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What’s Going On Wednesday: A Bit Of Baking

Feeling a bit grouchy this morning. I’m pondering if we’re going to need a new home improvement project after all this ends. The project where we widen the doors so I can fit through them. SIGH.

As if we I’ve not been eating enough, I did a bit of baking yesterday afternoon and this morning.

More on my baking “adventures” in a moment. First, let’s look at the virus numbers…

Numbers and COVID-19 Info for our area

Found some info from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Total cases statewide: 7,303

Total deaths: 314

Something I’ve not seen before on other sites, total tested: (approx): 77,037

And moving the numbers closer to home… cases for Kansas City: 508/16 deaths

Our local county: 309/9 deaths

Then, switching maps to zero in our local zip code: 22 cases (a glimmer of hope here since that number hasn’t changed from last Friday and I noticed the same thing with zip codes near us)

What We’re Listening To And Watching Lately

I listened to video hits of the 80’s one day. Enjoyed that. Working my way through the Swedish films corresponding to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo book series.

And I watched the season finale of Prodigal Son on Monday evening. WOW. I think I had my mouth hanging open for about 3-4 minutes after the final scene. They better renew it! If you’re looking for a good murder/mystery type show that ties up each time yet also has an overreaching plot, it’s on Hulu.

Random Thoughts And Tidbits From This Week

Baking disaster anyone?

Wondering what that mess pictured above is supposed to be? Monkey bread. It’s supposed to be monkey bread. I was using up some frozen biscuits from Christmas (my husband didn’t like them so they’d been lingering in the freezer).  Sometimes, I make beautiful brunch spreads and sometimes, breakfast looks like this mess:

Clearly, we should’ve stuck with cereal this morning. At least the coffee was decent and the cookies made yesterday afternoon were a hit. 

The cookies disappeared before I could take a photo! They made good use of some leftover sour cream set to expire on Cuarto de Mayo (of all days). Sour cream softies were one of my late father’s favorites and I always remember my mom making them at Christmas time.

Changing gears…

Whiteman Air Force Base did a flyover to salute our health care workers and J watched it with me from the front porch. We were lucky enough to be in the flight path.

Finally, our area is still under stay at home orders until May 15. Other areas near us plan to open up on May 4 (the state’s official date). No idea how it will work.

G thinks it’s all much too soon and has a bit of anxiety about it. I think we all have a bit of that anxiety though I’m certainly ready to be able to go somewhere other than the grocery store!

How are you coping with the uncertainties this week? Is your area opening back up anytime soon?


What’s Going On Wednesday: Earth Day

Typically, I wouldn’t even be posting on Earth day. I’d be at work! Enjoying the Earth Day celebration with the preschool kids. Pretending touching worms wasn’t the ickiest thing ever. SIGH. How I’d like to be touching a worm and pretending I didn’t find it disgusting.

This Earth Day, I’m celebrating at home. I got out this morning and walked around the yard with my camera. It’a a little cloudy and windy with rain chances later. 

And now for the yucky news…

Numbers and COVID-19 Info for our area

I’m being lazy and just using the map that popped up first for our local numbers. Our state registers 5,941 cases with 189 deaths. Our local county (according to that page) reports 279 cases and 8 deaths.

After much push-back, our local area (we live in a city surrounded by KC though I’m not sure we count as a suburb so much as our own city. (I call it a suburb), released data for our local area. Nice to finally see some “closer to home” type numbers. Our zip code shows 15 cases. My brother’s zip code shows 15 cases. The zip code just north of us shows 12 cases.

We’re in the 44.18 per 100,000 residents rate if you’d like to do the math. I have no idea. 44% is too high but .00044 % seems a bit too low.

Statistics. One thing I still remember from my college years is the statistics professor pronouncing that statistics were like the tail on the dog. And the tail doesn’t wag the dog. Good reminder to use critical thought when assimilating all this information.

What We’re Listening To and Watching Lately

One day I listened to the sounds of silence. Much needed. And of course, the birds. Then, a bit of the Billy Joel station on Amazon music. Lots of great songs with that. Apparently, the music of the 70’s soothes me.

Still watching the birds. We were sad when the eggs disappeared from the wren nest. Probably some sort of predator, we do have raccoons around here. I’ve also seen possums and skunks out late at night around the bird feeders as well.

We took out the empty nest so we could fix our shed doors. If life ever returns to some type of normal, I’ll take it to preschool.

Slogging through season 5 of Arrested Development on Netflix. It’s lost something and I’m not sure I’ll finish it. Disappointing since the first 3 seasons were so good. My husband started watching all The Pirates of The Caribbean movies. I’ll glance at them but not my favorites.

Random Thoughts And Tidbits From This Week

We had a fun Zoom get-together with some of our Bunco group last night. It was so nice to see and catch up with everyone. Glad “tech support” aka my oldest son was able to help me set up my stuff. And just a note: if you don’t have a green screen, there is no alternative fun background for you (you’ll be invisible!). I’m going to have tech support look into this further, I think. After all, a background of storage containers just isn’t very fun.

