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Tuesday Tasks

Just for fun, I thought I’d share some of my Tuesday tasks. These are somewhat typical Tuesday things though I don’t do them every Tuesday. Just kind of a little peek into what I’ve been up to so far today.

After I dropped J off at school, I came home and ate my usual boring breakfast. Then, I set the timer for 15 minutes and started a quick modified FlyLady clean up of the house.  Started in the kitchen.

Moved on to the living room and main bathroom. And pretty much stopped. Since I was home yesterday, things weren’t too bad.  Still burning the watermelon lemonade candle so I can be ready for my apple scents come September.

Completed my cleaning countdown to fall task. Fairly easy to go around and wipe off the light switches. Had to grab the stool for wiping down the lights. And the long light in the kitchen requires help from my husband. Skipped G’s room as he was in an online college course. I’ll just sneak in there when he’s at work sometime this weekend.

Took a break and visited Jeansland for a bit. Would you like a pretend cup of tea in my pretend kitchen?

Maybe Friday, I’ll give a grand tour of my 5 star island. The boys really couldn’t have given me a better a Mother’s Day gift as I’ve played almost every day. It’s my escape/vacation when a real escape/vacation isn’t exactly happening this year. Nintendo certainly released Animal Crossing New Horizons at the perfect moment in time. After “tea”, I went back to my real world tasks.

Emptied, cleaned, and re-filled the hummingbird feeder. And re-filled the other feeders as well.


Took another stroll around the yard, checked on the garden. Not much to see. I think we just need to start over. We do have a few zucchini blossoms but that’s it.

Lots I thought about doing outside but it was hot so I didn’t do anything except look at things.

Came inside and started some laundry. Folding while finally watching the end of Fuller House on Netflix.

Later, I went back out and did a bit of bird-watching. Someone didn’t approve of the birds getting more attention than she did.

She did get some attention until a wasp decided to say hello. And I quickly said Goodbye!

Started this post, realized it was already time to go pick up J from school. And now, I’m home again finishing this post. Still have laundry to finish but I think I’m going to log off here and go read for a bit first. Perhaps with a real cup of tea this time.

How’s your Tuesday going?



My Valentine Surprise Package

A few weeks ago, I took a deep breath and sent off an e-mail.  Add me in to the names for the Valentine’s Day package exchange.

Shortly after, I had my person’s name and began to assemble a package. Hoping, of course, they would like all their surprises. Not really thinking too much about what would arrive in my own package.

Last week, my package of Valentine goodies arrived. Colletta who blogs over at Colletta’s Kitchen Sink (and who hosted the exchange) had my name.  We were to include a list of our likes and dislikes when signing up for the exchange. I didn’t feel like I really put that much…favorite color (green) and would prefer no white chocolate (it’s not real chocolate you know and I don’t care for it).

Based on such limited information, I’m not sure how she figured out such perfect things for my Valentine’s Day box. Get ready for a bit of photo overload as I share what I got in this lovely box: 

First though…the cute card she forgot to put in the box: 

The card arrived in the mail on the same day and pretty much at the exact same time as the box!  Shall we open the box?  Wonder what’s inside….

The first surprise….was a beautiful crocheted shawl and in my very favorite shade of green! How did she pick my favorite shade of green? I love it!

Then, Valentine’s Day themed socks. I love fun socks and am excited to wear these to work!

And then..a super cute Valentine’s Day box!

Opened that box up to find these handmade coasters inside:

Let’s take a break for a cup of tea!

Wait, what about a little treat with that tea? Like one of the last couple of items in my box….

A few Hershey’s Kisses! Can’t go wrong with (real) chocolate! A small handful went great with my tea.

And finally, the last item from my fun Valentine’s Day box: Some fun stickers!

Such a fun box! I’ve always hesitated to do these types of exchanges being naturally a bit skeptical but this was lots of fun and I can only hope the recipient of the box I sent was as happily surprised as I found myself.

Thank you again for such a wonderful box, Colletta! And for hosting such a fun exchange.

20 Things I Want To Do In 2020

I’m blaming the lack of progress on my 2019 list on 19 being an odd number. It was just kind of odd year. I managed um, 3 out of my 19. Ouch.

And if I can’t manage to accomplish 19 things in a year, why not add 20 for the next year? Seems like a good idea! I feel good about 2020.

Let’s not even bother looking back at that silly 2019 list (though I’m keeping 2 of the 3 accomplishments to add again this year).


These are in a very random order, of course.

  1. Pick up my camera every day

    So far so good on the first two items on my list! Nice weather yesterday meant a nice long walk with camera in hand.

  2. Go on at least one hike at a park each month.
  3. Read 72 books! My Good Reads goal for the year. In 2018, I read 52 and in 2019, I managed to read 62.  While it sounds a bit daunting, I’m fairly confident I’ll do it. (One of the 3 from 2019 that I actually accomplished)
  4. Prepare for Christmas by buying 2 presents each month. (This was one of the 3 from 2019 I managed to do and it did help the December stress level)
  5. Eat healthy Monday through Friday and not worry about it so much on the weekends. Exceptions for birthdays and anniversaries, etc. Basically, I’m going to apply a 70/30 rule to my eating habits. 70 % healthy/30 % not so much. Starting on the 6th because Christmas goodies are still here and pink champagne cupcakes are what’s for breakfast.

