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Grateful on a Thursday

Missed this post last week. There’s a draft of it written but it didn’t ever make it to the push publish button. Busy times but I’m still grateful.

Consider this a combined list….

Outside in Nature

  1. Beautiful flowers to welcome spring and summer, both the ones I bought and the surprise yellow ones 
  2. The mighty oak tree which serves as a home to all kinds of lovely birds and gives us shade in the summer. 
  3. The wonderful variety of birds I see each day: house finches, chickadees, cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers, nuthatches, and even those annoying grackles
  4. Gorgeous sunny spring days and thunderstorms (so I don’t have to remember to water my flowers)
  5. A big chaotic backyard

Just This Morning

    1. My non-morning person son who woke up cheerful! And shared the fun video posted above with me.
    2. My husband who does the laundry when I get sidetracked and completely focused only on all things graduation
    3. Feeling like an adult while eating this for breakfast. Forgot I liked Raisin Bran! 
    4. A quiet house that no longer smells of onion (see yesterday’s post) with windows open.
    5. A few minutes to write a post on my gratitude (Another name for a few minutes might be procrastination….)

And A Few Random Items (Some Carried Over From My Unpublished Post)

  1. The lovely scent of these candles. The one on the left, a gift for teacher appreciation. So let’s add in here being appreciated as a substitute teacher! And the one on the right, a birthday gift from J, saved it until summer as it’s a beach type scent. 
  2. Finding candy with *blue* wrappers that was not disgusting and on sale! 
  3. My messy kitchen table with life in progress
  4. Making new friends in the course of planning an ending to our kids’ high school days
  5. Old friends who text you important papers containing graduation information (because they are still kids….what paper? I gave it to you! Um, no…you did not. SIGH)
  6. Technology! I’m not always a fan of the cell phones but they do provide a nice quick communication tool.
  7. Knowing myself well enough to not get too upset over failed eating plans. Realizing a super stressful 2 weeks before graduation may not have been the ideal time to try completely changing my eating habits.


What things are you grateful for today?

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Gratitude In The Midst Of A Busy Season

It’s a busy season over here.  Lots of graduation prep underway for my oldest, band concerts a week apart, and of course, all the regular running of the household and work. Oh, did I mention it’s birthday month for my oldest as well?

So much good stuff and yet still, all a little stressful. Gladly, taking a minute to share my likes and gratitude for this week.

Gratitude For A Full Calendar

The bottom of my May pocket calendar

  1. Invitations to exciting and happy events. After losing loved ones in the past few years, it’s always a welcome thing to go to events celebrating happy things like graduation parties and wedding showers. 
  2. A chance to go see my great nieces dance on Saturday morning
  3. A bit of a slower work schedule
  4. The happy problem of having more family wanting to attend G’s graduation than our allotted ticket number. (If anyone knows how to make 11 = 20, let me in on the secret. And soon!). Having lots of people to love your kids is never a bad thing.
  5. My stock of Forever stamps
  6. The Cozi calendar app on my computer and phone. I know I sound like an ad  but I really do find this app so helpful with keeping track of everything. Helpful enough I pay for it but I used the free version for a long time.

Random Bits Of Gratitude

  1. Nicer weather! I don’t mind the rain if it’s above 50 degrees. It’s painted things a lovely shade of green (my favorite color!) around here. 
  2. Cozy candles in the house. My current spring scents are Lilac and Wild Violet.  
  3. Feeling healthy and having energy for all the exciting events.
  4. Time to enjoy a good breakfast (I’m trying what I’ve deemed an “off brand” 21 Day Fix. Basically, I just bought the containers and figured the count on my own. So far, it’s lots of good food and I like it. Remembering I like vegetables (spinach in my eggs!).
  5. A nice, long talk about almost everything with my oldest son on Tuesday night.
  6. One final silly bit of gratitude: Not coming across any spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. Hoping to go see it soon.


What are you grateful for this week?  Don’t forget to go visit Not Afraid Of Color for a dose of positive from LeeAnna and all the other bloggers linked up over there.


I Like Beating The Blahs

Once our out-of-town company left on Monday, I relaxed a bit. And then, had a chance to get together with a friend to talk about a graduation party we’re planning for our sons.

Tuesday and yesterday left me with a bit of the blahs. I think a fair amount might have been the weather. We went from sunny and beautiful on Easter to cold and cloudy for the next 3 days. Today the sun’s back out and my mood is much better.

Unfortunately, with a good case of the blahs, I avoided my laundry list of to-do items (though I did do a tiny bit of actual laundry!). Lots to try to accomplish before I run off to work.

