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What’s Going On Thursday: Quick Week

Usually, I share these posts on Wednesdays. However, I worked all day yesterday so I’m a day late.  Plan for today is errands. Already went to Target. Thought I’d get this post done while taking a quick break for lunch and to put my phone on the charger for a bit. 

I don’t like to run around with my phone at a low charge. And I used to have a car charger. SIGH. No idea where the phone chargers go. Maybe the same place as lost socks?

The week seems to have gone by in a bit of a blur so far.  Before I share what I’ve been up to all week, here’s the yuck part of my post.

Numbers and COVID-19 Info for Our Area

Cases statewide:  16,625

Total deaths:  909

Total Tested*

PCR tested:  290,931 (fancy term for nasal swab testing)

Serology tested:  35,349 (fancy term for blood test for antibodies)

*They’ve changed the reporting on these numbers. Now dividing out the two types of tests. Actually, the whole website is updated and in a dashboard format. A lot easier to read and understand.

In the Kansas City Area:  1,802 and 30 deaths

Our local county: 916 and 22 deaths

And the number of cases within our zip code:  121 (Wait, that’s a big jump from last week! Noting here that the big increase in the number is due to two outbreaks at separate congregate living facilities within our zip code.)


Now, let’s move on to happier thoughts…

My busy, whirlwind feeling week so far

Monday, I trimmed the Goliath boxwood bushes in front of the porch. Then, took J to his baritone lesson in the evening.

I decided that fairy gardens were going to be my new hobby.  Mainly, I’m just adding little doors to our tree bases at this point. I loved the details in the one I set out by our front yard maple tree.

Tuesday evening, G made us chicken strips for dinner with minimal instruction and supervision. They turned out great!

Yesterday, I worked a full 8:30 to 5 shift. It was hard and exhausting ( I was the “Chef” for the day) but extremely rewarding. Hoping I’ll get a few more chances to work prior to the next time I’m scheduled which isn’t until late July. So grateful to have such a happy place to call my work.

We rescheduled my mom’s night out for next week. That worked out as I was quite tired last night (originally, I thought I worked Friday not Wednesday when we were making plans). And I finally managed to “sell” the already cooked pork chops in the freezer for dinner last night.

This morning, I ran to Target. And just shopped. Clearance aisles included.

I stopped short of smelling all the candles in the store (hard with a mask anyway). Hoping this smells nice!

That probably explains how I spent a bit too much money despite them still being out of several items I needed. (Side note: Were the people not washing their hands prior to the pandemic the same ones who were evidently not cleaning their homes? Ugh, I miss my Method cleaning supplies!)


Finally, this afternoon I’m running the rest of my errands. Plans and places include: Tractor Supply Store for bird seed (and a check for a sprinkler for a Father’s Day gift), a small flower stand down the road a bit, and possibly if I don’t run out of steam, Hobby Lobby and/or The Dollar Tree.

What’s going on with you this week?



What’s Going On Wednesday: A Good Day

It’s late but I’m trying to stay consistent with these posts for now. Also, today was a good day and I’d like to document it.

Of course, part of the reason I’m posting every Wednesday is to keep a record of sort during this pandemic time. So first, the yucky stuff. And confessing, I’m also posting late as I didn’t want to look at all this prior to going to work today.

Numbers and COVID-19 Info for Our Area

Cases statewide:  15,187

Total deaths: 848

Total Tested*

PCR tested:   251,629 (fancy term for nasal swab testing)

Serology tested:  30,893 (fancy term for blood test for antibodies)

*They’ve changed the reporting on these numbers. Now dividing out the two types of tests. Actually, the whole website is updated and in a dashboard format. A lot easier to read and understand.

In the Kansas City Area:  1,626 and 28 deaths

Our local county: 752 and 22 deaths

And the number of cases within our zip code:  72

Now, let’s move on to the good things about today and my gratitude list.

Gratitude List For This Week

Specific to today:

Fantastic weather for being outside.

A wonderful return to work for a half-day. I missed that place and those kids so much!

