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Happy Homemaker Monday, Sick On The First Day Of Spring

Yes, you read right.  I am sick.  AGAIN.  The weather is all wrong from me to have pneumonia.

I’m supposed to be “up” as opposed to sleeping which I really want to do so here I sit using some fumes of my oxygen consumption, listening to the neighbor mow his lawn, and continuing on in my small determination to post every Monday.   I’m still struggling to move beyond simply posting on Mondays though.

Be sure to check out the Happy Homemaker Monday link hosted by Sandra from Diary of a Stay At Home Mom.

The Weather

Absolutely beautiful! A perfect first day of spring.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, our windows are open.  It’s 70 degrees right now and supposed to 80 later. The rest of the week is back to “normal” with highs in upper 50s and a chance of rain on Friday.

On My Reading Pile

A couple of now very overdue library books.  Must get to the library.

Movies or Television Shows I Watched This Weekend

This weekend, I mostly slept.  I did watch a couple of episodes of The X-Files late in the afternoon yesterday.

On My TV

Probably just more of The X-Files, and I’ll probably watch The Flash on Tuesday.


With me being sick, my husband has been mostly in charge of pretty much everything.  So it will possibly be fairly up in the air this week.  He made tacos last night.  Nothing sounds good to me.

MONDAY:  Roast is in the crock pot.

TUESDAY:  *I work until 1:30*  Maybe some sort of chicken

WEDNESDAY: *I work until 4:00* Breakfast for dinner?

THURSDAY:*I work until 4:00* Spaghetti?

FRIDAY:  *The boys first day of spring break* Probably OUT

To-Do List

Much shorter than last week and not everything is crossed off that list.  I was supposed to host Bunco this week but had to cancel, not enough energy for that plus a hacking cough with rolling dice, not a great combo.

  1. Figure out school conferences.
  2. Put away winter clothes (guess it is officially safe to do that now.  I have a whole drawer full of sweaters I didn’t get to wear this winter because it was never cold enough).
  3. Figure out why I’m not getting the e-mail notification when people comment on the blog
  4. Rest


Still want to figure out something for the front door.

Happening This Week

*Working 3 days, I’ll have been on antibiotics long enough but I let them know what’s going on and I have the option to leave early tomorrow if I don’t think I’ll be able to make it.  It’s only a half-day tomorrow.

*Teacher conferences for both boys but my lucky husband will have to do that duty, I think.

*The boys first day of Spring Break is Friday.  Can’t wait to sleep in! I’m actually kind of hoping for a morning thunderstorm, the best kind of sleeping in weather.

Looking Around The House

It’s in really good shape.  My husband was in cleaning mode yesterday.

From The Camera

I really need to get back to picking up the camera!  Obviously, I didn’t get out much to take any pictures over the weekend.  So one quick walk around the front yard, one coughing fit later (apparently a good thing with pneumonia), and here are a few first day of spring pictures for you.

The spring flag!

This robin was enjoying the late morning.

Isn’t it just a little too early for Dandelions though?

What I’m Wearing Today

Ha, I’m honestly a mess today.  My red Pike’s Peak t-shirt, brown Capri pants, and tennis shoes without socks.

Simple Pleasure

Breathing.  Being healthy.  Actually, on that note, I’ll say ice.  Partly melted ice cubes.  Yes, I’m an ice cruncher.  But there is something very satisfying in that especially when I’m sick.

Quote For The Week

This seems fitting for today:

Embrace the glorious mess that you are. (Elizabeth Gilbert)


This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalms 118:24)


How is your first day of Spring going so far?



Happy Homemaker Monday, First Day of Daylight Saving Time

Sometimes it’s a struggle to find the happy on a homemaker Monday.  It’s the first day of Daylight Saving Time. I’m tired.

I still plan to join in with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom for Happy Homemaker Monday.  Lately, it seems to be the only post I can manage with any consistency.

It’s cold, cloudy, and overcast making it still feel dark although the daylight has finally arrived.  I started cleaning the house but had to stop and go pick up a sick kid.  Last week, I ended up sick and then, working.  This may be another long week.

