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My Likes For The Third Week In January

Starting my post early in the week on Tuesday. The weather people speak of another storm coming through starting on Thursday. Starting with rain, freezing, followed by cold.

Leaves me wondering if our power will hold as we live in an area of mature trees. Since I don’t want to miss out on the fun of liking stuff, I’m working on my post in tiny bits today and tomorrow. Scheduling it in advance. *Update: They say it’s all inching “north” now. Code for we guessed wrong, I think.*

With all the snowy weather, I like the scent of this cocoa and cream candle. Bonus is my husband likes it as well. And has been known to light it himself. 

And I admit, I do like the way my clothes look in my dresser after applying the KonMari Method of folding them. It’s a happy feeling to see them. I wrote a post about it yesterday. It’s fun to use this Bath and Body works stuff when it really is a snowy morning outside: 

“You smell good,” is something I often hear when I use it.  With all the real snow, I’m thinking of switching to something called “tropical vacation” and seeing if it transports me. (Not a real scent).

Snowy Weather

Still doing my best to enjoy the snow and cold despite having (now) 2 sick boys at home. The snow started melting on Tuesday and it looked like another snow storm as it fell off the trees. I liked the way it made the snow already down look. 

The table made me think of a cake with fluffy frosting. Added a few bird seed sprinkles to it yesterday. 

And built my own bird feeder out of snow (ice now). It’s supposed to be a football. 

Still waiting for the birds to discover it. Also, sprinkled some bird seed around the branch debris on the other side of the house. 

And enjoyed taking in the strange icicle formations. Some of those icicles off the rooftops looked sinister. These less deadly looking icicles were on some branches near the ground.

Food and Drink

Bought my bird seed when I ran to the store. And a coffee. I like Starbucks. 

Yes, I ordered a grande Cinnamon Shortbread Latte. Glad I liked it! My family and friends know I like Starbucks as well. Makes my grocery store splurge fun. 

While I don’t eat breakfast cereal for breakfast very often, I bought this: 

It’s surprisingly delicious! And on sale cheap, probably because they priced it ridiculously high when it first hit the shelves. Oh, and I’m changing my name.  Sunbeam Frost Fire has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?


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I Like Days Off Work

Since my New Year started off with lots of time working, I enjoyed my day off on Tuesday. And intend to enjoy my day off today (in between doing lots of “have-to” things).

My work day on Monday looked like this (taken from my phone during my break time): 

That does not look like a typical cold January sky! And it was not. We hit almost 60 degrees on Monday. Lots of outside playtime and minimal mud as well!

Of course, now as I predicted (Hey, I could have been a meteorologist in another life! Or I’ve just lived here all my life), they’re calling for these this weekend: 

Don’t you wish you could live somewhere it snowed pretty gold glittery snowflakes?  Ha! The photo above is my new doormat, picked up on clearance at Big Lots. 

We’re going to get the regular white stuff on Friday night into Saturday. Maybe. Never know but the TV people seem very confident.  Took the photos of my mat while outside enjoying the sun on a somewhat (though still warm) cooler Tuesday.

Also noticed this bottle my husband found while hunting last week. I think it’s calling for some sort of single stemmed flower planted in the dirt inside. Any ideas? 

The rest of my day off:

Along with the rest of the world, I’ve been watching Marie Kondo on Netflix. Even grabbed her book at the library (bonus tiny tip: there wasn’t any waiting for the large print edition of the book while the list on the regular book was 10 deep). 

Of course, it’s hard to pile clothes on the bed when it’s still occupied. I think my little gray cat had a better idea on how to spend a day off. 

My plans for today:

Take a photo of the pretty sunrise. Our sunrises and sunsets have been stunning this week though this was the first one I could capture: 

Try very hard not to start on wrong footing with over-tired teen. Go grocery shopping for the sake of my “starving” family. Mail a (now very late) Christmas package. Perhaps read some more in my book. Enjoy my candles: 

Clean the house. Watch a bit of Netflix. Go shopping. Meet friends for dinner. Simply enjoy the day.

How are you spending your Thursday?


