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I Like How It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I’m still listening to the Christmas radio stations. Found a new one even, I like it much better. They play a better variety.  And on Tuesday, Pandora’s Christmas station kept me happy.

I spent Tuesday cleaning the house. It’s now officially moved up on the clean scale from disgusting to a little dirty. Clean enough to get out the rest of my Christmas decorations though!

My mom used to set this little girl out with her sled. She was one of my favorite Christmas decorations. Now I set her out.  

It makes me happy to have her beside the ceramic Santa and Mrs. Claus created by my late mother-in-law. 

I like how the whole table turned out with my angels, kneeling and fishing Santas, and the candles. If you’re wondering about the empty spot by the candles above, it’s our cat’s space.

Tiny Precious Moments Nativity in front of the TV.  Bought on our honeymoon 20 years ago. Easily found this one but spent all day looking for our main one.  Forgot to share a picture of our Christmas bathroom night-light last week. I like it! It’s a bubble night-light (whatever that means….)  Continue reading

I Like Blogmas Day 6: My Christmas Wish List

This turned into an unexpectedly full work week so I’m combining the I like and Blogmas posts this morning.  They blend nicely today as the Blogmas topic is “My Christmas Wish List.”

I like the newer slower pace I’m following for Christmas decorating. Enjoying each decoration, not worrying about the mess, and trying not to stress over “Where is our Christmas wreath?”   

Some items on my Christmas decorating wish list:

  • A Christmas picture for the bathroom (I already put up a Christmas themed shower curtain and night-light) 
  • Some new towels, Christmas-y ones, for in there
  • A place for our old, big hard to assemble Christmas tree (I still miss it!)
  • More Christmas throws and pillows for the living room
  • Christmas sheets and bedding for all the bedrooms
  • And a clean house to show it all off properly

Thankful though for a warm, cozy home to spend snowy December days with family.

Speaking of snowy days, it’s snowing here AGAIN! The snow is pretty, snow globe living isn’t too bad. Perhaps, we’ll actually have a white Christmas this year.  My boys were barely into elementary school last time that happened, I think.

Some items on my Christmas wish list for cozy days at home:

  • More crackling Woodwick candles
  • New fuzzy socks
  • The search continues for a new favorite coffee mug, I keep trying and missing

Thankful for the chance to spend some cozy days at home. Christmas break is 11 days away!

Of course, I have a few other items on my wish list including not only a few other material things (it’s okay to like presents!) but kindness, good will, and peace (both world and among a few feuding family members).

What’s on your Christmas list?

****Linking up to both LeeAnna over at Not Afraid Of Color as well as Tamy over at Chasing My Life for I Like Thursdays/Blogmas. Go check out their blogs!

I Like Thursdays And Snow Days…

We had two snow days this week! Highly unusual for the week after Thanksgiving.

Spotted this dove at twilight last Saturday, the night before our snowstorm.

I like snow days. It’s a nice break from routine.

Our Snow Days:

Pretty sure it might qualify as a #myfamilyisweird submission on Jimmy Fallon but I like that instead of doing normal things like sledding and building snowmen, my husband and younger son do things like this: 

I did kindly request perhaps a color other than yellow for next time…

The nighttime fireworks were pretty on the snow.  Other than a few steps outside to snap some photos, I’ve stayed inside doing things like baking cookies, laundry (blah!), and setting a pan of water on the stove to put some moisture back in our dry indoor air.

I used soon to expire clementines, cinnamon, and a handful of cranberries in my water.

It’s always good to occasionally break from routine.

Between Holidays:

Sometimes, it’s also nice to stop and reflect. Despite my anxious desire to pull out all things Christmas, my boys insisted we wait until December.  

It meant putting away all the fall decorations and enjoying a pause between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I could have decorated anyway but I heard a hint of wisdom in their words. Honestly, it feels nice to have a bit of downtime between the two.

