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Happy Homemaker Monday

I noticed Sandra, our host for the Happy Homemaker Monday posts, changed up the categories on us last week.  So, hopefully, I’ve managed to get my post this week up to date.

Let’s just jump right into it this week…

Breakfast Time, What Is On The Plate This Morning

Scrambled egg with some left-over bacon from Saturday added to it, toast, coffee (I like when I have time to eat a proper breakfast.  Tomorrow, I work so it will likely just be yogurt again.)

Right Now I Am

Trying to finish this post and decided where to go or what to do first with the rest of my day.

Looking Around The House

I need to CLEAN.

On Today’s To-Do List

While it should be a cleaning day, I’ve decided I’ll have a shopping day instead.  We do need cleaning supplies for both the house and our bodies (read: we’re out of soap). Also, these people seem to eat all the time and we’re running low on food again.

  • Go to Grocery store
  • Spend too much money at Target
  • Maybe get some fall clothes somewhere like J.C. Penny
  • Purchase the soap I like at either the Dollar Tree or CVS depending on my mood
  • Perhaps buy some flowers at the local garden store
  • If time permits, clean the house up a little bit and throw in some laundry

Currently Reading

Just browsing through the October magazines

On The TV Today

Don’t expect to really turn the TV on today until later. My husband will probably watch The Voice tonight.  I’m waiting until tomorrow for the season premiere of The Flash.

The Weather Outside Is

Great for fall weather! Sunny and cooler, it’s 56 degrees right now with a high in the upper 70s expected. Need to make sure I get out and enjoy as there is a big chance of more rain tomorrow.  Then, it will be warmer again on our weekend.

On The Menu This Week

This ever-changing fall weather is wrecking havoc with my menu plans.  Serving chili when the temperature outside is above 80 degrees is just not something I’m going to do.  So it’s another week with a few repeats.  Linking up my menu plan with Menu Plan Monday hosted by Laura from I’m An Organizing Junkie.

MONDAY: Something Italian since it’s Columbus Day here (Happy Thanksgiving to Canada!) I’m thinking I’m going to finally make the chicken manicotti that keeps getting pushed off my menu plans.

I’ll probably end up heating up meatballs for J or just holding back some Rotisserie chicken for him (yes, I’m fully cheating on this recipe). *I may go to the band parent meeting* *It’s Mom’s Night Out*

TUESDAY: Pork chops, baked sweet potatoes *G has early morning band practice* *I work 8-4*

WEDNESDAY: Chili, eventually I’m going to make this!  *G has early morning band practice*

THURSDAY:  Ham steaks, fried okra (there’s finally enough in the garden for 1 serving!), salad *G has evening band practice* *I work 1-3:45* *G has evening band practice*

FRIDAY: Probably out if not tacos or chicken enchiladas…

If I Have A Few Minutes To Myself, I Will

Work on my blog posts for 31 Days of Embracing The Fall Season series

New Recipe I Tried, Or Want To Try This Week

Last week I had some pumpkin leftover from my pumpkin muffin recipe and so made these pumpkin sugar cookies.  G and I both really liked them! The other 2 in this house aren’t huge fans of pumpkin flavored things that aren’t muffins or pie so wouldn’t try them.

They had a nice delicate pumpkin flavor and I put some dough in the freezer to pull out at Christmas time. My note: I preferred the batch I forgot to flatten out.

One Of My Simple Pleasures

Hearing the local radio announcer shout, TOUCHDOWN…KANSAS…CITY!

Favorite Photo From The Camera Or The Internet

Monday can’t find me!


Okay, I’ll come down.

Story behind the photo: There were 2 neighborhood stray cats at the base of this tree and she was hiding up there.  The cats like to chase the squirrels around and I can only guess since she’s smaller, they chased her as well.  What I really wish I had to share was a video of my husband out there hissing at the other two cats.

Praying For

Peace for all my readers and for the rest of the world as well.

Quote For The Week

“Trees are poems that Earth writes upon the skies.” (Kahlil Gibran)


What’s on your agenda and/or your menu for the week ahead?



Happy Homemaker Monday, Welcome To October

I’m not going to say it but I’m thinking it with you: Where did September go?

Starting my post once again on Sunday afternoon since I never quite know what Monday morning might bring.  Right now, it holds the promise of bringing a quiet house that I get to stay home and enjoy.

My full-time work weeks are over for a bit and I’m looking forward to a bit more of a relaxed pace for at least a few days.  Glad to be joining in with Sandra and her Happy Homemaker Monday post for a week at home perhaps!?

Let’s look at the week ahead.