My After Easter Gratitude List

  1. Blue, sunny skies!
  2. Birds singing
  3. Flowers Blooming

    My purple tulips on the edge of the area I’m in the process of turning into a wild flower garden

    Washington, D.C. tulips are prettier but there’s still no place like home

  4. That our aunt didn’t suffer more serious injuries when she fell in our bathroom late Friday evening. She broke her wrist and severely bruised her knee to the point she couldn’t walk.
  5. Our health and mobility! We rented her a wheelchair. So blessed with good health in this house.
  6. Our aunt going home on Monday (with help from my sister-in-law and her husband). We all want to be at home when we are feeling under the weather or hurt don’t we?
  7. My hard-working husband who went from the weekend excitement to working 12 hour days without complaining
  8. All the family who loves us and wants to attend G’s high school graduation. It makes dividing up 11 tickets a bit of a challenge though.
  9. Good friends who listen to our woes
  10. Chocolate (It’s the week after Easter, needs to be on the list!)


Cutting it a bit short today so I can spend some time tackling a few important to-do list items like playing the bills. And perhaps a bit more house cleaning. I’m working on clearing out the negative energy from our home (I know it sounds a little hippy but it’s making me feel better).

What’s on your gratitude list today?

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Grateful For Springtime Everywhere

Missed posting last week as we were out-of-town. Very thankful for a chance to travel (via tour bus) to Washington, D.C. and watch G and the rest of the high school band march in the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade.  

Springtime in the Washington, D.C. area is truly beautiful! 

Gratitude From Our Trip:

  1. Safe travels there and back
  2. Great bus drivers and tour guides
  3. Great weather especially on the day of the parade (though I do wish I’d thought about sunscreen) 
  4. The chance to see so many amazing sites in our nation’s capitol.

    Library of Congress

  5. Including an up close view of the back of the White House during a garden tour event we just stumbled on….thankful for being in the right place at the right time. 
  6. The amazing high school band students and the level of good manners, kindness, and respect they showed. (Enough so that their guide reached out to our high school principal to compliment them, something she said she’d only done one other time in her 9 years working as a guide).

Gratitude From Days Back At Home:

  1. Arriving home to find my own tulips blooming!
  2. Getting to spend time with my preschool kids again. Nothing warms my heart more than hugs and a few “Where were you?” or my personal favorite, “I thought you were never going to come back!”
  3. Finally a good night’s sleep last night, thanks to a few thunderstorms rolling through our area. No better sleep music than some light spring storms.
  4. Kansas City traffic, I don’t think I’d last in the D.C. area (and I didn’t even have to do any driving!)
  5. My own personal bathroom and not having to wait in line for it.

So much more to share about our trip (I’ll do that in blog posts soon) but Easter is Sunday and brunch as always is here. Need to cut this short so I can start getting the house company ready. There’s that extra “we just got back from a trip” layer to address before I can even begin to clean.

What things are you grateful for this week?

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Gratitude From A Grouch

Sometimes, I think people perceive me as sort of happy go-lucky and not very bright. As rather shallow. Those people don’t know me very well.

While for the most part, I am a generally happy go-lucky person who tries to stay positive and upbeat, it doesn’t mean I don’t have my days where my mood is more storm clouds than sunshine and rainbows. Just because I prefer not to discuss politics or world issues with you, does not mean I don’t follow the news.

However, I’ve found that looking for gratitude does help the bad moods. Sometimes. In order to stay authentic, I’ll share I was in an awful mood on Saturday. And for no real good reason. Sometimes bad moods just happen.  I was not in the mood for gratitude.

However, I started a gratitude list any way. And my mood passed. Not right away but in time. Feelings come and go and are not right or wrong. Feelings are just feelings.

Whew! Let’s go back to being happy go-lucky and not so serious and check out the gratitude list for this busy week!

(Not many pictures to share as this has also been an exceedingly busy week!)

Gratitude List For The First Week of April

Don’t worry, Be Happy!

  1. Friendship
  2. Coffee  
  3. Friends, old and new
  4. Spring
  5. Grouchy moods to make us appreciate the good moods
  6. A good night’s sleep
  7. Teenagers arriving home safely
  8. A job where part of it is actually being outside
  9. Preschool wisdom
  10. Mint gum
  11. Husband willing to change his schedule so I can go to work on time
  12. Good books
  13. Cheerful employees in the fast food drive through
  14. The kindness of strangers
  15. The return of yet another bird to our yard. So happy to see the Brown Thrasher out there! A wily one who refuses to pose for my camera.
  16. April showers
  17. Wedding invitations

Going to stop at the really random number of 17 this week.

This song popped into my head while typing the caption on my first photo so I’ll leave you with it:

Time to hop off of here and start cleaning the house. I need to clean it just to get to the spring cleaning stage. Scary!

What’s on your gratitude list for this week?

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