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Happy Homemaker Monday, Let’s Get Motivated!

My brain’s listing a million items to check off a list this morning. Meanwhile, the rest of my body is still mumbling something about needing more coffee.

Hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day. Mine was nice. Now, it’s time to focus on all things graduation related (oh, and G’s birthday). As soon as I finish this post, I’m off to find graduation things at Hobby Lobby and the party store. Hoping they have things left as I should have went over the weekend and did not.

Joining in with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom for this weekly planning post. These posts almost always help me get a bearing on my weeks especially the busy ones.

The Weather 

Ugh. I’ve about had it with our weather. Somehow, my warmer days disappeared and we were thrown back into fall/winter mode. Not too happy about it. We’re in some weird pattern where it’s sunny during the week and then, rains all weekend. No good. At least, today is supposed to be a sunny one. Supposed to be warmer as well.

On My Reading Pile

Still those overdue books though I renewed them. Had to stop reading my book about Prince as it was so boring. I love a good biography but this focused more on the technical stuff about his music and career.   Read a couple of Maddie Dawson novels on my phone’s kindle app (The Survivors Guide To Family Happiness which was a slight bit better than A Piece Of Normal). And am currently reading The Accidental President: Harry S. Truman and The Four Months That Changed the World by A.J. Baime. Super interesting so far!  (Note: I knew this but forgot….you can read books for FREE on Amazon prime and they have some great selections…)

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend

Finished Colony season 3 on Netflix while doing laundry. Also, while doing laundry…Zombieland, really seems strange to call it a zombie movie with heart but that’s what it is. Highly recommend it. And while just being lazy…Skyline and…because I like to punish myself with bad movies….Beyond Skyline.

On The TV This Week

Depends on the weather and after my little marathon of way too much Netflix on Saturday, reading books takes priority.

On The Menu

Lots to do with graduation prep and end of the school stuff plus work so keeping it simple.

MONDAY: Spaghetti (carry over)

TUESDAY: Turkey sausage and chips (fruits & veggies in there somewhere)

WEDNESDAY:  Chicken in some form, the last-minute chicken recipe I found last week was good…may repeat  *I have a 9:30 hair appt*

THURSDAY: pork chops, baked potatoes *I work 8:15-3:45* *J has a baritone lesson* *I have a graduation recital for a friend’s son to attend*

FRIDAY: Pizza and salad *I work 8:15-3:45*

To Do List

  1. Return library books (please, don’t judge, library is in opposite direction of everything else)
  2. Grocery store
  3. Target (maybe)
  4. Hobby Lobby
  5. Party Store
  6. Sam’s club for one more box of mixed chips, maybe?
  7. Find photos of G (ha, it’s fun having kids born before the Internet and Facebook were a big)
  8. Make one of those photo display things for the graduation stuff table
  9. Touch base with the other 2 moms on the party plan
  10. Make a list of who needs graduation tickets
  11. Find dress to wear to graduation stuff
  12. BREATHE!

Looking Forward To

Seeing G’s graduation party come together this weekend (open house style and with 2 other friends at a local church)

Looking Around The House

Reminds me I should have put clean the house on my to-do list.

From The Camera 

I had a *great* bird-watching week! Saw my first ever around here red-headed woodpecker. So pretty! Hoped he’d hang around longer but haven’t seen him since last week.  And a hawk landed briefly in the Oak tree next door…

Plus I saw a gray catbird (new to me, I had to look it up in the bird book! Couldn’t get good photos) along with my usual finches, chickadees and cardinals.

Simple Pleasure

Watching the banter among the early morning news cast.

Quote For The Week

What’s on your to-do list this week?

Happy Homemaker Monday, It’s May!

Happy first official full week of May! It’s the biz…biz…busiest time of the year….(sing it to the Christmas carol version. And yes, I spelled biz like the abbreviation for business or you’d have read bus like yellow school bus.)