Of course, I still watched Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer on Tuesday night. It’s my favorite! And did a bit of Cyber-Monday shopping. Who doesn’t like deals? Free shipping is my goal always. Finally, PBS offered a shipping deal worth my time so I could order my oldest a Bob Ross Christmas ornament. He likes to watch Bob Ross. My late mother would have loved that!

However, the only Christmas decoration out in our home at the moment is my U.S. Capitol Tree Ornament, treated myself when I visited the tree. My new plan is to give the house a good cleaning before decorating.

Saturday is December 1st and it will be time to decorate! Already anticipating pulling out my Advent calendar (just a wooden block change the date one), the greenery, the tree, the ornaments, and enjoying the quiet glow of Christmas arriving.

When do you decorate for Christmas?


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Things I’m Liking This Week

It’s only the second week of November and yet, it seems the month is passing us by so fast!

I like the new “I like” link up hosted by LeeAnna over at Not Afraid of Color. Makes a nice reminder to slow down and think about all the good things happening during the week. I also like how it makes me post at least twice a week even on busy weeks (another Wednesday night posting going up!).

Let’s start with the weather. While I’m not a fan of the winter-y weather especially in November, it does make pretty “winter” scenery. 

Just a note: snow-covered leaves are slippery! Pretty but slippery! I like that I didn’t fall on the ones in the front yard while going to grab the trash bin.

I am also very thankful our city did a great job of keeping the roads clear and safe. Didn’t have to miss enjoying a peppermint mocha and the good company of good friends!

Also, since the roads weren’t bad, I ran out and did a bit of shopping the next day. I was birthday shopping for my son’s birthday but came up short in the ideas department. Coupons are nice though. Let’s me justify picking up a few extra just because items like this cinnamon broom: 

Yes, our front door is a little rough but the broom smells so nice. And since it’s apparently off-season, they were buy one, get one free!  I also couldn’t pass up this Christmas gift bag I know a special aunt will love: 

That’s okay, right? Putting the gift bag before the present? Or is that like putting the horse (or flamingo) before the cart?

It’ll be time to figure out a present for the gift bag soon enough. Right now it’s time to stop this post as tomorrow’s another work day and a 7:30 AM (YIKES!) one at that.



A Few Of My Early November Favorites

Joining up with LeeAnna over at Not Afraid of Color to talk about the things I like again. It’s fun to focus on the positive!

I’ve been a bit on the go since the month started so it’s nice to take a minute to put up another blog post.

Where’d I go?

On A Road Trip!

Last Friday, I took a road trip with my high school senior to check out Mizzou! (The University of Missouri, Columbia) I liked going on a road trip with my son. It was fun.

And sometimes scary, like when we were ready to leave and couldn’t find the car. GPS for finding cars? Is that a thing? It needs to be! Can’t say I like parking garages.

Though I’m not ready for him to leave and go off to college, should he choose to go there, I would feel okay with it. If he does choose to go there, I’ll be accepting donations! Actually, I might need to accept them anyway.  Senior year is expensive. YIKES!

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Off To Work I Go

Good thing I also like my job. I actually love it. My plan is to some day move from being a substitute to teaching full-time at the Montessori preschool. If you want to spend your days with some of the kindest, most compassionate, funny, loving, and wisest people, go hang out with a bunch of preschool kids! Happens to be a great remedy for living with teenagers as well. It’s been a full-time week for me and I’m tired (And it’s only Wednesday as I’m doing my post early!) but it’s a good tired.

Speaking of preschool, sometimes I bring the inspiration home. Read a story called Pumpkin Jack to a group on Tuesday afternoon. Gave me a great idea about what to do with our starting to rot pumpkin…plopped it down in the garden. Maybe a pumpkin vine in the spring?


Outdoor time is always a good thing! Chilly this afternoon but I spent that last glimmer of daylight, cleaning out my car and walking around the yard a bit. Noticing how the oak tree still had quite a few leaves left. Not many trees with the leaves left but those oak leaves are still there. 

Cutting it a bit short tonight, I like sleep and I need some because the animal man is coming to school tomorrow! Can’t wait to see what animals he’s bringing to share with the kids. Did I mention I love my job?




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