I resisted stopping and getting flowers for Earth Day yesterday, mainly because the garden center parking lot was full! As was the parking lot of my “secret” park. Aggravated by that. Ended up just taking a bit of a drive. Glad I picked up a basket of pansies at the very beginning of all this:

On the hopeful side, one of my pots of lavender is coming back! First time ever. Not sure if it’s too early for the other two pots or not. Still exciting to see the new green shoots.

I woke up at 6:30 today as if life was supposed to happen like normal. Feeling a little tired since I’ve not done that in a while so I think I’ll stop here.


What’s going on in your life on this Earth Day?


What’s Going On Wednesday: Tired Of It All

Welcome to my weekly post where I share my thoughts on the pandemic from this little corner (actually, we’re in the middle) of the country.

Wake me up when this is all over…

Numbers and COVID-19 Info for our area

According to a local news station on Tuesday (using numbers from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services), our state stands at 4,686 cases reported. The deaths total 133. There are 346 cases in the KC area and 11 deaths reported. Our local county has 237 cases and 6 deaths reported. Still haven’t figured out how to find information for our local area. Found a zip code map but we don’t have an official KC zip code so no luck there.

Music Choices

Mostly classical. My husband isn’t as big a fan of it. Yesterday, I did switch over and listen to the Miles Davis station for a while.

What We’re Watching

Is this all over yet?

The birds out the back door. I brought back my Saturday bird watching post. Excited to share the birds I’ve spotted so far this week.

Too much Netflix. I’m working my way through Arrested Development. Had a proud moment when I told my husband to turn off Tiger King, not going to watch that (yet).

Today’s viewing includes a 1:00 PM showing of Romeo and Juliet, the ’90’s flick. Welcome to today’s high school English lesson.

Making it a goal to do a bit more reading and little less TV watching this week.

Random Thoughts And Tidbits From This Week

Last week, the call came announcing J’s school is now closed for the rest of the school year. What does that mean? Honestly, I have no idea. He’s struggling without a routine but he’s also resistant to my suggestions of one.

Can’t exactly unplug the Internet when that’s where school is located and my college son needs it for his classes. Going to need to change up the lame routine I made up for myself a bit to help J with his school schedule (i.e., make sure he’s doing something academic here and there)

We did agree he’d do school on Mondays and Wednesdays (Switched from Tuesdays and Thursdays because he’s got plans with friends (on-line) to get together and learn Japanese. It’s learning something at least, right?). I’m open to suggestions on how to work all this for a high school freshman. I know he’s struggling because he hasn’t even picked up his baritone in a few days (the one thing I *never* had to ask him to do was practice for band as he was usually doing it all the time. Miss the music…)

Just not feeling the whole “living in the middle of a pandemic” thing this morning. I’ve also deemed Wednesdays our “get out of the house” day for J so we’ll go for a walk around the block or at my “not so secret” park. Should count as health class, I think. Hoping it will at least improve my mood a bit.

I’m just done with all this, let’s go.


How are things in your corner of the world this week?


What’s Going On Wednesday

We’re now under a state-wide stay at home order. Not much change for us as we were already under a city-wide one well before this. I am admittedly getting a bit stir crazy. Struggling a bit more this week, I think, because normally I’d be preparing for Easter brunch.

This year, it’s going to be a bit more subdued celebration. Of course, I’m going to miss seeing all our family more than I’ll miss fixing all the food.  However, I’ve asked the boys and my husband for their favorites from brunch and so far our menu looks like this:

Pigs in a blanket (? I still don’t think I normally make these for Easter brunch)

Caramelized bacon

Chocolate covered strawberries

Haven’t decided on my favorite yet…probably the ham and cheese quiche. I’ll have to make it in muffin tins and freeze portions as I’m the only one here who’s a fan.

Back to the blah news…

Numbers and COVID-19 Info for our area

234 cases in the KC area and 3,037 cases statewide and 53 deaths. Despite my best “casual” research I can’t figure out if there are any cases in the part of the city where we live. I’m going to go with a no news is good news thought on that although 167 of the cases are in our local county.

What We’re Watching

Or maybe I should say attempting to watch. Netflix wasn’t very cooperative for me yesterday.

I’ve discovered Arrested Development and watched enough episodes in a row to get what I refer to as “the message of shame” from Netflix more than once. Haven’t really watched much else. Tried to avoid the news yesterday, just needed a break.

G seemed on board with watching Sonic The Hedgehog for a family movie night. We just need to get the other two in this household on board with the idea.

Music Choices

On Sunday, I did pull up the 80’s station for a bit.

So far this week I’ve kept it simple with the classical station playing on Amazon music. My husband even kept it going (he usually turns it off) when he came in yesterday. I’m refining my classical tastes a bit. Listening to the variety of the station takes me back a bit to music appreciation class in college.