We all sat and ate dinner together at the table! (Yes, we’ve all been home but it’s been a while since we all sat around the table together at dinner time)

Plans made to see friends next week.

Lots of time spent playing my silly little video game tonight.

And G got the cat to come inside for the night so I didn’t have to mess with her. It’s the time of year when the weather improves and she doesn’t like to come inside at night without lots of persuasion.

From the rest of the week: 

Seeing hummingbirds at the hummingbird feeder. It may just be the same one each time but that’s okay as well.

My husband cleaning the kitchen last night. Add that to what made today a good day because I’d have probably left the mess and been sorry this morning.

Time spent soaking up the sun on Sunday. And a power washed front porch!


I’m sure there are lots of things I’ve already forgotten. However, I’m ending here as it’s 10 minutes past my bedtime. Also, if I don’t end this post soon, it risks becoming a what’s going on Thursday post instead. Can’t have that.

What are you grateful for this week?


What’s Going On Wednesday: Love and Gratitude

Every time I think about it this week, I stop and just send as many love thoughts out into the world as I can muster. Sounds a little hippy I suppose. However, if we’re repeating the 60’s, it seems I am a flower child.

I think we’re still in a pandemic. So first, the yuck part of my posting.

Numbers and COVID-19 Info for Our Area

Cases statewide: 13,575

Total deaths: 783

Total Tested*

PCR tested:  205,161 (fancy term for nasal swab testing)

Serology tested: 24,724 (fancy term for blood test for antibodies)

*They’ve changed the reporting on these numbers. Now dividing out the two types of tests. Actually, the whole website is updated and in a dashboard format. A lot easier to read and understand.

In the Kansas City Area: 1,135 and 27 deaths

Our local county:  637 and 22 deaths

And the number of cases within our zip code: 65

I now know one person with a positive case (dad of one of J’s friends). Tested after a coworker had a positive results. Thankfully, a mild case and the rest of his family seems fine (according to the Facebook updates). My question is about the length of time between testing and the results. Tested on a Thursday and then, it took a week to get the results. That is way too long.

However, I still think more of us have already had this vile virus and didn’t know it. Let’s move on to happier thoughts.

Gratitude List So Far This Week:

Outside stuff

It’s a new month! And June didn’t bring us any murder hornets but did bring us some much needed warmer temperatures and sunshine!

My flowers like the sunshine! Happy to see my purslane blooming away this morning.

And to see my pink petunias in this plant holder. Wonder where my  husband found it? (Probably the garage, he’s cleaning it out lately). I like it! As you can see from the photo up there, I still need to clean off the front porch and that dirty flower pot. Yikes!

Inside Stuff:

I was nervous about voting amid a pandemic yesterday. Everything was different even the location. However, it went amazingly well. Well enough for me to ask why it couldn’t be that efficient without a pandemic? No moving around with little stickers, signing my name in big books. Just a quick I-pad check, then my very own pen to mark my ballot and keep (in lieu of an “I voted today” sticker). A surprisingly pleasant experience! And note, I’m glad I voted as our council race ended being a 49/50 type decision. Your vote matters indeed!

Threw together what I’m calling an election day pie: strawberries, blueberries mixed together with some strawberry rhubarb pie filling. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream for the white part of the red, white, and blue.  Confessing here how thankful I am not have been more “middle of the night sick” from eating the raw frozen pie dough. (Bad, I know).

And I’m thankful to be a point in my life, where I can give myself permission to take it easy. I didn’t sleep well. No sense in trying to do a dozen errands or mow the lawn (I thought of it as we’re supposed to get storms tonight) when exhausted. An easy day it shall be! Maybe one with a nap?

A Bit Of Randomness: 

I got a letter! A letter from my pen pal. Very excited and grateful to hear from her and know all was well. Funny as I happened to be out my door to buy stamps when the letter arrived. (Side note: I still need stamps as the ATM apparently no longer stocks them).

Next week, I return to work for two half-days! Super excited about that. Can’t even express the joy I felt at the thought of it. It’s in what used to be one of my least favorite functions, kitchen but it’s afternoon so aftercare time. I don’t even mind as I’m so excited to go back and be among those preschool children. Nothing to fill your world with more hope and positivity than a conversation with a 3 or 4 year old.