The Weather

There’s late to the party and then there’s this winter.  Seriously, there comes a time when you are going to be so late to the party that  you should just stay home.  Our winter didn’t learn that lesson.  It snowed over the weekend although it has all melted away now.

It’s 26 degrees this morning.  Our highs are supposed to be in the low 40s all week until the weekend when spring type weather returns with highs in the 60s.  Last week we had a thunderstorm, weather almost warm enough to go swimming, followed by a Saturday snow.  Who knows what we’ll get this week.

On My Reading Pile

Nothing.  I really need to get to the library!

Movies or Television Shows I Watched This Weekend

I watched Batman vs Superman.  It was okay.  A little slow-moving, I thought.  Also, a bit too dark for my taste.  I like happier super heroes, I guess.  Also, I’m still working my way through The X-Files.  Oh, and I caught a little bit of Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots show which I really enjoyed plus Chicago Justice, nothing new there but still a fair enjoyable drama.

On My TV

Probably just the usual again, The Voice and The Flash.


Since I ended up sick last week, our menu didn’t really go as planned.  They seldom do but this one ended up a bit more off course than usual.

MONDAY:  Ham steak, baked sweet potato, dinner rolls, jello


WEDNESDAY:  Chicken and noodles (from freezer), Chicken noodle soup for J

THURSDAY:  *I work until 4:30 and G has a band concert*  Probably OUT

FRIDAY: *I work until 4:30*  Something green for St. Patrick’s Day?  Taco salads?  With Guacamole? 

To-Do List

Too much!

  1. Wash all bedding (in progress)
  2. Call/register G for Driver’s Education and ask about summer school for J
  3. Spring break planning (still)
  4. Clean house
  5. Grocery store
  6. Clean out fridge (didn’t happen last week, MUST happen today)
  7. Go to library, return books, get new, still need to check on book they think I didn’t turn in
  8. Go to Dollar Tree and Target
  9. Go back to bed (wishful thinking)
  10. Clean off my dresser


Right now I’m focused on trying to do a bit of spring cleaning or even just regular cleaning…

Happening This Week

  • I work Thursday and Friday, I’m trying to stick to ONLY working those 2 days, reminding myself I’m the sub and I get to say “no” when things are going on or my own kids are sick
  • G has a band concert
  • Summer school enrollment, they changed middle school elective options and J wants to go so he can have 2 electives next year (he’d take PE over the summer).  I need to call and see how it all works: if he’d just go for PE or it would be a whole day.
  • St. Patrick’s Day.  I doubt we’ll do anything for it outside of wearing and/or eating some green.

Looking Around The House

Lots of laundry.  That’s my focus for today.  Also, lots of cleaning.  I’m craving that fresh, spring-cleaned start to the inside of our house.

From The Camera

Another blah week in regards to me picking up the camera.  Not feeling good didn’t help my motivation much.  The little blue flowers covering most of the front yard have arrived early this year (like everything else):

What I’m Wearing Today

Purple hooded sweatshirt, black pants, and tennis shoes

Simple Pleasure

Would it be too trite to say waking up in daylight?  Daylight!  I like the night also.  I just like the night to be at night and the day to be during the day.  By the way, Daylight Saving Time ends on November 5, 2017 if you are curious.

Quote For The Week

May Your Home Be Always Too Small To Hold Your Friends.  (Irish Toast)


Catching up with a few of my favorite blogs should also be on my to-do list up there.  What’s on your to-do list this week?




Happy Homemaker Monday, The Night Edition

Since I’m still determined to not miss a Happy Homemaker Monday in 2017, I present the night edition. I’ll still be linking up with Sandra from Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom once I finish this post. It’s a fun link up, be sure to check it out!

I worked from 10a.m. to 2p.m. today, didn’t manage my time well before work, and lost the computer to the teenager during the afternoon (and early evening) hours. It’s interesting how much my day changed from the early a.m. when I usually compile these posts to this evening.