  6. Do a deep clean, clutter clear out of the whole house. Starting with the kitchen and the cabinet above the stove where we keep our spices. (I know, I know…it’s a bad spot to store them)
  7. Take a trip (another of the 3 from 2019 that I actually accomplished!)
  8. Engage more on Facebook but only in a positive way. I have a long-standing rule of no politics on my Facebook wall and have absolutely no intention of changing it. However, I’ve not been using it as a communication tool but more like a window. I want to get back to actually opening the door and having conversations to reconnect with friends and family on there. And possibly other social media platforms as well.
  9. Teach the boys one practical life skill a month (i.e., cooking, cleaning out the gutters (my husband does this but they should know how, just basic stuff as it comes up that we may have overlooked showing them. A kind of better late than never thing, I guess)
  10. Invite family over for dinner once a month. Not all the family at once, just one family at a time so we can get to know them better though I may count birthday dinners with extended families and holidays in my once a month goal here.

  11. Join in for every Happy Homemaker Monday. I fell a little short last year, missed 3-4 but I love this link up so much I’ll always put it on my list for the year!
  12. Work with G to make this basement area a bit of a more welcoming space. We’ve been talking about doing this for 2 years! Time to actually do it.
  13. Post on this blog at least twice a week in 2020.
  14. Take more chances. Open myself up to opportunities. If something sounds fun and scary, just go for it. I used to be like that but again….I’ve found myself retreating from these types of things in the past decade (or more).
  15. Be better. Be a better mom, wife, friend. I didn’t feel like I did my best at these things last year. Withdrawing is my (not the best) coping strategy and think I over-applied it the last 10 (maybe 20?) years. Time to do better.

  16. Buy one set of new kitchen towels each month. Silly I know but so many of our kitchen towels are in poor shape and need to go.
  17. Plant something/clean out the flower garden box area below our bedroom windows in the back yard.
  18. Get fresh flowers for the table once a month. I enjoyed this in 2018 and would like to do it again. There’s just something that makes a home feel nice with some fresh flowers in it.
  19. Make some monthly goals together with my husband.
  20. Remember to take time to enjoy the small moments of happiness and continue to practice gratitude.


I think 2020 is going to be a great year! Don’t you? What things would you put on your list?



The Void Between Christmas and the New Year

I’m currently taking a break from cleaning the basement. I think it needs an entire year of attention. 

For now, I’ve changed the sheets on the day bed and thrown out some trash. I have a vision for the space but it’s going to take some time. And a lot more cleaning.

That’s not what this post is about but I thought I’d just share what I’ve been up to before jumping into all the Christmas wrap up (ha!) details.

For fun, I looked to see what I posted around this time back in 2018. It was about taking a break on the day after Christmas and how much I enjoyed the slow down. Should have read that about 3 days ago. Might have avoided a few arguments with the husband.

This year, after too little sleep and hosting both sides of the family on Christmas day (at different times), I decided to go full steam on taking down the tree but was trying to do it my way. My way and my husband’s way….night and day. Still need to go to Home Depot for tape (tree box) and bubble wrap (I condensed some decorations and found others).

Christmas Eve 

Christmas Eve was quiet.  I got out super early and again later in the afternoon but didn’t seem to have the tons of last-minute errands of Christmas Eve past. Maybe it just felt like that since we didn’t have anywhere to be.

We watched a movie on Netflix, The Christmas Chronicles, the boys opened their Christmas Eve Pajamas and books late, and that was it. Sometime after I watched the Pope’s midnight mass, I started threatening coal if certain teenagers didn’t get to bed so Santa could arrive.

We used to tell them 2 AM was too early to get up for Christmas and now I’m saying it’s too late to go to bed. How did that happen?


Christmas day itself was nice. We hosted my husband’s family in the morning for breakfast. He always makes biscuits and gravy, one sister-in-law brought monkey bread and the other brought something new cinnamon roll dough wrapped around sausage (very yummy!). This happened at 9:30.

Then, we had a bit of a day long break until some of my family arrived at 5:30. Big family means getting everyone together is a just take who can make it affair.  One of my brothers brought homemade lasagna, my other brother brought bread sticks, and I made spaghetti and meatballs. A nephew I hadn’t seen in a while came along with his family. For dessert we had chocolate pie and cherry pie. We missed one of my brother’s wives, my sister, my other brother, and my other nieces and nephews.  Those of us that did gather had a great, long visit!

Didn’t take many pictures this year as I was too busy visiting to think of it.

The Void Between Christmas and the New Year

And here we are between holidays. Have you seen all those funny memes going around on Facebook about not knowing the day of the week, etc? They’re certainly correct!  I’ve spent my time watching too much TV, taking down decorations,being grumpy from too much sugar/caffeine, the lack of routine (and sun! I don’t think I’ve seen the sun since Christmas day), and wanting to get a jump on cleaning and clearing out for the New Year.

How are you spending the last few days of 2019?


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