G’s starting to see his friends (in person) again and J’s going to a friend’s house later this week. So glad the boys have good friends to see them through these trying times.


In conclusion, lots of gratitude in my world so far this week. It certainly does help the mood. Sending much love to you and gratitude as well for reading my rambling post.

How are things in your corner of the world?


What’s Going On Wednesday: Not Much

Well, I’m sure my title makes you want to read this post! However, it’s true. Been a bit of a boring week so far. Boring isn’t bad but it doesn’t leave much to subject matter for writing.

Been feeling a bit down this week.  Not enough sustained sunshine. Spat with my husband on Monday, lingering. Rained on and off all day yesterday. Certainly added to my blah, no energy vibe. New day, right? After another super cloudy start, I’ve seen bits of sunshine. So there is some good news.

And my flowers loved the long drink of water. Blooms coming on my purslane. Kind of kicking myself for not getting it into the ground with everything else over the weekend. And I’ve never had this many lavender blooms! I rarely even get my lavender plants to bloom so I’m a bit excited about this one.

There’s a sunflower coming out of one of the pots to the right of the lavender. Should be two but I accidentally broke the other. However, I’ve got lots of other sunflower seedlings to plant. Here’s the long view of my front porch.

Note I took the picture above last week not this morning. The front porch is a work in progress. Needs a power washing at the very least. And look at those pansies still blooming! Definite proof of our cooler than normal May.

Well, enough about my front porch plants. Let’s get to the state of the virus around here.

Numbers and COVID-19 Info for Our Area

Cases statewide: 12,291

Total deaths: 686

Total Tested*

PCR tested:  160,113 (fancy term for nasal swab testing)

Serology tested: 19,830 (fancy term for blood test for antibodies)

*They’ve changed the reporting on these numbers. Now dividing out the two types of tests. Actually, the whole website is updated and in a dashboard format. A lot easier to read and understand.

In the Kansas City Area: 1,071 and 25 deaths

Our local county:  528 and 15 deaths

And the number of cases within our zip code:   51

Kansas City and Jackson county are in the top 10 of total cases. St. Louis remains number one with 4,583 cases.  One thing I’m not terribly clear about is why Kansas City is listed solo. It’s actually within Jackson county. Perhaps a population thing? *UPDATE: Call it pandemic brain maybe. I realized while watching the news this morning (and I knew this) that KC spans two counties, Jackson and Clay. That’s probably why they get their own stats.*

I also read yesterday where the first case of COVID 19 showed up in Missouri earlier than previously stated. February 2. Wonder if the date shall continue to change?

Now, let’s talk about other things shall we?

Random Thoughts and Bits of Gratitude

Bought some more masks. Gray ones, I thought. However, black ones arrived. SIGH. They’re the style I prefer so it’s okay. Did remind me how last week my hairdresser and I were both grateful for the cooler weather thinking of having to wear these in Missouri’s hot and humid summer weather.

We had a nice visit with my sister in law (and nephew though the boys kept to themselves more, typical) on Saturday while celebrating G’s birthday.

Traditional chocolate cake with white icing

Struggling a bit with my word of the year “home”  However, I’m grateful for where I live both in terms of structure and location. I think I’m just a bit overwhelmed with the things I’d like to do versus it no longer being a simple trek to Target to buy storage bins (or anything else).

Thankful we’ve all remained healthy though I am admittedly still a bit ticked off about not being able to find my favorite spray hand sanitizer. The other stuff stinks! And I’ve kept a bottle of Honest Spray Hand sanitizer in my purse long before the global pandemic struck. Just a little “whine” with my gratitude. Where I’d put the cheese and crackers?

Aside from some laundry, I spent most of yesterday reading my book (finished it), watching mindless TV (Legends of Tomorrow, stupid but fun), and playing my video game. Probably need to do some more productive things to help my mood.


Since I became a bit chatty for a week with not much happening, let me just end here so I can turn my attention where it belongs. On the stack of bills sitting to my right. Fun.