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First I Like Thursday Of 2019

It’s the first Thursday of 2019!  Of course, I had to look at the calendar to make sure. Anybody else find it hard to keep track of the day of the week after the holidays?

No easing into the New Year around here. We jumped right back into our busy schedules this week!

First, we did take time (well, my husband and I) to eat some black-eyed peas for good luck on New Year’s Day.  

I make mine like salsa and dip blue tortilla chips into them. Discussed with my husband why we only make them on New Year’s day when we both like them.

Saw on a morning news program where they said eat black-eyed peas for common sense. I’ve never heard of that one.

Took a bit of a spin on the rest of the traditional New Year’s meal and had my green as salsa verde chicken served over salad.

And it’s a good thing I like to work. Somehow, I went right back to work as the kids went back to school. So much for my planned lazy days watching Netflix. Working is better.

Too tired for Netflix after working a full day. However, I did find time to go to the library! Reading is always better than Netflix. Set my new reading goal on Goodreads, 62 books for the year. Can I do it?

I like my first book of 2019:  

Still need to make a list of 19 I’d like to read this year. Even though I didn’t read all 18 (12.5 of them wasn’t too bad), having a list really helped inspire me to read more and led me to some great works by the same authors.

Short one to start the year as I need to run to Target still for cat food (and other bargains).


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I Like Taking Things Slow The Week After Christmas

I did something a bit unusual the day after Christmas. Or rather I didn’t do something.

Usually, I take my tree and all the trimmings down like clockwork each December 26th. However, I left the tree up and out to enjoy for a bit longer this time.

It seems as though the world is speeding ahead (already) to looking to the New Year.  I’m instead enjoying the last few days of 2018.

Things felt so rushed the week before Christmas and right up to the big day. I like having this time after to slow down and relax.

Yesterday, it rained on and off all day.  Spent Wednesday in my pajama pants, finishing my book and watching a movie on Netflix.  

I like eating cookies for breakfast. A lot. My sister-in-law brought a little surprise Christmas gift for me (and my other sister-in-law) on Christmas morning. I really liked this fun gift:  And my other sister-in-law brought us her “good” sugar cookies (as my boys refer to them) and cherry chip meringue cookies (my favorite!).

I really like eating cookies for breakfast. However, I did not like the number on the scale this morning. Time to give the cookies for breakfast routine a rest. Until next Christmas.

A Few More Christmas Images: 

After Santa’s visit: 

Someone kept getting in her stocking a bit early (please excuse the blurry photos):

Between Christmas And New Year’s Day

As I mentioned at the start of my post (yesterday), I plan to spend this week enjoying the end of December. And of course, doing a bit of reflecting on the earlier parts of the year.  

I really like the slower pace of this week even if it’s hard on all those type A personalities out there.  My poor husband is a bit confused by the wife who always takes the tree down the day after Christmas, not doing it this year.

How do you spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day?


Joining in with LeeAnna over at Not Afraid of Color for her I Like Thursdays. Go check it out. It’s nice to focus on the happy things we all like.

I Like Pictures: A Quick Busy Week In December Post

This post is going to be mostly pictures. It’s Wednesday night and I’m thinking of today as the summit of the week. Downhill from here, in a good way!

So much I should be doing including going to bed so I can get up in time for work tomorrow! On that note, I’m just sharing some random pictures for my I Like Thursday post.

Rewinding to last Thursday to start. I liked this view as I drove to work in the early morning.  The reflection of the lights from the bridge into the water caught my eye and made me want my “real” camera.

No time for the “real” camera for the amazing sky this morning either! It was worthy of more than a phone picture but I didn’t have time. 

It was fun to wear my pajamas to school today. And I liked the thoughtful gifts the teacher I’m working with brought with her.  Coffee for all of us in the pre-primary classrooms to start the day. And then, she gave me a candy cane right along with the kids! 

(That’s my messy kitchen counter top).

Finally, I like this quick fudge recipe a friend shared a few years ago. 

1 can of frosting plus 1 bag of chocolate chips. Microwave, stir, and pour into greased pan. I used Funfetti frosting and chocolate chips for the above fudge. Also, stirred in a bit of peppermint. Funfetti sprinkles on top.


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