The Weather

We went from being under a slight risk of severe weather to a tornado watch until 10p.m. tonight.  The news has reported a few touchdowns and satellite determined warnings just west of here but so far we just have wind.  And still no rain.  SIGH.  We could really use the rain.  It’s also warm, hit 70 degrees today.  Rest of the week is also supposed to be warm with no rain chances until the weekend last time I checked.

On My Reading Pile

I couldn’t get into my last library book so all I really read last week were some of my March magazines.

Movies or Television Shows I Watched This Weekend

My husband and I watched my Netflix disc movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past.  I also watched The X-Files.  Do you think I can watch all the seasons by April 1st when Netflix is removing the series?  May be tough since there are 9 seasons.

On My TV

Probably just The Voice and The Flash. And of course, more X-Files episodes.


Struggled with this one a bit.  Monday is usually grocery store day.  I didn’t go today since I worked and I don’t want to go tonight with the chance of severe weather.  Looks like I’ll be making a menu based on what we have around here.

MONDAY:  We had spaghetti, J had his with meatballs but the rest of us had some rotisserie chicken with our spaghetti.  (We had the chicken on Sunday and now I’m using the rest to make chicken and noodles)  *I worked 10-2*

TUESDAY:  Pork chops, baked potatoes (carry over from last week)  *I work 8-2*


THURSDAY:  hot dogs, hamburgers *I work 8-4:15*

FRIDAY:  Fish fillets (from a box) or OUT  *I work 8-4:15*

Not a super exciting menu but it’s done and there are options for each day of this week.  Last week on a whim, I made this chicken enchilada recipe (My husband and J had mini tacos but G and I really liked it!).  Also, I left the sour cream out of it because we didn’t have any and they still turned out fine.

To Do List

Well, my to-do list is certainly different and shorter than it was early this morning.  At the start of today, this was the only day I had scheduled to work.  As you can see from the menu days, I now only have Wednesday free this week.  Hopefully, that day will stay free!

  1. Clean out fridge
  2. Go to grocery store
  3. Get stuff together for charity truck coming on Wednesday
  4. Make a list of days I’m unavailable to work (i.e., Spring break for my kids)
  5. Check on our summer schedule
  6. Get with husband about taking short trip over boys’ spring break
  7. Get birthday gift and card for great nephew’s party this weekend


Nothing.  Nothing at all.

Happening This Week

  • I work a little bit every day except Wednesday
  • J has coding club
  • G is staying after school for a class a couple of days this week
  • My great nephew’s birthday and party this weekend (he’ll be 10)
  • J wants to have a friend over Friday night (hopefully, it will work out)

Looking Around The House

I did a bit of cleaning last week (shocking, I know!) so it’s not too bad.  Need to do laundry and probably repeat all that cleaning.  Clutter clearing needs to happen.

From The Camera

I’ve not been very good about picking up the camera lately so this should be interesting.  Time to see if anything is on the card…just a couple of blurry cloud photos from last week.

It was already dark out and this lonely little cloud was bright in the sky:  Here’s my psychedelic shot of the same cloud:  I clearly need to get back to practicing with the camera a bit!

What I’m Wearing Today

My navy preschool tee-shirt (it has gold lettering), light tan corduroy pants, and tennis shoes.  Also, had on a blue head band but took it off earlier.

Simple Pleasure

Spending time with the preschool kids and just getting to be a part of whatever interests them for the moment.  I love getting to share in that excitement.

Quote For The Week

Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.  (Maya Angelou)


And here come the sirens, kids say we have to go the basement now.  (I think we’re safe here and so do the weather people but J is concerned so I’m signing off for now).  How’s your weather?

**update: We’re fine, storms moved quickly east of here just like the weather people said.  And we are getting some much needed rain, finally.

Happy Homemaker Monday, Goodbye February!

Wow, wasn’t I just posting hello to February just a few days ago?  Another month of 2017 seems to have just vanished!  This year is going so fast.  I wonder if I need to start my Christmas shopping?  Making my New Year’s Eve Plans.   Is it just me?