Since sometime near the end of March, I feel like I’ve just been trying to catch my breath. Not happening any time soon. However, I’m taking time today to plan my week. Glad to spend a few minutes each Monday making sure I at least make a to-do list (don’t judge if the list seems a bit repetitive) and get my bearings on things.

As always, joining in with Sandra, our amazing host and all the wonderful bloggers who link up to her each Monday over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom.

The Weather  

They were saying something about being weather aware on the news, chances of storms later tonight. However, right now we have beautiful blue skies and sunshine. Temps in the upper 60’s and lower 70’s all week, finally true warm weather.

On My Reading Pile

Read through a couple of quick ones for my Amazon first picks (from last month and this month) on my phone’s Kindle app.  Thin Air by Jessica Gray was a bit more enjoyable than Cold Waters by Debbie Herbert. Both were murder mystery type books but Thin Air‘s plot was more unique and I’d be more likely to read another book by Jessica Gray in the future.

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend

Not quite the weekend, however, on Thursday evening, G watched Spider-man, Into The Spider-verse with me. He’d watched it in the theater and quickly, proclaimed it his favorite movie so the Easter bunny gifted it in his basket. Probably one of the best animated and Spider-man movies out there. Extremely well put together and enjoyable.

Friday evening, my husband and I watched Predator. Yes, the 1987 movie. He wanted to see it before the remake. I never watched it back in the 80’s as it was deemed scary back then. The terrible plot was scarier to me. My husband will be on his own for that remake. And along with G (J didn’t want to go) we went to see Avengers: Endgame. I enjoyed that one quite a bit more than Predator though not quite as much as Spider-man, Into The Spider-verse.

On The TV This Week

No idea.

On The Menu

Did okay with my Off-Brand 21 Day Fix stuff until the weekend hit. It’s still a bit of a struggle to figure out meals that work for our family with it. We definitely haven’t been eating enough protein or vegetables. Picky eater problems. And of course, throw in trying to use what we have on hand to not spend a fortune at the grocery store. Whole menu subject to change.

MONDAY: Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad (maybe lasagna instead?)

TUESDAY: Ribs in the slow cooker, crunchy coleslaw, corn *I work 12 to 3:45*

WEDNESDAY: Shrimp (frozen), baked sweet potatoes, salad

THURSDAY:  Rotisserie chicken and salad or Subway *Middle School Band Concert*

FRIDAY:  OUT  or leftovers *I work 11-3:30* *Gifted class Reunion picnic for J and I*

To Do List

  1. Library books! MUST do this
  2. Reschedule J’s baritone lesson! MUST do this
  3. Grocery store
  4. Clean house
  5. Graduation stuff
  6. Laundry

Looking Forward To

The Middle School Band Concert on Thursday night.

Looking Around The House

Definitely need to spend some time cleaning today and running errands. Cleaned out the linen closet and have to bags of things to donate taking space in the living room (for 2 weeks now, SIGH).

From The Camera

Haven’t been very good at picking it up lately. I just stopped this post to grab it and take a few  photos including the one up there under the weather caption.

My tulips aren’t done quite yet.

Caught this bird silhouette

I need help identifying these. Buttercups?

What I’m Wearing Today

Red shirt and jean shorts plus tennis shoes. Might change later, depending on what I’m doing.

Simple Pleasure

Spending time with my family.

Quote For The Week

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. (Theodore Roosevelt)


What’s on your agenda for this first full week in May?

Happy Homemaker Monday, Last Monday Of The Month

After a chilly day yesterday and storms overnight, it doesn’t feel like it should be May 1st on Wednesday. It also doesn’t feel like it should already be Monday again. Didn’t we just do Monday?

Last week went by in a whirl over here as I was busy even for me. And I had rare *just for me* weekend plans as well. Dinner out with a group of friends on Friday evening followed by a Wedding shower to attend on Saturday morning. At least yesterday was somewhat relaxing.

I also fell way short on my last to-do list so this week is not going to be any less busy. Busier if anything!

Time to look ahead and get it planned. Joining in with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom for the fun.