The Weather

Currently, it’s almost chilly and there seems to be the slightest hint of a rain shower in the air. However, by tomorrow (Monday) it’s supposed to be in the low 80s and sunny the first part of our week and rainy and cooler in the second half.

Right Now I Am

Enjoying the open windows and brewing a cup of Chai Green Tea while working on this post.  Also, noticing the Hackberry gnats arrival (ugh).

On My Reading Pile

I’m collecting a list of books I want to read. Since I actually had a dream about my library fines, I suppose I better make paying them a bit of a priority this week. Yesterday, I spent part of the evening reading and recycling a large stack of September magazines.

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend

Not on the weekend but I think on Wednesday night, the boys sat and watched Moana with me.  We all were surprised by how much we enjoyed it.  I have a bunch of Netflix shows I’m in the middle of watching:  Parks and Recreation (current go-to), The Walking Dead, Fuller House, Madam Secretary (can’t remember if I finished the season or they added a new one on there?), my husband and I are still trying to find time to watch the next Game of Thrones disc as well.

My Menu For This Week

Looking at my last menu, the only day we followed it was Friday when we had Subway.  We added a sick kid to the busy schedule and the menu didn’t really work so it’ll be repeats on a few items this week.  Also, no more home football games so we’re also going to take a break from Subway.

MONDAY: Chili and/or hot dogs  *Chiefs game*

TUESDAY: Chicken legs *G has early morning band practice* *J has robotics club after school*

WEDNESDAY: Pork chops *G has early morning band practice* *J has robotics club after school*

THURSDAY: Tacos, maybe chicken enchiladas *G has evening band practice* *I might be working 8-4*

FRIDAY: Fish maybe…maybe breakfast for dinner…maybe OUT *I might be working 8-4*

To-Do List

  1. Get definitive schedule for J’s robotics stuff
  2. Call school district transportation department about after school bus stop
  3. Call my work to clarify my schedule for this week plus one other day
  4. Figure out and pay library fines
  5. Continue to change over e-mail
  6. Clean.The.House.
  7. Work on 31 Days blog series
  8. Grocery store changing this to clean out the fridge!
  9. Camera practice
  10. Relax

What I Am Creating

Working on a new blog series:  31 Days of Embracing The Fall Season.  Do you join in the write 31 days in October?  Let me know in the comments so I can check out your series!

Looking Around The House

Needs picked up and a good fall cleaning.  We shall see how far I get.

From The Camera

Yesterday, I went and walked in a 5k to support family members involved with the local chapter of NAMI in Kansas City. The local organization is fully run by volunteers right now.  It was a beautiful day to walk along the river at Berkley Waterfront Park in Kansas City.  I took the picture below with my phone as I opted to leave my camera at home.

Simple Pleasure

Watching movies with the boys.

Quote For The Week

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. (Confucius)


What do you have on your agenda for the first week of October?

Happy Homemaker Monday, Another Nutty Week

This is my last week of a full-time schedule.  It will be so nice to be back to just slightly busy instead of super busy!

It’s hard to keep up with blogging (and pretty much everything else) while working full-time hours.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to catch up a bit more next week.

Since I’m still determined to keep up with the Happy Homemaker Monday posts hosted by Sandra from Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom, I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon. These posts help me keep somewhat on track no matter what type of week is on the horizon.

Let’s look at the upcoming week…

The Weather

There’s a Facebook meme floating around that says something along the idea of Fall in Missouri means…Absolutely Nothing. It’s 90 degrees outside still.  Currently, it’s 85 and sunny. The pools closed too early this year!  Of course, we can just wait 5 minutes and see what happens.

We are supposed to get some rain on Tuesday and then, the temps are going to be in the low 70s after that.  A bit more like fall.

Right Now I Am

Feeling a bit like this little guy: Just not sure what direction to turn and what to tackle first. 

On My Reading Pile

I did start re-reading Happier At Home by Gretchen Rubin since it was on sale for $1.99 on the Amazon Kindle App.  (Oops, there went my on-line shopping freeze!)

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend

Just a few more episodes of Parks and Recreation.  And the first season 3 episode of Fuller House. 

My Menu For This Week

It’s a bit tricky to figure out a fall menu when the weather feels like summer and our schedules are super busy.  This week is thankfully not quite as busy as last week.