I’m a little late with my Happy Homemaker Monday (hosted by Sandra from Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom) today since I worked this morning.  I had great plans for the day and the week earlier.  Now, I can’t remember.  Hopefully, they’ll come back to me as I write my post.

The Weather

I had to get the ice scraper out of the trunk this morning to scrape the car windows.  It was 29 degrees and foggy. By the time I left work a little afternoon, the sun was shining brightly and I was hot in my jacket on the ride home.  It’s 60 degrees right now although supposed to rain later this afternoon and thunderstorm on Tuesday. Mostly warm weather for the rest of the week.  March is coming in like a lamb.  We’ll see how it goes out.

On My Reading Pile

I finished reading The Martian and started reading The Narnian.  Unfortunately, so far this biography of C.S. Lewis is so dry that I’m not sure I’ll be able to stick with it.  It’s time for another library trip both because I need new books to read and they seem to have not logged a book I *know* I returned to them.

Movies or Shows I Watched This Weekend

I finally watched 13 Hours in Benghazi (I read the book quite a while ago, it was actually more intense than the movie but both were equally disturbing).  And of course, I had to watch The Martian again after reading the book.  I love Matt Damon but they book was better.

Sunday, I watched my usual CBS This Morning, still miffed that the moment of nature seems shorter than it should be.  I also watched a few episodes of The X-Files and then, The Oscars.  All the dresses were so beautiful.  Found myself a bit surprised this morning since I turned it off after La La Land won best picture.  Of course, the only winning movies I’d seen were the animated ones plus Suicide Squad (it won for make-up, horrible movie otherwise).

On My TV

I’ll probably watch a few more episodes of The X-Files and then, The Flash on Tuesday.  Also, The Goldberg’s on Wednesday.

On The Menu

What is on the menu this week?  Good question.  I haven’t been to the store yet so it is still a bit up in the air.

MONDAY: Macaroni and cheese, corn dog nuggets (my husband ate leftovers)

TUESDAY:  Peanut butter waffles or peanut butter pancakes but probably just pancakes, bacon

WEDNESDAY:  Chicken strips

THURSDAY: *I may be working 12-5* probably pork chops (carry over from last week)

FRIDAY:  *I work 12-5* something with hamburger, probably tacos, maybe hamburgers, maybe out

To-Do List

I had some grand to-do list ideas at 7a.m. that are now gone at 2p.m.  What was on my to-do list for this week?

  1. Go to the grocery store 
  2. Finish putting away groceries
  3. Go to Target (yes, this is now a 2 week carry over but hey, I’m saving lots of money this way)
  4. Go to library and see why they think my book is not there (shouldn’t have used the outside drop box)
  5. Clean the house
  6. Take down the winter decorations (it’s time)
  7. Put away most of winter sweaters (I hardly wore them this year)


I need something new for the front door but I don’t have any ideas yet.

Looking Forward To

Is Monday too soon to look forward to the weekend?   My son had lots of friends spending the night and I’m hoping for a bit calm in the upcoming weekend.  I’m also looking forward to doing a bit of shopping this week (hopefully).

Looking Around The House

Need to clean, do laundry, hire a cleaning company, the usual.

From The Camera

The sky on Friday: She loves her books! Did I mention our weather has been weird?  It snowed for about 30 minutes on Sunday morning, I caught a picture of the big, fluffy flakes through the window. 

What I’m Wearing Today

My leopard print headband and shirt, light tan corduroy pants, and tennis shoes.

Simple Pleasure

Lately, this stupid game.  “Why do you always get hooked on the dumbest games?” (direct quote from the teenager)

Quote For The Week

Be curious, not judgemental.  (Walt Whitman)


Whew! It’s 10:08 but I’m posting this on Monday (barely).  What’s on your agenda for the week?

Happy Homemaker Monday (except it’s Tuesday)

I’m a day late with my post.  Yesterday was President’s Day so the boys were off school and I lost my computer early.  They are off school again today but still sleeping.