The Weather 

Picture from a warmer day but it’s cold again! Stormed pretty well over night.  The April showers are trying to cram in before all the May flowers arrive, I guess.  Chance of rain (100% today!) every day this week. Temps mostly in the 60’s but thankfully, the 70’s come back for the weekend.

On My Reading Pile

Finished The Devil Colony by James Rollins yesterday so nothing but some magazines right now.

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend

My husband and I watched Skyscraper on Saturday night. Sorry, if you are a fan but Dwayne “the rock” Johnson is no Bruce Willis. Of course, even Bruce Willis himself couldn’t have saved that movie and its lack of a decent plot.

On The TV This Week

No idea. Might finish watching season 2 of Fringe on Amazon Prime while folding laundry.

On The Menu

This might be a tough category. Decided to try the 21 Day Fix program (the cheap way, I just bought the containers on Amazon & am using the free app) so I want to plan dinners that work with it. Of course, I also work and G’s band concert is mid-week. AND I need to go to the grocery store for “real” food.

MONDAY: Chicken legs, broccoli, maybe rice? *I work 1-3:45*

TUESDAY: Taco salads *I work 10-3:45*

WEDNESDAY:  No idea, maybe out for the boys and I’ll forage *G’s last band concert*

THURSDAY: ???? I’ll decide after I go to the store (maybe pancakes if I don’t get a chance)

FRIDAY: ???? I’ll decide after I go to the store (Homemade pizza?)

To Do List

  1. Mail out graduation announcements/ open house invitations
  2. Return way overdue library books
  3. Pay more bills
  4. Laundry
  5. Clean house
  6. Grocery store
  7. Write blog posts
  8. Reschedule J’s baritone lesson for next week
  9. Clean out freezer
  10. Make graduation stuff (AKA find pictures)


The next few weeks, I’ll be trying to make photo displays for the table at the graduation party.

Looking Forward To

The return of my sanity after all the graduation stuff is finished. (And watching G graduate 😉 )

Looking Around The House

It’s okay. Typical Monday, needs cleaned a bit but it’s not disgustingly dirty either.

From The Camera 

Walked around the yard with the camera on a warmer day last week. 

random tulip in the front yard

Finally captured this skittish bird through the back door

What I’m Wearing Today

STAR labs tee-shirt, black pants, and tennis shoes, what I threw on to take J to school.  Going to change into a work tee-shirt after I shower.

Simple Pleasure

The smell of the Earth after a spring rain storm. Ah.

Quote For The Week

Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way. (Native American saying)


What’s on your to do list for this week?



Happy Homemaker Monday, The After Brunch Edition

Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend! It was a bit chaotic around here. Easter brunch was nice although I really do feel as if I could sleep for 2 days straight now.

Late getting my post up as Doug’s aunt from out-of-town stayed with us and didn’t leave until about noon yesterday. Then, I spent the day slowly cleaning my brunch serving dishes and doing a bit of laundry. Just a slow, easy kind of day.

Now, I’m taking some time to link up with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom to plan the week ahead.

The Weather  

100% chance of Oak tree pollen! Seriously, our car windshields are green! Other than the pollen, it’s been super nice. Was almost hot yesterday hitting into the 80’s with the sunshine. Back closer to normal now in the lower 70’s. Chances of rain tonight and tomorrow (hope it does to wash a bit of the pollen down…I don’t have allergies but I know some who are suffering right now) and then, nice for the rest of the week.

On My Reading Pile

A bunch of way over due library books! Still reading The Devil Colony on my phone.

Movies Or Shows I Watched This Weekend

Some silly movie called The Silence on Netflix. My husband started it, declared it stupid and turned it off but of course, I was interested so went back and watched the rest of it. Note: It was stupid. Part of one called The Highway Men, also on Netflix. Fell asleep, need to watch the rest. Nothing else of note really. Earlier last week I binge-watched the entire season of Black Summer when I should have been doing other things. Really intriguing prequel to Z-Nation,hope they’ll have more seasons.

On The TV This Week

Not sure. Probably just going to try to catch up on the episodes of SEAL Team and God Friended Me.