MONDAY:  Going to see if my husband will fry fish  *Boys are off school* *I work 7:45-4:15*

TUESDAY:  Chili   *G has evening band practice 6-8:30* *J has robotics club after school until 6* *I work 7:45-4:15*

WEDNESDAY:  Chicken Manicotti *J has robotics club after school until 6* *I work 7:45-4:15*

THURSDAY:  Leftovers or breakfast for dinner *G has early morning band practice* *I work 7:45-4:15*

FRIDAY:   Subway  *Football game* *I work 7:45-4:15*

To-Do List

  1. Go to Grocery Store
  2. Get G’s class ring ordered
  3. Camera Practice
  4. Work on e-mail switch (switching my yahoo e-mail over to g mail)
  5. Watch training videos for work (needs to be done by the 30th)

What I Am Creating

Lots of things in the idea stage but no time to get much further.

Looking Around The House

Not too awful but not quite company ready.

From The Camera

The previous week, my husband stopped a program we were watching and said listen.  We could hear an owl in one of our backyard trees. A dusk curfew immediately went into effect for the little gray cat.  Each night close to dark, we heard it.  Wednesday evening I waited on our owl.  I slathered myself with bug repellent and sat waiting on our deck. Watching the sun go down and keeping a close eye on the trees.  While I did not get a photo of the owl, the night did reward my patience.  It grew darker.  Too dark for a decent camera photo of any bird.  And the first owl arrived.  I saw it land on a branch.  Just a large dark outline.  I heard its call and was a bit surprised when I heard another bird arrive and answer.  Then, two large owls silently swooped over my head in the sky above, both startling and scaring me.  Perhaps,I quickly ran inside.  And then ventured back out to listen a bit longer. Here’s a Missouri Department of Conservation photo of the owls we think are out there.

Simple Pleasure

Stepping out on the porch in the morning and hearing the high school band practicing.

Quote For The Week

This item found on Pinterest seems fitting.


What’s on your agenda for the week ahead?



Happy Homemaker Monday, It’s Almost Officially Fall

Fall arrives officially on Friday! I’d be a bit more excited if I weren’t so tired.

It’s yet another week of working a full-time schedule around here. Next week is more of the same. Then, I may sleep for an entire day just because I can!

The computer monitor broke over the weekend so my planning was mostly on bits of paper until tonight.  Glad to join in with Sandra’s Happy Homemaker Monday even if I am posting a bit later than usual.

The Weather

It feels a bit like fall right now and it was a rainy day.  However, all the rain is going to add to the humidity and it’s going to be muggy and in the high 80s later in the week. Right now it’s 71 outside and we have the windows open.

Right Now I Am

Working on this post to try to get a handle on what I need to do this week.  Trying to figure out what I still need to do for Bunco since I am hosting tomorrow night.

On My Reading Pile

Currently abandoned.  Weekend project perhaps?

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend

G introduced me to Parks and Recreation on Netflix.  I’m loving it.  Just the kind of humor I need after some rather long days.  I think my husband and I watched episode 7? of Game of Thrones. It’s slow-going 2 episodes at a time.

My Menu For This Week

This is the part of my post that needs the most work.  First our menu for the week:

MONDAY: We ate at Sam’s Club while buying a new computer monitor. *I worked 7:45-4:15*

TUESDAY: hamburgers and hot dogs *G has early morning band practice* *J has an after school robotics club meeting* *I host Bunco* *I also work 7:45-4:15*

WEDNESDAY: Chicken legs, salad *G has early morning band practice* *I work 7:45-4:15*

THURSDAY: No idea, scrounge through the fridge and freezer/leftovers…*I work 7:45-4:15* *G has evening band practice*

FRIDAY: Subway *Football game night tradition* *I work 7:45-4:15*



I thought about making a separate post but I’m just going to throw it on this one instead.

Appetizers: Summer sausage, crackers, hummus, pita crackers

Main Dish: hamburgers and hot dogs (my husband has agreed to cook these for me and we’ll just have the same dinner) with buns and fixings.

Side Dishes: Chips, Pasta Salad, Broccoli Salad (maybe I’m kind of out of steam tonight)

Desserts: Cheesecake Dip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles or brownies

Drinks: Lemonade, Coke

Table Snacks: Cheese/Caramel Popcorn mix, M&M’s, and one more I haven’t decided on yet.

That’s me trying to keep it simple.

To-Do List

Ha. Ha. HA!

  1. Host Bunco
  2. Reschedule next week’s hair appointment
  3. Attempt to hang on to sanity
  4. Pay bills
  5. Try practice with camera at some point

What I Am Creating

A September Bunco Menu? See above. Not much else although I want to try to make one of these picture walls if things ever settle down.

Looking Around The House

Surprisingly, decent.