It’s nice they have an extra day to sleep in this week.  I’m sure it won’t be quite as nice tomorrow morning when none of us will want that 6a.m. wake up alarm.

Time to join in with Sandra from Diary of a Stay At Home Mom and plan my week.  Technically, today is like Monday since yesterday was a federal holiday.

The Weather

Weird and weirder.  We did get a water-glass full of rain thrown on us yesterday.  It wasn’t nearly enough.  How strange that I ran to the grocery store last night in jeans and short-sleeved shirt, no coat, not even one in the car, in February?  It was 61 degrees out there!

The rest of the week is supposed to be more of the same until the weekend when winter will be making a very brief appearance. And while I’m not happy to see it on the day I’m working, I do hope we get the rain they predict to fall on Thursday.  A thunderstorm? In February?  Weird.

On My Bedside Table

Right now just a pile of clothes I need to sort and put away.  I did partially clean it off last week.  The cat’s been hanging out there at night as well.

On My Reading Pile

Library books are due today or tomorrow!  I need to return a few and renew others.  Right now, I’m reading The Martian.  I keep thinking they need an audio book which is narrated by Matt Damon.  I also have an autobiography of C.S. Lewis sitting untouched.   So of course, I opened an e-book on my phone instead.  I’m about half-way through The Delphi Effect by Rysa Walker, the one I stayed up much too late reading last night.

On My TV

I watched the entire season of Quantico on Netflix over the weekend.  Last week while I was sick, I watched, The Royals as well as Secrets of Great British Castles.  Both were really interesting.


Still feel like we’re in a bit of a rut and the weird weather makes it harder to break.  Who wants to eat comfort meals cooked in the oven when it’s 70 degrees in February?  Not me!  I do think I need to return to linking up with Menu Plan Monday hosted by Laura from I’m An Organized Junkie and start pulling in some new dinner ideas.

MONDAY:  We had tacos (soft tacos, actually)

TUESDAY:  Ham steak, sweet potatoes *G has pep band* *I have Bunco*  (we’re having mozzarella sticks and salad for lunch, special request)

WEDNESDAY:  Roast in the crock pot *G has pep band*

THURSDAY:  Pork chops, regular potatoes *I work 12-5*

FRIDAY:  Leftovers or frozen pizza *I work 12-5*

To-Do List

  1. Figure out how to style my hair.  She cut it a bit short for my taste but I haven’t really messed with it since being home.  I’m going back in a few short weeks to have her add some curl into it all.  Hopefully, that will help.
  2. Still need to clean
  3. Still need to go to Target
  4. Look into planning a short trip (maybe even just a couple of day trips) for spring break
  5. Make a few appointments


Nothing.  Hopefully, I’ll be a bit more inspired this week.

Looking Forward To

Going to Bunco tonight.  Spring break for the boys coming soon.

As I Look Around The House

The usual.  It needs a bit of cleaning.  It’s been better but it’s also been much worse.

From The Camera

Outside of Valentine’s Day, I didn’t do a great job of picking up my camera last week.  My Valentine’s Day flowers are still going strong a week later though!  I just snapped this photo: 

  What I’m Wearing Today

I’m currently still in my pajamas.  I’ll probably throw on jeans and t-shirt when I start getting ready for the day.

Simple Pleasure

Watching TV, especially a show on Netflix where I can just watch the whole series and be done with it.  Of course, I do go through spurts with it and enjoy it a lot more if the weather is lousy.

Quote for the Week

I was researching a different quote by Princess Diana (“Always Do Your Research” Abe Lincoln, ha!) and came across this one which I think is so fitting for the current world:

“The greatest problem in the world today is intolerance.  Everyone is so intolerant of each other.”  (Princess Diana)   (found on

And this gem showed up in my Facebook memories as something I shared 5 years ago:

“Don’t let one cloud obliterate the whole sky.” (Anais Nin)


What do you have planned for your week?  And can you believe next Tuesday is the last day of February, already?



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