Other Random Thoughts And Tidbits From The Week

If you wonder if miracles still happen, my high school freshman did some geometry homework last week. AND I figured out how to scan it from the printer to my e-mail so I could send it on to his teacher.

My husband made a special discovery in our lawn mower shed on Monday. He went to fix the broken doors and a little brown bird flew out in a hurry. This was inside the shed: 


Decided it made bird seed essential (and really, watching the birds does help my state of mind) so I was brave. Tried something new. Ordered on-line and did curbside pickup. Now, if I could just figure out how to slow down the house sparrows. They’ve certainly adapted to this new world, even figuring out how to eat upside down on the suet feeder. I didn’t think sparrows could do that?

Yesterday, I pulled down all the family history information to find some German documents (my great grandfather immigrated from Austria/Hungary in the 1900’s) for J to translate as part of his school work.  Decided to go back to working on the family history for a while. Seems like a good time to do it if I can keep focused.

Haven’t done much to prepare any type of Easter baskets for the boys. Seems silly to worry about it as they’re older and understand. I miss being able to run to Target and grab candy and little items I know they’d enjoy. I may get a few things for baskets anyway.

And finally, I caved in and made myself a daily schedule. It’s very loose but I do think it will help.


How are you holding up during this unusual time in history?

Each Wednesday I’m sharing my thoughts and what’s going on around here during the global pandemic.





What’s Going On Wednesday: Counting Down To Nothing

Happy April Fool’s Day! How many were wishing like me that this was all some big, sick (no pun intended) joke? SIGH. No such luck.

If this were a normal, beautiful start to April (and it is gorgeous out there today!), I’d be running to grab some birdseed. Maybe a few spring flowers (though it’s a tad too early) or other garden supplies. Maybe taking a little trip to Target.

Planning my Easter brunch. Obviously, no big Easter gathering this year. Ironic to think that just a few short weeks ago I was in my “I don’t know if I even want to do it” mood. Now, I’d like nothing more than to be planning it. Stocking up on brunch baking supplies: eggs, butter, flour, etc.


This morning (afternoon…), I find myself debating whether going to get birdseed counts as an essential errand. 

Is it wrong to order it off Amazon?

No trip to Target. A brief text with my boss to confirm my scheduled work days for tomorrow and Friday aren’t necessary. My work is considered essential as it functions as a daycare but numbers are correctly super low so I’m not needed. This isn’t a problem for us personally as I work for extras but I know for many not being able to work is a huge challenge.

And I’m randomly wondering what we’re going to do for Easter as a family of four.

Numbers and Covid-19 Info for our area:

Missouri now has over 1,000 cases of the virus. 14 Deaths. At this time last week, the number was 272! What a difference a week makes.  Our local metro area is under a stay-at-home order but the order is not state-wide. Our local county has 77 cases. Scary stuff.

What We’re Watching

On the TV, my husband and I are watching 1 episode each night of a short, Amazon Prime series called Hunters. It’s about Nazi’s living in the United States in the 1970’s and a Jewish group hunting them down. Something a little different.

I’ve started watching Ozark from the beginning. It’s worth watching for the lake scenery alone though I was sad to read it’s not actually filmed in Missouri but rather Georgia. Still a good show.

In Freshman English, they were apparently reading Romeo and Juliet. They’d just started the film from the 90’s (With Leonardo DiCaprio? Who’s that? I feel old) when everything shut down. J’s agreed to watch it with me if I can find it. And (don’t tell) told me he rather enjoyed the Shakespeare play. Said the comedies sounded interesting. Learn something new every day.

Music Choices

Yesterday, we mellowed out to the 70’s while playing our board game. I’ve been soaking in the silence a bit while everyone sleeps as well. Not sure what I’ll put on today. Feel the need for something a bit more upbeat today.

Other Random Thoughts And Tidbits From The Week

Struggling to convince my high school freshman to complete on-line school work (or any school work at all). After trying incentives (bribery), I opted for a different tactic yesterday. Gambling. I challenged him to a game of Scrabble. He won, no more school work talk the rest of the day. I won, he did some school work. We had no more school work talk the rest of the day. However, I figure we used our brains with words and math so good enough.

A pair of beautiful cardinals found their dream home. In the Boxwood bush by our front porch. Despite my best efforts to warn them away from this very bad neighborhood (um, do you not see the cat roaming? And she’s not the only one), they refuse to consider any other building site. Who knew cardinals were so stubborn?

My mood yesterday wasn’t the best. Today it’s back and forth. The sunshine helps and then it doesn’t, makes me want to go do all the things. Things that we’re not supposed to do. It does help to walk around the yard. G’s been heading off to the parks to walk around each day. I think maybe today we’ll all get out somewhere. I do know of a less busy (well, it used to be) spot to visit. We’ll see. Definitely in need of a change of scenery if only in the form of a car ride.


In case you missed it, I decided to share my thoughts on the Pandemic each Wednesday in a What’s Going On Wednesday post. My other two posts can be found posted over on Blogger: Last week’s thoughts and the first post. Moving forward, all posts will be on Word Press.




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