From The Camera

This is from a few weeks ago. Sadly, didn’t get a chance to do much with the camera last week.  First one is from J. On the same day he took the photo of the geese in flight, he also took this photo.  The second one is mine of interesting park bench graffiti.

Simple Pleasure

When the recycle bin has more in it than the trash bin.

Quote For The Week

All I can think of at the moment is “just keep swimming” from Finding Nemo.


It’s just been a Monday is all and not a terrible one at that.  The week will improve.  What do you have planned for the week ahead?



Happy Homemaker Monday, Another Full-Time Work Week

I’m putting my post together on Sunday night as I have another full-time work week on the horizon.  This is usually a slower month for my work as sub but not this year.

I’ve found it’s quite helpful especially on my busier weeks to have a weekly plan. So, I’m happy to be joining in with our host, Sandra from Diary of a Stay At Home Mom, for another Happy Homemaker Monday post.

Lots to do tonight to be ready for tomorrow so on to the post…

The Weather 

While the weather is wrecking havoc in the coastal states, we actually are set to have a really nice week here.  Highs in the upper 70s to mid 80s all week and lots of sunshine.  Seems almost wrong to say we could actually use a little rain.  One benefit of working at a preschool all week is that I know I’ll get to spend lots of time outside enjoying it. The Labor Day sunset was a cloudless, strange, beautiful red orb. We enjoyed it a lot less once we learned the smokey haze from the wildfires burning in the west caused the bizarre red sunset.  The photos don’t really capture the essence of it well enough.

Right Now I Am

Wondering when I started working full-time?  Half-listening to the football coverage on the television.  Trying to figure out how to make my part-time wardrobe work this week and thinking I need to probably do a load of laundry.  Thinking that J didn’t bring his P.E. clothes home. Wondering what else is going on this week. Lots of thoughts bouncing around in my brain…

On My Reading Pile

I’ve decided to set aside the Game of Thrones book for a bit.  Will probably look in a bit and see what the Amazon Prime free book selections were for September 1 and choose one of those to read.

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend

Netflix finally added season 7 of The Walking Dead so I watched 2 episodes of that.  I already knew who was going to be at the end of Lucille but I was still a bit sad.  My husband watched about 15 minutes of the second episode of season 7 with me before deciding nope. He’s never been interested in the show & the teenager makes fun of me for watching.

Needed something light later so I sat and watched the musical, Bye Bye Birdie.  I’d surprisingly never seen it but it turned out my 7th grader had watched it in elementary school.  I really enjoyed it!

Oh, and my husband and I watched one episode off our two episode disc of Game of Thrones.  He’s almost done with the show…says he’ll give it 2-3 more episodes before he decides.  I’ll probably keep watching it.

On My TV

Maybe the Master Chef finale if I remember. I watched the semi final last week so I’m sort of hoping Karma catches a chef I thought was incredibly rude and disrespectful to another contestant.  Haven’t been watching the whole season just bits and pieces of the shows so I don’t really care who wins.

My Menu For This Week

The word for the menu this week is SIMPLE.  Of course, I’m still working my way through the great pantry, fridge, freezer clean out and on a Spend Less September so it will be interesting.

MONDAY:  Tacos  *I work 8-4*

TUESDAY:  BLT’s *I work 8:30-3:45* *G has early morning band practice*

WEDNESDAY:  Chicken of some sort*I work 7:45-4:14* *G has early morning band practice*

THURSDAY:  Ham Steaks *I work 9:30-6:00* *class ring order night for G* *G has evening band practice*

FRIDAY: No idea, spaghetti?  *I work 9:30-6:00*

To-Do List

  1. Any of the stuff from last week that I can didn’t do and can fit in to this week
  2. Set out fruit fly traps. It’s that season!
  3. Laundry, pick out clothes to wear this week
  4. Make a “I am not available” work date list
  5. Confirm some of my current work schedule since I’m a bit confused by it

What I Am Creating

Well, I did organize the fridge back on Labor Day.  Does that count? And bonus, it still looks pretty good a week later!  These photos are from last week.

Looking Around The House

I think I missed the party!

From The Camera

Super excited to have spotted this monarch caterpillar on some milkweed in our backyard on Saturday afternoon. Simple Pleasure

Watching the little biographical shorts a local movie station airs before it’s Saturday afternoon selections. I don’t make an effort to tune into them so it’s always a pleasant surprise when I come across one.

Quote For The Week

In remembrance of today:

United We Stand.  


And in true busy week fashion (yes, I’m aware it’s only Monday), I’m finishing the post I started on Sunday night at 5:00p.m. on Monday.  What’s on your agenda for the week?


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