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What’s Going On Wednesday

Well, I planned to try a Write 31 Days month. However, I missed the first day and don’t want to start out behind on it. It’s not really even a thing anymore. So I’ve decided to just focus on blogging more this month.

I started a  post yesterday before my scheduled changed (yes, again). Unfortunately, I was so wiped out by the end of the day yesterday that I missed out on my Mom’s Night Out plans. Fell asleep around 9 PM!

In more positive news, the pork chop recipes I combined in the crock pot turned out pretty well. Layered browned pork chops between apples and onions, threw a couple teaspoons of maple syrup over each pork chop, and then added about 1/4 cup of apple cider to it all. Good fall flavor despite another 93 degree day.

My 31 Days plan was to get back to the heart of my blog. Bring back some old categories. Focus a bit more on organizing again. Share some recipes and fun things. I can still do all those things even if I don’t do them for 31 days in a row. 

When the ants invaded, I did end up reorganizing both sides of the pantry. The above photo shows the finished left side.  There wasn’t really too much to do there. Threw away some very expired tea and disposed of some expired medicines.  Found my missing snowman mugs, hopefully we won’t be using them too soon.

Since an old blog category used to be “Wonder If It Works Wednesday”, seems an ideal time and place to share my medicine cabinet make-over has functioned well for us since 2012!

Just a short post today as I wait on laundry to finish. What’s going on in your world on this first Wednesday in October?

What’s Going On Wednesday: Graduation Prep And End of School Countdown

Thought I’d take a minute and share a little glimpse of what’s going on around here. This used to be a blog theme I’d share in from time to time. So, here’s a “behind the scenes” look at my life this week.  

First, the whole house smells like onions! We haven’t followed the menu plan yet this week. While at the store yesterday, I decided we’d have BLT’s and homemade onion rings for dinner. I’d use the air fryer! What could go wrong?

Frozen onion rings probably work great in an air fryer, the from scratch (by that I mean with a mix) kind, not so much. So…why not fry bacon and onion rings at the same time? Think I was in the kitchen for a solid hour just cooking. Dinner was at least a success minus the house smelling of onions.

I have tubs of photos all over our living room for my “arts and crafts” project. Need to make one of those photo boards for G’s party. Figures as soon as I gave up and ordered prints, my husband found the missing tub. Oh well, it’s been fun seeing all the pictures again. Might scan and share a few blast from the past photos at some point. 

Also, stated I’m throwing away every picture of tree, lake, mountain, etc without any people in the photo! In probably a mid-life crisis of sorts, I’ve named my upcoming summer…”The Summer of Letting Go” Time to clear out the clutter. More about that later. Stay tuned.

Started to take J to the high school this morning instead of the middle school. They’re in opposite directions. Oops!  Told J I was just ready for him to be at the high school (so much closer to home than the middle school)  Seven days of school left. Too much on my mind.

On the way home from the middle school, a lovely little black spider decided to keep me company by crawling way too close to the area of the windshield by the driver side window. And yes, he was on the inside! Had to watch traffic and he disappeared. Rolled the window down for the rest of the way home, hope he hopped out! I’m not offering a ride share program for spiders!

In about 10 minutes, I’m off to get my haircut.  It’s also beautiful out today & I’d much rather be playing outside planting flowers than inside working on the arts and crafts stuff.  

What’s going on in your world today?




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