How is your week going so far?



What Went On This Week

Realized I missed posting a What’s Going On Wednesday. So I decided to tackle a look back at the week in the form of a Five on Friday instead.

And I also realized I forgot to share my front porch/flower garden in progress pictures on Monday. So I’ll share those as I talk about all the places I went this week. My pictures won’t match my subjects at all. Welcome to my crazy mixed up world.

Yes! Places. Plural. I got out of the house this week. It felt glorious to have places to go. That said, we’re still not back to normal. And I am dearly missing normal. I don’t want a “new normal.” I want regular normal.

Anyway, let’s start with the usual yucky Covid-19 numbers.

Backyard peonies finally bloomed

 One: Numbers and COVID-19 Info for Our Area

Cases statewide:  11,558

Total deaths:   671

Total tested:  172,946

In the Kansas City Area:  967 and 24 deaths

Our local county:  485 and 15 deaths

And the number of cases within our zip code:   47

Worth noting, there are still counties within our state with zero cases. The two biggest cities, KC and Saint Louis have the highest numbers. And the Saint Louis area still has considerably bigger numbers than our area. A link to the map for anyone interested.

Two: End of the School Year and Supply Drop Off/Pick Up

Still need to plant my marigolds in the vegetable garden

My first outing of the week on Monday (unless we count Sunday’s parade viewing, then it’s the second outing) involved going to drop off J’s school books and band tux. Yearbooks were late so I had to return for that today.

And it didn’t involve going into any buildings. I made a paper sign with his name, held it up and drove to each station where I opened my trunk so they could take things out or put thing in it as needed. It worked very efficiently. And I did appreciate that as I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Three: A Little Bit of Normal And a Zoom Meet

I was so happy to finally find one of my favorite summer annual flowers

Purslane graces my garden every summer but the store where I usually buy it went out of business (pre-Covid 19) and I didn’t even remember the name of it until recently. I was so happy to find it last weekend. A little bit of normal when things are not. Another bit of normal was J’s baritone lesson on Monday night. His instructor just gets him and is a happy, enthusiastic person. It was nice to sit and read my book while listening to the lesson again.

Instead of normal bunco on Tuesday night, we had another Zoom meet up. There were only 4 of us this time. And it was an odd mix. I think fewer wanted to bother now that we can “go” and “see” people again? Not sure. Anyway, it was quite odd and I found myself rather down after it. Not anyone’s fault. Just me missing normal stuff.

Four: Haircut Therapy

I read somewhere lemon grass repels mosquitoes so I always try to put some near the front porch

My hair appointment was different. I’ve known my stylist for years following her from shop to shop to the salon she now co-owns. Lots of rules for her to follow with regards to giving haircuts again. I had to text her when I arrived to get the okay to enter, have my temp taken prior to entry, wash my hands upon entry, and wear a mask the whole time (so did she). Not the most relaxing experience but we both did what was necessary.

Still a nice chat while she cut my hair. And I smiled at how she referred to not wanting give me “The Covid.” I felt better after as always.

Five: Target time, Traffic, and a Return to the High School

Pink petunias on the front porch.

Yesterday for the first time since early March, I braved Target. And I was a bit let down to find them out of several things on my list (still?!), full of confusing signs…one way aisles but no arrows? And with only one cashier, very long line. I refuse to wait in line for self-check out. Don’t get me started. Not the experience I anticipated.

My main goal to get G’s birthday cake decor and cards still happened so not a total waste. We celebrated his birthday last night with take-out Chinese food and birthday cake Kit Kat candy bars. His aunt and my nephew plan to come over tomorrow for dinner and official chocolate cake with white icing.

Then, I had to take some tools to my husband at his job and found myself in a bit of traffic. Been awhile. Things may still be weird on the inside but the outside of our city is veering closer to normal every day.

This morning, I returned to the high school and picked up J’s yearbook as well as popped into a local farm supply store to get my starving birds a bit more food.


So as you can see, I spent this week going all the places! And while it wasn’t quite normal, it did feel good to get out and about again. How did you spend your week?





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