be! Can’t say I like parking garages.

Though I’m not ready for him to leave and go off to college, should he choose to go there, I would feel okay with it. If he does choose to go there, I’ll be accepting donations! Actually, I might need to accept them anyway.  Senior year is expensive. YIKES!

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Off To Work I Go

Good thing I also like my job. I actually love it. My plan is to some day move from being a substitute to teaching full-time at the Montessori preschool. If you want to spend your days with some of the kindest, most compassionate, funny, loving, and wisest people, go hang out with a bunch of preschool kids! Happens to be a great remedy for living with teenagers as well. It’s been a full-time week for me and I’m tired (And it’s only Wednesday as I’m doing my post early!) but it’s a good tired.

Speaking of preschool, sometimes I bring the inspiration home. Read a story called Pumpkin Jack to a group on Tuesday afternoon. Gave me a great idea about what to do with our starting to rot pumpkin…plopped it down in the garden. Maybe a pumpkin vine in the spring?


Outdoor time is always a good thing! Chilly this afternoon but I spent that last glimmer of daylight, cleaning out my car and walking around the yard a bit. Noticing how the oak tree still had quite a few leaves left. Not many trees with the leaves left but those oak leaves are still there. 

Cutting it a bit short tonight, I like sleep and I need some because the animal man is coming to school tomorrow! Can’t wait to see what animals he’s bringing to share with the kids. Did I mention I love my job?




Starting November With Things I Like

I’m joining LeeAnna over at Not Afraid Of Color for an I Like Thursday post.  I always enjoy reading her posts of things she likes.  November seemed like a good month for joining in the fun.

I enjoy the pause November gives us between Halloween and Christmas. It goes much too fast. Especially with birthdays thrown in the mix. However, it’s a good month to take a breath. Give a few thanks.

And stomp in the leaves covering the ground crunching them underfoot. 

Enjoy the flowers hanging on despite the frost (we’ve not had a hard frost yet) and the tomatoes still trying very hard.  

Even though I often drive to other places to see it, I like the fall beauty right in my own front yard. 

And Inside:

It’s fun to bring in a bit of the outside…

I also like cozy blankets (or blanket scarves I can’t quite figure out how to wear…)

Perfect level of warmth for early mornings or the evenings. Or for wrapping up and reading a book.

Who doesn’t like books?   Admittedly, I didn’t like the Sofie Kelly book…couldn’t even finish it. I loved the two Ginger Bolton cozy mysteries I read though. Any recommendations for another author who writes in the cozy mystery genre?

Inside And Outside

A strange realization this morning… 

I like taking down the decorations! It’s not I don’t enjoy putting them out and enjoying them while they’re there. I just get some odd satisfaction from taking them all down and having a breather between the seasons.  Just me?

Probably couldn’t speak properly of inside and outside without acknowledging the little gray cat:

She keeps me on my toes.

Though sometimes she gets a bit cranky about all the picture snapping.  She likes me to wait until she’s napping to do my own things.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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