The week after brunch is a bit of a clean out the fridge/freezer/pantry meal plan around here aka known as I don’t want to go to the store! The fridge and freezer are a mess right now so this all may change depending on what I discover as I clean.

MONDAY: We had spaghetti (except my husband who worked late and had brisket, leftover in freezer)

TUESDAY: Chicken legs, baked potatoes

WEDNESDAY: Ham, mac and cheese maybe

THURSDAY: On Their Own *I work 3-6* & have Mom’s Night Out

FRIDAY: Maybe tacos *I have tentative dinner plans with other friends

To Do List

  1. A whole lot of housecleaning
  2. Laundry
  3. Pay Bills
  4. Have lots of blog posts I’d like to write if I could find time
  5. Graduation stuff
  6. Not stress eat all the brunch leftovers & candy


Hopefully, a more relaxed and clean home. Main focus of the week. Everything is in a bit of after a holiday gathering chaos right now.

Looking Forward To

A bit of calm between events, planting some more flowers in the yard

Looking Around The House

I see lots of work to be done

From The Camera

Didn’t take a single picture on Easter! Slipping but here’s a shot of our Cardinal in her nest. 

What I’m Wearing Today

Black show shirt from the high school marching band and khaki shorts. I’m freezing though so may have to change into jeans.

Simple Pleasure

Listening to music

Quote For The Week

Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace. (Dalai Lama)


What do you have planned for the week ahead?





Happy Homemaker Monday, Back From Our Trip

We arrived home from our trip to Washington, D.C. very early this AM. The high school marching band played in the Cherry Blossom Parade. And we were fortunate enough to go along on a friends and family bus to tour our nation’s capitol and of course, watch our high school senior march one last time.

So happy to have a day off today to rest and relax before moving on to yet another busy week. Time to catch our breath and then, we host Easter brunch on Sunday!

Linking up as usual with Sandra over at Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom.


We had gorgeous weather (even with a little rain) while on our trip but heard it dipped back into the 30’s around here. However, it straightened up for us and is supposed to be 75 and sunny today. Chance of thunderstorms on Wednesday. Happy to see warm weather and no rain predicted for Easter weekend.


I started reading The Devil Colony by James Rollins on the way home yesterday. Read another James Rollins book on the way there/part of the way home called Altar of Eden.


The Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington, D.C.

We watched The Greatest Showman, National Treasure, and The Avengers on the way to Washington, D.C. and most of Pitch Perfect on the trip home. I fell asleep during Pitch Perfect but doubt I missed very much. Watched The Green Zone with Matt Damon while doing laundry this morning. No time for regular TV while we were there!


Not sure. Probably going to look up and see if I can find the episodes I missed of SEAL Team and God Friended Me.


Not spaghetti as we had Italian food twice during the trip! It’s hard to plan dinners after so many days of eating out. All this is subject to change.

MONDAY: Fixing tacos for lunch right now but no idea on dinner

TUESDAY:  Might put some Country Style Ribs in the crock pot *I have Bunco*

WEDNESDAY:  Husband can be in charge *I work 3-6*

THURSDAY:  Maybe chicken legs?  *J has a baritone lesson*

FRIDAY: Possibly OUT (I’ll start prepping for Easter Brunch so it will have to be easy no matter what we do)


  1. Laundry
  2. Laundry
  3. Did I include laundry?
  4. Grocery Store
  5. Finalize Easter brunch menu/get stuff
  6. Clean house
  7. Pay bills
  8. Write blog posts
  9. Write a better to-do list


I have lots of trip photos to edit. Does that count? Of course, I’m also itching to get out and add to the flower garden areas in the yard.


Sleeping in my own bed tonight, not waiting in line for a bathroom, spending some time on the backyard, and of course, Easter!


It looks like we just returned from a trip.



A Duluth, MN tee-shirt and pajama pants. It’s a pajama pants kind of day but I’ll probably change once some more laundry finishes.


Looking out the window and watching the scenery change during long car/bus rides.



What’s your plan for the week ahead?

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